The British Labour leader enthusiastically prostrated himself before the gods of woke to purge his soul of racism, but this is not harmless virtue-signaling, it is promotion of dangerous indoctrination. Frank FurediRTFri, 02 Oct 2020 When it comes to taking pride in your achievement, the leader of the British Labour Party, […]


Seems once again the Russian intel was closest to the truth. BoJo worse than authorites have been letting on. Let’s hope the man that finally delivered Brexit survives (even if you don’t like the guy, no one wishes this on anybody). Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms […]

Goldberg advised that Polanski was not “Rapey Rapey’. Behar advised that Creepy Joe’s penchant for molesting young women was just him being “A hands on guy”.  by G Squared Creepy, now out of the race, was on stage at his recent ‘No Malarkey Tour’, sucking his wife’s fingers, to a […]

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