More prediction from the entertainment media in the form of Kubrick’s dystopian masterpiece A Clockwork Orange from the early 70s. Looking suspiciously like the world we are living in today. Brilliant analysis by Empire of the Mind: For a hundred years now, we have been fascinated by DYSTOPIAS: nightmare-visions of […]

How in the hell did they know? This is uncannily close to present reality. Predictive Programming – Revealing The Method – The X-Files Also on Brighteon if YT takes it down: 264 views Dec 16, 2022 They always reveal the method. It is on you if you don’t get […]

Does this science fiction narrative look a teansy bit familiar…? Of course it’s “just Coincidence”, right? V(Fallen)-The Vax is designed to build a following that may actually hide a more malevolent agenda, ( One that twists a very deep component of human nature: devotion. R6 is a compound created by […]