We do not need protection from something that has been around for centuries.   From NZDSOS Therapeutic Products Bill – Save our Supplements by Making a Submission Before 15 Feb 2023 | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (nzdsos.com) Affordable access to natural supplements is not the government’s to take […]

ACT NOW! Send a submission while there is still time! From Natural News; Monday, January 16, 2023 by: Lance D Johnson New Zealand government is trying to outlaw hundreds of harmless medicines that promote healthy immune function Monday, January 16, 2023 by: Lance D Johnson, WHO This article may contain statements that reflect […]

Fantastic resource for healthy families regardless of whether you are vaccinated or resolutely anti-vax. Please visit the site, subscribe for updates and share the information! MH Thanks to Jon Eisen for heads-up. Early Covid-19 treatment guidelines: A practical approach to home-based care for healthy families | World Council for Health […]

A young Australian man who was critically ill with COVID-19 and suffering early stages of sepsis made a remarkable recovery after being given massive doses of vitamin C, according to his doctors. From https://www.abc.net.au/ (yes this an MSM story!) Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, director of Intensive Care at Melbourne’s Austin Health, […]