Stop Ignoring 9/11 & PNAC



Jesse, Editor, 12, July, 2005

We must open PNAC and 9/11 to public discourse because all roads may very well lead to or from 9/11.

9/11 is not the reason the Bush/PNAC agenda took shape, it is the excuse for implementing it.

9/11 gave these men everything they could possibly ask for including unlimited power to implement their otherwise unacceptable plans for global domination. Nothing else would have enabled them to go ahead with their plans. 9/11 was the greatest thing that ever happened to these men. If that does not make you suspicious, nothing will. What are the odds that all of this is nothing more than a historical coincidence? Do these facts, at the very least, merit public discourse?


Unless the events of 9/11 are discussed openly and without apprehension, nothing else is real. When the people who benefited the most from the events of 9/11 were the very people responsible for preventing them, something is wrong. Since these people had ability to prevent, permit or conduct the events themselves, their collective and individual responses to the events must be examined and analyzed to the last detail. Anything less would be cowardice.

Even a rookie detective will tell you that motive and means are the keys to identifying suspects in a crime. The self-proclaimed goals of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) clearly establish a more realistic and plausible motive to create a “new Pearl Harbor” than can be attributed to any Islamic extremist. As a matter of fact, the events of 9/11 were perhaps the most counterproductive factors in the history of Islamic progress. They resulted in an overwhelming backlash against the many Islamic people around the world.

Contrast the two motives. For the neocons in PNAC, 9/11 was a dream come true. Their dormant agenda now had an excuse for being implemented. On the other hand, the motive attributed to terrorists for the events of 9/11 was the laughable “they hate our freedom,” ostensibly stemming from the teachings of Islam. In truth, such acts would have violated the teachings of their religion and exponentially added a heavy burden to the daily life of every Muslim. This is not to say that there were no Al Qaeda types involved in the events of 9/11. It merely raises unanswered questions about what Al Qaeda really is and with whom their members work. And if they were actually involved in the events, what were the real reasons for their actions? Their motives, not those attributed to them, have to become part of the public discourse.

THE RESPONSE TO 9/11: We discuss the Iraq war as if the plans to invade Iraq were suddenly thought of on 9/11. We do the same with the Patriot Act. We do the same with the war in Afghanistan. We do the same for the continual assault on our Constitution. We do the same for the unprecedented rise in government secrecy (which actually started prior to 9/11, with Cheney’s secret energy policy meetings). As a matter of fact, the administration is doing just about anything it wants, in secret, using the excuse of 9/11. This unlimited power is a dream come true for the PNAC cabal. The media constantly repeat the neocon mantra that 9/11 justifies all of this unchecked power. Nothing can be further from the truth.

9/11 is not the reason the Bush/PNAC agenda took shape, it is the excuse for its implementation. It was not a response to the events of 9/11. It was waiting in the wings for an event like 9/11 to breath life into it much like the bolts of lightening that brought life to the Frankenstein monster.

The members of the Project For a New American Century had their agenda prepared and published before they propped up an uniformed, inexperienced, failed businessman named George W. Bush as their poster candidate. He had great appeal among the good ole boys and the bible thumpers who were not very likely to vote for the scowling man behind the curtain, Dick Cheney. George W. Bush had not been sitting around for the previous 10 years thinking about foreign policy. Rather, he was being coached on foreign policy by handlers who had to teach him that Africa was a continent and not a country.

The stated aims of PNAC can be followed from their war plans to their hopes of global military superiority. George W. Bush was not a factor when PNAC was writing its openly published policies. But once the 2000 election was secured, PNAC members became and remain the mainstay of the Bush administration, holding virtually every major position relating to foreign policy.

However, to this day, PNAC has not been mentioned by any of our corporate news media. Most Americans have never heard of it, and few can name its members in positions of power in their own government. As a matter of fact the chairman of PNAC, William Kristol (Editor of the PNAC publication, the Weekly Standard), is a regular pundit offering analyses of Bush policies on FOX News. Never has Kristol been identified as having any connection to PNAC despite being one of the authors of our current foreign policy. He is regularly presented to the public as an impartial journalist. In fact, not a single government spokesperson has ever been identified as a PNAC member. Talk about media deception!

When there is any discussion of Bush policy, from the Iraq War to the Patriot Act, we are told that 9/11 changed everything. This is nonsense. The most controversial acts of the Bush/PNAC administration were planned and held in abeyance prior to 9/11. The people who prepared the PNAC agenda did not think they had a chance in hell of their goals coming to fruition. Can you imagine the Patriot Act passing without 9/11 having taken place?

Reality check: The 800 + pages of the Patriot Act were written prior to 9/11. So were the plans to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq. But PNAC needed 9/11 to take place. They wanted 9/11 to take place. They wrote about 9/11 (their new Pearl Harbor) taking place. What makes you think they had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 taking place?

As a matter of fact, the book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, by Zbigniew Brzezinski, published in 1998, basically blueprints everything that is going on today as it relates to the military primacy of the US and it’s domination of the world. This is not new stuff. The Bush/PNAC administration is not responding to 9/11. They are in fact carrying out a pre-planned agenda made possible by 9/11.

FACT: We have an administration built around a group of people that has drawn members from previous administrations, many of whom were involved in crimes, lies, dirty tricks and warmongering. From the dirty tricks camp of Nixon to the crop of Iran-Contra felons, our administration is comprised of people who have treated our government and military as tools for their personal use. Add to that former members of the George H. W. Bush’s administration and his and circle of friends. Remember that Daddy Bush hired a PR firm to create lies that would coerce Congress into attacking Iraq even after he had given Saddam a tacit nod to invade Kuwait. (That, by the way, was an impeachable offense). All these people were assembled and ready for action before they ever invited George W. Bush to run as their front man.

FACT: These men had an agenda, which is public and was published on their own website. This agenda was so radical that it would have take a very long time to implement unless there was, in their words, “some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” Do you think that the lives of a few thousand strangers were too high a price for them to pay for unlimited power? Do you think they were incapable of finding some way to proceed with an agenda that was otherwise destined to remain in the “unreachable/radical policy” file?

FACT: 9/11 gave these men everything they could possibly ask for including unlimited power to implement their otherwise unacceptable plans for global domination. Nothing else would have enabled them to go ahead with their plans. 9/11 was the greatest thing that ever happened to these men. If that does not make you suspicious, nothing will. What are the odds that all of this is nothing more than a historical coincidence? Do these facts, at the very least, merit public discourse?

BELIEVABLE?: The failure of virtually every existing standard security procedure on 9/11 is so implausible that without active and wide spread interference there would be no way the events could have unfolded over the time period in question. Every agency with responsibility for our protection on the day of the events failed to follow procedure. Every one. This happening by accident is not only implausible but the mathematical odds are mind-boggling. Add in the PNAC motive factor and the odds of this being a coincidence become incalculable. Imagine having a government in place that was comprised of people who openly professed the benefits of a new Pearl Harbor on the day it actually occurred, and imagine that this has never been a topic of public discourse. No need to imagine because it it true.


The so-called liberal media, along with a large segment of the alternative media, are playing a dangerous game. They are perpetuating a false reality in much the same way as our criminal corporate media. They claim to be the saviors of truth. They do discuss real issues that are omitted from the fairy tale reality portrayed by our corporate media. Election fraud, treason, blatant and numerous lies that led to war, convicted felons back in the White House (Iran Contra felons), and the dismantling of our Constitution are all important issues addressed in detail only by the liberal and alternative media.

While these issues are vital, they can not be discussed in isolation of the motives of the Project for a New American Century and the empowering payday they reaped from the events of 9/11. Omitting the 9/11-PNAC connection during these discussions perpetuates an incomplete reality of America and the world. Even the liberal and alternative media pretend that PNAC does not exist. PNAC is at the crux of every geopolitical event taking place today in this nation. The members of this organization have to be exposed and discussed and they have to be part of the American vernacular.

Those of you who have seen TvNewsLIES editorials regularly linked on other alternative news sites may notice a trend. Some sites, no matter how liberal, refuse to discuss 9/11 or PNAC and accordingly will not link to our editorials on these subjects. While those sites provide a great deal of information to the public and they are truly invaluable assets in our battle to preserve our democracy, they must join the discussion when it comes to the most important event of our lifetime and the controversial figures of the Bush administration.

Of course, the liberal/alternative media’s version of life is much closer to reality than that of the corporate media or the right wing’s mythical image of a faith based America. However, a false reality is still a false reality.

There are some people in the broadcast media who will discuss the 9/11 issue and PNAC, but they are few and far between. The truth is that the alternative media for the most part, especially the higher profile broadcasters, will not acknowledge these issues. And if they are not willing to discuss the PNAC connection to 9/11, they are ignoring reality.

The bottom line is that most issues that we are discussing and virtually every controversial topic hinge on the events of 9/11. If there had been no 9/11, the preplanned agenda of the Project for a New American Century would have stayed in remission, where it belonged. There would have been no Iraq War, no Patriot Act, no diminished civil rights, no bleeding of the nation’s resources for a fabricated war on terror, and no financial windfall for the war profiteers. And surely there would have been no way to convince the public that “9/11 changed everything!”

I am calling for an end to the inexplicable silence about 9/11 and PNAC in the media. I am calling for the independent journalists, webmasters, broadcasters and editors to engage in discussions on the topics of 9/11, and more importantly PNAC. Reality did not begin on September 11th, 2001 or on Inauguration Day of that year. It is high time that the public becomes aware of the individuals who were at the helm when “everything changed!”

A WAKE-UP CALL: Our corporate media are all but dead. We have to counter the false reality being presented to the public by this behemoth. The alternative media are our only hope. We can no longer ignore the existence of PNAC. We must open PNAC and 9/11 to public discourse because all roads may very well lead to or from 9/11.

Jesse – Editor,


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Preemptive Strike on the right wing: For those of you who are going to trash this article or site by using your typical one line name calling retorts, keep it to yourself. Learn to back up your arguments for a change. Calling someone a name does not support your claims. You people on the right seem to think that you can discredit an article or a source by coming up with a creative insult. Sorry, but your arguments don’t hold water. You also tend to attempt to discredit valid information by finding a single unrelated and often unverified critique, such as finding a single comment or link on this 350 page site that might be questionable. This still does not hold water. Your blanket comments such as to call anything that contradicts your beliefs a conspiracy theory don’t exactly support your position. Simply dismissing things is as valid as closing your eyes and pretending something is real or fake. Keep in mind there is a difference between conspiracy theory and reasonable suspicion and that just because something might appear to be a conspiracy theory does not mean that it is not true.

Anyone who wants to provide me with solid information that addresses a claim on this site, please do so, for I do not want to proliferate false claims.

To back up my position, if you want to cover my travel expenses I will take part in a public discussion about any topic on this web site. So before you open your rude name calling mouths and deal out your insults from the protected world that is your Internet connection, you are being challenged to back up your claims or keep them to yourself. My offer extends to all members of the media. I’ll show up on any program and I will back up my claims.


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