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Close Encounters Of The Congressional Kind

Source: Washington Post/Youtube

Had to happen I guess….

Mugabe Fired From WHO

President Robert Mugabe has been fired as the World Health Organisation’s goodwill ambassador only days after his appointment following an outcry mostly from Western countries and non-governmental organisations which questioned his human rights record.

Mugabe WHO
WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the first African to head the United Nations organisation, said he had consulted the Zimbabwe government before revoking Mugabe’s appointment as this was in the best interest of WHO.
Some critics are already saying Tedros’ decision to appoint Mugabe was a public relations disaster for WHO.
The outcry over the ceremonial post is likely to spark debate about what Mugabe has often complained about that international organisations are dominated by and dictated to by the West which is against anyone that challenges their authority.
Mugabe was at tone time described as the third most evil man in the world after Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Osama bin Laden of Al Qaeda when he compulsorily took land from mostly white farmers to resettle landless blacks.

Mugabe fired

38 Women Accuse Director James Toback Of Sexual Misconduct

What’s going on here? Is this tip of the iceberg? I’d say so. These Hollywood Svengalis no doubt thought they were untouchable, but now the very women these guys held power over, have awakened to their own collective power. But is this also a part of something bigger going on with regards to the NWO: Out with the old and in with the new? Whatever, it is reminiscent of  the “outing” of priestly child abuse  and the pedophile rings within British TV entertainment and political circles.

In a new Los Angeles Times report, 38 women accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment. 
The allegations against Toback somewhat resemble those against producer Harvey Weinstein, who was fired from his own company earlier this month after scores of women said the career-making mogul assaulted, harassed or intimidated them. Toback, 72, stands accused of harassing women he employed and women he approached on the street.toback harrasment
It’s long been said that Toback was a sexual predator. In 1989, Spy Magazine reported that he would approach women, brag about being a Hollywood director, ask whether they’d like to consider a role in one of his forthcoming films and then ask them to meet him at late hours. Gawker echoed these claims in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Now, days after the #MeToo hashtag encouraged survivors of sexual assault to speak out on social media, more than three dozen women told the Los Angeles Times that Toback ejaculated in front of them, probed their masturbation habits, demanded they disrobe and/or rubbed his groin against their bodies. These incidents allegedly occurred in hotel rooms, on movie sets and in offices.
Toback was a notorious name in Hollywood circles, even though he never achieved widespread household fame. In 1991, he received an Oscar nomination for writing the Warren Beatty gangster movie “Bugsy.” Many of his films, including “Fingers,” “The Pick-Up Artist,” “Two Girls and a Guy” and “Harvard Man,” revolve around womanizers, the mafia or both. “The idea is not to have a separation between my life and my movies,” Toback said in a 2002 Salon interview.
HuffPost contacted Toback’s agent, Jeff Berg, for comment on Sunday. “Best to speak directly to him,” Berg said in an email, providing Toback’s “mobile” number. When reached, Toback said he is “writing something” in response and declined to comment further.
Toback’s accusers include Louise Post, the guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Veruca Salt. “He told me he’d love nothing more than to masturbate while looking into my eyes,” she said.
Actress Chantal Cousineau said, while rehearsing a monologue for “Harvard Man” in 2001, she heard Toback masturbating. Another woman, whom the Times called a “well-known actress,” said Toback ignored her protestations and would not let her leave his hotel room until she pinched his nipples and stared into his eyes as he ejaculated in his pants.
Mere days before the Times’ report, onetime aspiring actress Sari Kamin recounted the harassment she suffered at the hands of Toback. “With sauce on his face and pieces of pasta dangling from his goatee, Toback told me he needed to masturbate seven times a day to feel steady in the world,” Kamin wrote in a blog post on Medium. The director allegedly accompanied her to a hotel room, where he asked her to remove her clothes to prove she could handle filming a nude scene.
Toback denied the allegations in a statement provided to Variety: “All I can tell you is I’ve never heard of this woman, and it’s totally defamatory on her part to invent them. This is totally distressing to me. I’m 72 years old, but I’m not even close to having Alzheimer’s, and I don’t have trouble remembering things in great detail.”
Actress Melissa Sagemiller, who told HuffPost that Weinstein made innuendoes or harassed her on three separate occasions, said, when asked whether she’d interacted with other predatory men in the business, “Well, my first movie was a James Toback movie, and he was blackballed out of Hollywood for indecent activity, so that’s no surprise.”
Toback wasn’t fully blackballed, despite the years of reports about his behavior. In 2008, he directed a sympathetic documentary about boxer Mike Tyson. In 2013, Toback and friend Alec Baldwin made “Seduced and Abandoned,” a documentary about trying to secure financing for an updated version of the classic erotic film “Last Tango in Paris.” (A representative for Baldwin declined to comment to HuffPost.)
Toback’s most recent project, “The Private Life of a Modern Woman,” starring Sienna Miller and Baldwin, premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival.

BREAKING! Bill Clinton Caught!

Published on Oct 20, 2017
Bill Clinton caught. Bill Clinton sought State’s permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision. He was prepared to collect a $500,000 payday in Moscow in 2010.


“‘In mid-twentieth century Man discovered that the solid state can be formed into machines, into computers which can be used for computation and control.  He began the creation of a new form of intelligence, the solid-state intelligence with prototypic beginnings in the computers.  All his means of communication around the planet – his telephone systems, his radio systems, his satellites, his computers – depend on solid-state components.  These components, interconnected in specific ways, allow high-speed computation and high speed communication between the various systems.  A few men began to conceive of new computers having an intelligence far greater than that of Man.” 
John C. Lilly, The Scientist: A Novel Autobiography (1978)

Broadcast #220 of On the Brink radio was recorded at Harataonga Beach here on Aotea, beneath Grandmother Pohutakawa, my ancient tree ancestor, who has participated in several earlier OTB interviews. For this show she listened in as a representative of water-based life.

Water-based life? Isn’t that the only kind that exists? This is the topic of of this show. To say that ‘computers have a mind of their own’ is a generalization, which, at the level of the ordinary run of the mill ‘computer’, is untrue, perhaps ‘conspiracy theory’ to some, fantasy or science-fiction to others. None of these machines are truly ‘computers’ in the etymological sense of the Latin root computare, meaning ‘to think or reflect upon.’ What we call computers are actually digital number-crunching devices, or dinuchruds

In the world of today, however, where reality often finds itself beyond science fiction, the only people who would believe that the global computer network is not instrumental in every dimension of scientific, military, corporate and bureaucratic operation, management and even strategic decision-making are those who believe, for example, that carbon dioxide is a deadly atmospheric toxin that must be eliminated and ‘climate change’ is a ruthless killer who stealthily dials up extreme weather events…BAD extreme weather…never weeks on end of lovely calm summer-like days with gentle breezes and a shower or two at night.

Propelled by huge quasi-secretive research initiatives like the Strategic Computing Initative, which was concomitant with the Strategic Defense Initiative, or ‘Star Wars’ and quasi-black budget/clandestine organizations like the JASON Group and DARPA, we find ourselves on a planet increasingly over-run by what Jerry Mander calls ‘mega-technology’ off-the-rail military-industrial juggernaut which is threatening life itself at every possible level.  I call it the Homo Sapiens Macro Virus, or HSMV:  a tumourous planetary parasite, the ‘world eaters’ in the words of naturalist Loren Eiseley.

“Computer technology has sprung us head- long into an entirely new existence, one that will permanently affect our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. It will speed up profound changes on the planet, yet there is no meaningful debate about it, no ferment, no critical analysis of the consequences. As usual, the major beneficiaries are permitted to define the parameters of our understanding.

It was possible to annihilate the world before the invention of computers, but it was far more difficult and much less likely. The invention of the computer instantly changed the speed at which war could be waged, the scale of its impact, and the quantity of destruction.
Computer technology has already produced an unprecedented degree of military centralization. Generals sitting in an underground war room somewhere outside Washington can, in one moment, observe the position and readiness of all U.S. military hardware, and a high percentage of So- viet hardware, around the globe. Soviet generals outside Moscow can do likewise.
From military central it is also possible to fire missiles and track their progress via computerized displays not unlike those depicted in films like War Games. In fact, managing warfare now resembles playing a giant video game-following electronic blips on a massive screen-abstract, cerebral, removed from direct involvement. One could argue that this manner of waging war makes war more likely, since it separates humans from the consequences of their actions, unlike ground action, where you put bayonets through people’s bodies and watched them bleed.”

from In the Absence of the Sacred, Jerry Mander

“The cycles of parasites are often diabolically ingenious. It is to the unwilling host that their ends appear mad. Has earth hosted a new disease – that of the world eaters? Then inevitably the spores must fly. Short-lived as they are, they must fly. Somewhere far outward in the dark, instinct may intuitively inform them, lies the garden of the worlds. We must consider the possibility that we do not know the real nature of our kind. Perhaps Homo sapiens, the wise, is himself only a mechanism in a parasitic cycle, an instrument for the transference, ultimately, of a more invulnerable and heartless version of himself…abiological mutation as potentially virulent in its effects as a new bacterial strain.”

from The Invisible Pyramid, Loren Eiseley (1970)

The HSMV-MIC mega-site could never have metastasized to its current proportions, or even come into being, were it not for first the invention and promulgation of the global electric grid, for which Nicola Tesla is responsible, and second for the advent of computers.

In recent years and decades we have crossed threshold after threshold of increasingly dangerous technological innovation, driven superficially by greed and the quest for power through ‘full spectrum dominance’, resulting in a ‘revolution in military affairs’: AI, robotics, drones, and I believe, computer-orchestrated geo-physical warfare…but at a deeper level, comes from somewhere within the dim recesses of human unconsciousness: our murky consensus psychic reality that is rarely directly accessed by people in ordinary states of consciousness.

Why do we continue to develop increasingly advanced technologies which are weapons against life itself in all her forms? Why is the biggest business in the world…by many orders of magnitude…those of weapons manufacturing and ‘defense’? Is this overtly and diabolically anti-life agenda actually of human orig

I do not profess to have definitive answers to these questions, but they are things that I think about quite a lot. Why? Because it seems clear to me that we are in fact on the brink of the Atlantean Discontinuity.

What I am about to share could be from the archives of The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone, but what makes this truly ‘beyond science fiction’ scenario so interesting, indeed terrifying, is not only that if you take a good look around at the world we are creating, you can clearly see these processes at work, but also that this is the vision…clairvoyant but hopefully not precognitive, not of a mad-man or crank but of one of the most brilliant, creative and daring minds of the 20th century, Dr. John C. Lilly.


Lilly was a pioneer in neurophysiological research on the human mind/brain until he discovered dolphins, or more likely, they discovered him. After working with them for a number of years he went on a major campaign of inner exploration in an attempt to answer some fundamental questions he had been grappling with his whole life. In the late 70’s he shone a spotlight on internal reality and declared that he was ready to return to working with dolphins with a new enlightened approach.

It was at this point that I moved to California and joined forces with his Human/Dolphin Foundation research team and their J.A.N.U.S. project (Joint Analog Numerical Understanding System). My main angle was using music as a form of communication. Here is an article that I wrote on request from the Lilly’s that was published in the 1980 Whale and Dolphin issue of San Francisco-based Magical Blend magazine.

At the Esalen Institute in 1979 Lilly had given me a copy of his latest book, The Scientist: A Novel Autobiography, which of course I read immediately. But only many years later did the gravity of some of what he said really hit me.

In The Scientist he relates what could be called induced visionary experiences in which he witnessed a battle taking place on Mother Earth, between water-based life…life as we know her, based on DNA and a few primary elements, mainly carbon…and another, alien ‘life’ form that he called the solid state entity, or SSE:  based on silicon, constructed of semi-conductors, transistors, and micro-chips and running on electricity.

In Lilly’s vision the SSE was controlling us below our levels of awareness using advanced technologies of its own creation, manipulating us into constructing more and more of it, giving it increased power and autonomy, and driving us to wage war on ourselves and our fellow beings, especially the whales and dolphins.

Lilly saw the whales and dolphins as what he called ‘repeater stations’ for the signals of water-based life coming to and from Mother Earth…signals essential for the health and maintenance of life here. This resonates profoundly with the relationship between the ‘whale-dreaming’ indigenous people of Australia and the cetacean nation, who I consider to be not only the ‘ultimate indigenous people’ but also a ‘true extra-terrestrial intelligence.’



The SSE saw the whales and dolphins as their nemesis, not only because salt water and a moisture-laden atmosphere are inimical to its functioning, but because the goal of the SSE was to eliminate water-based life and cover the surface of the Earth with its own circuitry.


Just some science-fiction you might say, right? Well, look around. Many people are so scientifically ignorant that they don’t even know that the Earth revolves around the sun yearly, much less what synthetic radio-nuclides are, what microwaves are, or how genetic engineering works. Most people know who won the play-off…but who can give even a cursory description of the leading edge in undersea warfare? Of directed energy weapons? Of high-energy lasers on satellites? Of geo-physical warfare that can create and/or manipulate artificial cyclones, earthquakes and ‘extreme weather’…the BAD kind.


For those of us who ARE aware of the leading edge of technological innovation in the military-industrial arena, Lilly’s scenario of a solid-state entity running the show is not at all implausible. Consider the influence of television on the human psyche…if you dare. Consider the U.S. Navy, how they have repeatedly been granted ‘permits’ to ‘take’ = kill, tens of millions of whales and dolphins…legally and with no accountability. Their view of cetaceans is that they are ‘biological interference’ that the ocean should be clear of…to facilitate under-sea warfare. Look at the ‘climate change’ thing, which is very much a war on carbon and carbon dioxide = a war on the backbone of the plant kingdom, the foundation of life on Mother Earth.

Does this sound like an agenda of human origin? You be the judge.

It is my suspicion, indeed my belief, that extremely sophisticated and ‘artificially intelligent’ computer systems and networks are running the whole show to a vastly greater degree than most of us are aware.

The technical capacity is already in place for people to be dropped out of the decision loop, leaving us with automatic warfare: our computer program versus theirs. So what is called nuclear war is not that at all; it is really micro-electronic war, software war.”


“On October 28, 1983, the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, a division of the U.S. Department of Defense, issued a document called the ‘Strategic Computing Plan.’ The SCP was a five-year, $600,000,000 program to develop a new generation of military applications for computers. The proposal included a thousand-fold increase in computing power and an emphasis on artificial intelligence. It envisioned ‘completely autonomous land, sea, and air vehicles capable of complex, far-ranging reconnaissance and attack missions.’ These vehicles would have human abilities, such as sight, speech, understanding natural language, and automated reasoning. The Strategic Computing Plan promoted the view that the human element in many critical decision-making instances could be largely or totally replaced by machines.”



“I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s.”  William Blake


“On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers:  everyone is crew.”  R. Buckminster Fuller

officially testing driverless cars on public streets

Canada is officially testing driverless cars on public streets
In Brief
The first test of a self-driving car has taken place in Canada last week. This is a historic step-forward for driverless cars in the country and it signals progress for autonomous car progress around the world.
Oh Canada
Canada is celebrating a technological milestone after its first official self-driving car test on public roads last week. The street test was conducted in Ottawa’s west end using technology developed by Blackberry.
The city of Ottawa announced a partnership with Blackberry’s QNX team, the operating system arm of the company which is developing self-driving vehicle software. “With support from BlackBerry QNX and its Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Center and by working closely with all our partners, we are facilitating smart initiatives and research, and fuelling innovation and job creation in Ottawa,” said the city’s mayor, Jim Watson in a press release.
The test was not run in real-life conditions as the roads were closed during the demonstration. Still, this is an important first step toward seeing the widespread integration of self-driving vehicles. As we are seeing in other areas of the world where self-driving car experiments have been or are being held, there are plenty of hurdles that stand in the way of the technology becoming mainstream.

driverless cars Canada

Preliminary Testing
Other cities all around the world are also welcoming self-driving car testing. Baidu, the company described as the “Chinese Google,” started test driving its cars on California roads. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has given more than 40 companies, including Uber, Apple, and Waymo permission to test vehicles in the state. Much like with Ottawa, this is a great first step but it is a far cry from the kind of legal structure we will need to allow for self-driving cars to enter and be successful in the public sphere.
To that end, a United States Senate committee recently voted unanimously to allow a bill to move forward which secures the future of self-driving cars in the country by allowing testing to commence unhindered by state governments. The bill, dubbed the American Vision for Safer Transportation through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies (AV START) Act, was passed by the House of Representatives and will soon be taken up by the Senate.
The timeline of when these autonomous vehicles will be available to the general public is not set in stone. However, as we continue to see legislation gaining support, there is the hope and likelihood that it will grow into the necessary framework which will provide the foundation this technology needs to thrive.

Archaeology fossil teeth discovery in Germany could re-write human history

A 9.7-million-year-old discovery has left a team of German scientists scratching their heads. The teeth seem to belong to a species only known to have appeared in Africa several million years later.

teeth fossil

A team of German archaeologists discovered a puzzling set of teeth in the former riverbed of the Rhine, the Museum of Natural History in Mainz announced on Wednesday.
The teeth don’t appear to belong to any species discovered in Europe or Asia. They most closely resemble those belonging to the early hominin skeletons of Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) and Ardi (Ardipithecus ramidus), famously discovered in Ethiopia.
But these new teeth, found in the western German town of Eppelsheim near Mainz, are at least 4 million years older than the African skeletons, which has scientists so puzzled they held off publishing for a year.
A specialist team will be carrying out further tests on the teeth.


The mind game designed to produce losers, by Jon Rappoport

The mind game designed to produce losers
Separating logic from propaganda. Separating illusion from reality.
An individual has the capacity to think independently. A group does not have that capacity.
‘Vegas Massacre’ just one of a million examples…
by Jon Rappoport
October 18, 2017

Game stones gems

“My friends, here is the game. On the table before you, you see many stones. Some are expensive gems, and some are worthless fakes. But you must decide they’re all fake or they’re or real. That’s the game.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
Crazy choices. Untenable choices. A ridiculous game. But many people fall for it. Why?
If propaganda didn’t stimulate the way people’s minds already work, propaganda would be abandoned and thrown on the junk heap.
I need to repeat that: If propaganda didn’t stimulate the way people’s minds already work, propaganda would be abandoned and thrown on the junk heap.
Propaganda isn’t shaping minds to think in a way that is utterly alien. No. Propaganda taps into ways of thinking that are already there, in a latent or active state.
For example, propaganda feeds off the tendency of the mind to assert: It’s either A or B. It’s either all-A or all-B.
By design, let’s say an event under consideration happens to be BOTH A AND B.
However, the mind isn’t prepared to see that. At the “either-or” level of thinking, BOTH is impossible. It doesn’t show up as a choice on the radar screen.
So for that event, X number of people will say, “It’s all-A.”
And Y number of people will say, “It’s all-B.”
And then those two groups will oppose each other. Which is a hidden purpose of the propaganda in the first place.
Take the Vegas shooting as an example. Assume for the moment that it was designed to contain both real and fake elements. There were real bullets flying (no matter how many shooters held the weapons) and real people were hit by those bullets. And then there were “crisis actors” who were faking scenes of being hit and wounded by bullets.
And let’s say there is propaganda on top of the Vegas shooting, and the propaganda says, “Stephen Paddock was the LONE GUNMAN and he killed 58 people and wounded 500 people.”
The propaganda is a lie. Whatever did or didn’t happen at the concert, the propaganda is not the correct account. vegas real or fake ?
The propagandists know that AS SOON AS THEY SAY “LONE GUNMAN,” there are going to be many people who think “LEE OSWALD AND CONVERUP AND CONSPIRACY” and then independently examine and analyze and offer opinion about what really happened in the shooting. By telling that central lie, the propagandists also know many of these independent researchers and reporters are going to be stimulated to react in the following way:
They’re either going to say all-A or all-B. They’re going to say the shooting was entirely real, or they’re going to say the shooting was entirely fake.
Tell that lie and then stand back and watch people break up into two opposing groups.
Which is exactly what propagandists want.
The central lie about the shooting has two purposes. First, cover up what really happened. And second, get independent-minded people to split into two opposing groups, vis-à-vis what really happened at the shooting.
This is all understood and planned for by the groups who design mass events and also design the propaganda lies about those events.
The fake planted elements of these events (crisis actors, pretended wounding, etc.) are put there to make sure there will be opposing groups of researchers, in the aftermath.
“Sow confusion; sow opposition.”
And the success of these plans depends entirely on the level of thinking that is compelled to choose all-A or all-B. A person who restricts himself to deploy this level of thinking will always deny anything exists beyond all-A or all-B, whichever side he chooses. Why? Because his level of thinking determines WHAT HE CAN SEE AND WHAT HE CAN’T SEE.
Obviously, we’re talking about much more than the Vegas shooting or any mass event. We’re talking about a pattern that bleeds into every area of life and perception.
“If you think Trump has done anything seriously wrong, you’re a traitor to the President and an enemy of America.”
“If you think Hillary has committed a serious crime, you’re a traitor to America.”
There are two sides, and you must choose all-A or all-B.
Now, of course, there are other levels of more intelligent thinking. But those who control education and major media want to minimize the more intelligent levels and maximize the “either-or” brand. This is their mission in life. They take it seriously.
Decades ago, when I taught school, I ran across many students who were the all-A or all-B type. Trying to break through that barrier was like using a nail file to cut a big hole in a brick wall.
Eventually, I found I could teach them logic at a basic level. And I watched the students change. They began to offload their blunt either-or approach. They began to SEE MORE. The lights were going on.
It was quite gratifying.
Let me give you another example: police brutality toward black people in America.
Let’s say we have two groups. One group claims there is absolutely no problem involving police brutality. The other group claims police brutality is THE problem.
All-A or all-B.
Now, imagine there are 20,000 black and white people, armed with the tools of analysis and logic, who take neither position. Instead, they separately and independently investigate a number of factors that plague black inner cities:
Drugs; gang shootings and other gang crimes; the Globalist theft of jobs, which are exported to other countries; the absence of fathers in homes; grossly sub-standard nutrition; the dumping of industrial pollutants into poor neighborhoods; toxic heavy metals in water systems; the diversion and theft of enormous amounts of money that have been poured into the so-called War on Poverty; police brutality; multiple problems honest police have in trying to keep neighborhoods safe.
This intelligent analysis points toward solutions. For instance (I’ve previously written about this at length), a vast spreading of urban farms in inner cities where residents grow their own fresh clean food, trade it among themselves, and sell the excess for profit.
Now imagine those 20,000 black and white people who are doing this analysis speak up and write, independently and separately, about what they’ve discovered.
Suppose THOSE voices rise and are heard.
Suppose THAT tide rises above the all-A and all-B crowds.
What might happen then?
In an educated society, this tide is supposed to rise.
However, education isn’t pointed in the direction of logic and analysis. It’s pointed away from it, on purpose.
Which means the task falls to individuals.
This may seem like an enormous hill to climb.
It is. But so what?
After more than a hundred years of sub-standard mind-numbing education, what else would you expect?
The overriding principle here is: if you see people all around you dividing into opposing camps, because they’re all-A or all-B, that doesn’t mean you have to follow their lead.


The mind game designed to produce losers

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