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The Illusioned, By G Squared

Image result for fox cnn chinese troops reported as us

The MSM Comedy Hour never ends. Murdoch just advised that Fox News is doing great. While down at CNN they ran footage of Chinese soldiers, in Chinese uniforms, with Chinese weapons, boarding a Chinese helicopter, and said they were American Marines. They have Fact Checkers as well as armies of editors. But sometimes the comedy and fiction writers just seem to take hold.

Another Junk Law Bench Warmer has emerged. Judge William Orrick III has determined that Trump cannot block federal funding to cities which refuse to obey federal laws concerning the protection of illegal immigrants; The Sanctuary City inanity. (Ed’s note, see Rappoport: )

This character was a money chaser (bundler: avoiding contribution laws) for Obama. A non entity Junk Law enthusiast. He worked to block Alabama passing state legislation to control illegal immigrants. He did the same in Arizona, concerning SB1070, to control illegals.

Image result for Judge William Orrick III sanctuary cities

He was such a genius at his career or bundling for Obama, that Obama popped him up to be a bench warmer. The notorious little fellow even promising that he would exclude himself from decisions concerning illegal immigrants. But he lied. Who would believe that he would do such a thing?

Texas is currently passing state legislation to control illegal immigrants. The legislation correctly includes the gaoling of local sheriffs who refuse to enforce federal immigration laws.

Illegal Immigration is a major Socio-Economic issue. It is not some social engineering moralised play toy. You either get it, or you get out. Employment is taken from Americans; causing economic damage. They commit crime and use the medical and legal systems, causing economic damage. The ancillary damage is estimated at $90 billion for fiscal 2017.

Nancy Pelosi is House Minority Leader; a Democrat. Her history is littered with absurdities and delusions. To suggest she has no idea; is being overly kind. Obviously she’s well qualified to be a high end Democrat.

She appeared on a TV wafflefest supporting illegal immigration. A clueless jockey of the first order. With her were two ranchers. They advised that they had to fence and patrol their own properties to prevent what was happening; including the movement of violent drug gangs. One advised that over a 30 year period, over half a million captures and returns had been conducted. But Pelosi knew better.

House Majority Leader, Paul Ryan, seriously damaged the passage of The Obamacare Repeal Bill. Instead of a one sentence repeal with the new legislation attached; he puts forward a 2,000 page repeal. Everthing focussed on that document, without the new legislation gaining any traction. He also naively assumed votes in a chamber controlled by a GOP majority without confirming.

As a consequence of the latter; The Congressional Human Rights Caucus (the same crew who sucked in the Nayirah al Sabah, Lauri Fitz Pegado, Hill and Knowlton, Kuwaiti Humidicrib Lie in 1990) decides it will package its 30 lower house votes to block the repeal. Ryan has to pull the vote.

The current position; which should never have occurred; and will be difficult to remove in the future; involves the passage of the repeal, together with the new legislation; but with the addition that; members of Congress and their staff will be excluded and treated separately as a privileged sector.

The full import of which is difficult to explain to the community who sought a better system. The community will be carrying Congressional members, their staff and their families. Those on high goverment salaries and benefits will be carried by those at the other end of that spectrum.

The USN has just come out posturing that they are being threatened by Iranian patrol boats, when The USN wonders into Iranian territorial coastal waters in The Persian Gulf.

In reality it is virtually a daily event, and is The USN charging down on small Iranian patrol boats. The USN stopped the practice in The South China Sea, when The Chinese Navy sent out tankers to stand fast amidships infront of USN charge downs. The USN only needed to ram one.

The USS Mahan, guided missile destroyer was threatened when the Iranian patrol boat came within 1,000 meters. So The Mehan fired a flare at it, and it moved away. That certainly would have terrified anyone. Even any terrorists on that patrol boart.

On 3/7/1988; The USS Vincennes under the command of William C. Rogers III in The Persian Gulf; moved close into Iranian coastal waters; in what was later described as; ‘Reckless and aggressive behaviour’. He ordering the firing of an SM-2MR Surface to Air missile, shooting down Iranian Air Flight 655, murdering 290 civilians.

Image result for 3/7/1988; The USS Vincennes under the command of William C. Rogers III in The Persian Gulf;

The civilian flight had taken off from Mehraban International Airport, Tehran, on a sceduled flight to Dubai. It was in Iranian airspace, and would not pass any disputed airspace.

Following which many deceptions were put forward by America and the propagandised MSM. One was that; The Vincennes had launched a helicopter, it had accidentally wandered into Iranian airspace. Rogers thought that an F-14A was taking off to engage the helicopter, so he had it shot down.

Iran had taken delivery directly from Gruman of F14As some 18 years prior. They were armed with unguided bombs and unguided missiles. And would not have been sent to engage or warn. Rogers would have been aware of all this.

Then it was put that The Vincennes tried to make radio contact with the aircraft without success. IA-655 was on continuous signal civilian IFF Mode III. Not military IFF Mode II. In addition; The Vincennes would be normally monitoring all local area frequencies. The chatter between IA-655 and ground control would have been monitored. Radar would have further confirmed the position.

All of which was further confirmed by the ICAO report that followed.

MSM had run with strong ethnocentric bias, fed by the Reagan-GHWB administration.

Rogers was moved to a desk job st Port Loma and retired into hiding in August 1991.

On 10/3/1989, Rogers’ wife Sharon stopped at a traffic light in San Diego. The car was hit by a small rocket and exploded into flames. The local police and FBI describing the device as a pipe bomb. She was not injured. No one was fitted for the event. Which signals another issue.

The American government in traditional form; after a hearing brought in The ICJ, offered an ex-gratia payment to the families of the people murdered; without any liability, explanation, or apology. It was a total of $61.8 million in total. Not a big print run for Treasury.

The intel files read an interesting parallel with MH-17. Except for the SVR-GRU hack concerning the latter. Neither of which I can render. There is also a connection with Lockerbie PA-103 (21/12/1988), and MH-370. Libya did not down PA-103.

Text by G Squared, Editing, links and images added by Martin H.

What Chuck Schumer is revealing out in the open

What Chuck Schumer is revealing out in the open

What Chuck Schumer is revealing out in the open

by Jon Rappoport

April 26, 2017

Senator Chuck Schumer on MSNBC (via ZeroHedge): “We’re no longer fact-based. The founding fathers created a country based on fact. We don’t have a fact base. If Breitbart News and the New York Times are regarded with equal credibility, you worry about this democracy.”

First of all, in Schumer’s opening sentence, who is this “we”? There is an implication that the “we” is somehow monolithic and centralized. But people have been in disagreement about facts and what they mean since the dawn of time. People have rejected centralized sources of facts, from kings and queens and priests, to newspapers and television news.

In the same way that 99% of economists assume society must be planned and centralized, Schumer and “the people in power” assume media must operate as a centralized force—as if it’s a natural law.

They just assume it, because until recently, it was the case, it was cozy and easy. But not now. And they’re angry and shocked. They see their foundation of propaganda and mind control slipping away.

You must appreciate how secure they used to feel. It was a cake walk, a picnic in the park. The definition of “fact” was: whatever centralized media said it was. What could be simpler? And to them, that was “democracy.”

Feed the people lies, hide deeper truth, slam dunk.

Then along came independent media.


It turned out millions of people were interested.

The cat jumped out of the bag.

I know about this. I’ve been letting cats out of bags since 1982.

That’s longer than some of my readers have been alive.

I also know about censorship, because almost from the beginning of my work as a reporter, I had stories turned down by major media outlets and even alternative outlets. I saw the handwriting on the wall.

Chuck Schumer is echoing what many of his colleagues—and far more powerful people—are worrying about. Their vaunted mouthpieces, the NY Times, the Washington Post, etc., are failing. They can’t carry the same old freight with impunity.

So Schumer “worries about the future of democracy.” What he’s actually worried about has nothing to do with democracy, and it certainly has nothing to do with a Republic, which was the form of this nation from the beginning.

Schumer is worried about decentralization.

He’s worried that people are defecting from the authoritarian arrogant Castle of Truth.

And, given his position, he should be worried.

We are at a tipping point. Needless to say—but I will say it—independent media need your support. Your choice about where you obtain your news makes a difference.

Until a few years ago, I never considered that I was relentless. I was just doing my work. But as I saw the counter-efforts of major media, social media, government, Globalists, and other players, as they tried to reassert their primacy, I found a deeper level of commitment. A person can find many reasons to stop what he is doing. Every person eventually realizes that. But will he give in? Or will he decide to keep going? My choice is reflected on these pages, where I write every day.

Many of my colleagues have made the same choice. As for myself, I take the long, long view. Whatever befalls this civilization, the individual survives. He cannot be erased. I know that as surely as I know I am sitting here.

People like Chuck Schumer are living on a foundation of sand. Their power depends on obfuscation and deception and exchanging favors. When they feel the ground shifting under their feet, they growl and accuse and declaim and resort to fake ideals. If they see their con isn’t working and isn’t selling, then they panic.

Which is a good sign.

Many, many years ago, I had a good relationship with a media outlet. Then one day, the man in charge told me I was “positioning myself” outside the scope of his audience. I was speaking to “different people,” and therefore I should “go my own way.” I could tell he wasn’t happy about saying this, because he thought of himself as an independent, but there it was. He was bending to the demands of “his people.” So we parted company.

I was now further “out there” than I had been before. I was “independent of an ‘independent’ media outlet.” It took me about five minutes to see the joke. A good and useful joke.

As the years rolled on, I kept finding myself in a more independent position, which meant I was writing what I wanted to write, and in the process I was discovering deeper levels of what I wanted to write.

Understanding this changed my political view. If I didn’t stand for the free and independent individual, what did I stand for? If I didn’t keep coming back to THAT, what could I come back to?

It made sense to me then, and it makes sense to me now.

This is why I keep writing about collective, the group, the mass, and the generality, those fake representations of life.

The individual is always free, whether he knows it or not. And therefore, he can choose.

This is what the Chuck Schumers of this world vaguely apprehend on the horizon. They can’t believe what they’re seeing; it’s too horrible a prospect. They reject it as a fantasy. A random nightmare.

But it isn’t a random nightmare.

It’s the potential for an open future.



Back from obscurity.

Back from the late 18th century, when the ideas embedded in the Constitution reflected the desire to unleash the free and independent individual and afford him protection from the powers-that-be.

power outside the matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

David Steele Interview; Profound!

Open Source Intelligence vs. Spying Intel A great platform for providing unfiltered, unbiased information throughout society in an effort to return the power back to the people!



In order to get the word out to a greater audience, Mr Steele has again invited everyone to view another Norway interview.

This one is a bit over an hour and goes extensively into the deep state.

CIA Plane Lands In Wellington Ahead Of “Five Eyes” Meeting: More To This Than Meets The “Eyes”?

“Due to specific security requirements we cannot comment further at this time. However, as police have pointed out they are not aware of a visit to Queenstown by a current or former head of state.”

A spokesman for Prime Minister Bill English

Seen the planes and police presence at Harewood Christchurch base a few days back, now it’s shaping up to be an all-star gathering. Right on cue for the big nuclear simulation exercise stateside. I repeat what I’ve already said, that NZ is a prime Elite bolt hole. Is there more to this than just another spy convention? While there is “no confirmation” of any dignitaries outside the spy business coming here, I’m still suspicious. Considering the powder keg geopolitical situation, they could be fleeing the crime scene in preparation for the shit hitting the fan. Just speculation, but it pays to stay alert. Here’s the mainstream report:
An aircraft believed to belong to the CIA landed in Wellington on Saturday morning (file pic).


An aircraft believed to belong to the CIA landed in Wellington on Saturday morning (file pic).

Secret agents from one of the most powerful spy agencies in the world may have just touched down in the capital.

What looks to be just another private jet parked at Wellington Airport may in fact be carrying a plane-load of spies who are said to be in the country for a secret meeting in Queenstown.

The tail number – five small, black digits on the back of the plane – reveals the private jet belongs to none other than the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, also known as the CIA.

The aircraft's arrival ties in with a top-secret meeting of the Five Eyes nations in Queenstown.


The aircraft’s arrival ties in with a top-secret meeting of the Five Eyes nations in Queenstown.

The plane, with the registration number 10030, was spotted at Wellington Airport on Saturday morning, NewsHub reports.

READ MORE: Leaders from the Five Eyes intelligence network to meet in Queenstown

The aircraft’s arrival ties in with an event in Queenstown, where a top-secret meeting of the Five Eyes nations is being held.

Five Eyes is the name of the global spying alliance of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Officials from the world’s largest spy network are meeting in Arrowtown, near Queenstown, where a massive security operation is underway.

Government officials are refusing to confirm details or provide names, but police confirmed no former head of state would be visiting, after the rumour mill tipped the visitor could be Barack Obama, with Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ name also put into the mix.

 – Stuff



The Curse Of The Golden Lily, by G Squared

The Curse Of The Golden Lily.


I wrote just after I saw the footage, that the ICBMs paraded by North Korea could not fly. And not because of off centred nosecones on the theatre missiles. It was well known that they were hollow tubes.

I am pleased that others have now also determined that fact. It might tone the idiotic WWIII rhetoric that has emerged from the clueless classes. Remember the beat ups that Putin is dead, Jade Helm was martial law, WWIII is imminent, Cold War II was here. It goes back to the lie of The Y2K Bug.

MSM has a major infliction. But when Alternative catches a virus, it runs into uncontrolled mental pandemics. We expect advanced retardation from MSM. But the self postured leaders of Alternative are really becoming bilious.

When one particular character had his monthly cheques cut, it was because Google had decided they no longer required to pay for the net traffic he was generating. So he started a tantrum that Google was going to attack ‘Conservative’ Sites. He’s a paid front; purporting to be not what he is. Recall the issue that Assange and Snowden are naive conduits.

‘Conservative’ is almost a pejorative throw away term. Alternative is neither Conservative nor Liberal. It is supposed to be the platform for truth and reality. An alignment requires a protection of that alignment. There are many aspects to Alternative. Claiming to be ‘Conservative’ defies the underlying rationale.

When Syria became a front issue beginning in 2012, the American intervention actually became more pronounced from 2011, this media consortium, and it’s far from a struggling backyard shop image, decided it needed a character to be invented as some postured source of inside information.

So the girlfriend of another character in London becomes The Nigella Lawsonesque waffler. She was fed narratives from Syrian newspapers. Before long, this creation becomes some pseudo ‘World Authority’ on Syria. Recall the Nayirah al Sabah concoction with the Lauri Fitz Pegado, Hill and Knowlton theatre, before the clueless Congressional Human Rights Caucas; The GHWB Kuwaiti Lie of 1990.

So the even further disengaged start clamoring for her to appear on their versions of ‘alternative’.

Rational and Critical Thought. If you don’t know, don’t make it up. Ask someone who knows. And that is not the local characterised fiction spinmeisters selling vitamin supplements or clueless books and videos.

Some still haven’t woken to the ‘antivirus’ vendors actually being the players which crash your computers. If you are selling security patrols in an industrial estate, smashing the occassional window is good for business. Lucky the patrol was in the vicinity to chase the miscreants away.

Then if keys are floating, the trucks roll up, and after the warehouse is cleared out. The door is smashed and the alarm triggered. And then the old favourite; cops shoot someone dead then shout out;” Stop or I’ll shoot.!”


On 18/1/1989; Reagan issued Executive Order 12667, to hide access to Presidential decisions. He and GHWB needed it. On 1/11/2001; GWB took the opportunity to issue Executive Order 13233, blocking all access to all Presidential decisions. On 21/1/2009, fearing a total overturn of both 13233 and 12667, Obama issued Executive Order 13489 revoking 13233 and returning to a limited access version of 12667.

America has much to hide and much to fear. Particularly from its own people.


On 8/4/2017, MSM began pumping out that The USS Vinson Carrier Group had been ordered to ‘Crash Sail’ (Navy term) from Singapore to The Korean Peninsula. War Mongers and the assorted braindead classes of The Peanut Galleries started having religious experiences.

The problem was; The Vinson Group was in The Sundra Strait of Indonesia and heading to North West Australia.

Then it was announced that The Vinson Grpup was heading to The Sea of Japan. A u-turn and a strategically stupid move, that I won’t bother to take the space to explain here.

Then it was announced that The Vinson Group was heading for patrol, to operate in The Western Pacific. But there was a drill with Australia and New Zealand, that somebody forgot to mention.

Then again; that it was heading to The Korean Peninsula.

Amid all this, it was announced that The USS Reagan Carrier Group was to join The Vinson  Group off The Korean Peninsula. The problem there is, The Reagan Group is docked in Japan.

It was also announced that The USS Nimitz Carrier Group was to join the other two off The Korean Peninsula. The problem there is, The Nimitz Group is docked in Oregon.

Then we heard that The Vinson Group was  having a little tizzy because one of its F18s took a bath. And everything got confused. Are we serious here. This lot is going to ponce a war.

I recall a scene a few years ago, when a big boy SAS team was burying one of its colleagues. There were tears and huggies all round. Have any of these high-ends seen The Bear in action. Try February to May 1945. At Potsdam Stalin said; I want. All the rest said; Where would you like it delivered.

A tractioned narrative of total stupidity. Either America wants an immediate suicide or The Great Wall of Frogshit is projected to beat; The Great Wall of China, The Berlin Wall, The 38th. Parallel North, The Iron Curtain, The Bamboo Curtain, and The Great Wall of Trump, combined.

Trump is surrounded by well meaning people. But they lack specific experience, do not listen, and do not ask the right questions of the right people. He is ‘protected’ by Old Guard CIA. But he doesn’t listen. It’s all still a blur. The intel he is fed, is total junk. His Foreign Policy advisors are controlled by the trick of Information Overload. Then concocted ‘Briefings’ are interposed to remove the unnecessary load, together with ‘Talking Points’ and Narratives.

Although Mattis is an old warrior, and Petraeus and many others are in the background; they hold the credibility of their intel, above its actual and rationally comparable substance. Mattis began showing he had bluffed himself on 15/4/2017, when he also jumped into; The USN off The Korean Peninsula Affair. He didn’t check with his navy, and the happy snaps released, were wrong. But the herds sucked it in.

America is very far from the naval power it postures. If all the drivel were correct, parking that asset base off The Korean Peninsula is strategically beyond stupidity.

The conflicting narratives should never have occurred. It demonstrates a compounded problem and a deeply flawed intel system, beyond what was exposed in Syria.

I have previously written about America’s very limited military capacities and broken intel system. The Obama Era has a five year Special Congressional Appropriation, to return America’s Missile System to Operational Condition. And this was Obama. So who would America ponce to, concerning a great military strength; try The Peanut Galleries.

America’s Shayrat Act of War against Syria, damaged that airbase’s fuel and ammunition facilities. Restored by Russia within 48 hours. Hardly the 20% damage to The Syrian Airforce ventilated by Mattis. Whatever that was supposed to mean. It’s like saying, this product has 20% less sugar. Comparable to what. And what does that mean.

The further more interesting aspect; and as Rex was told by The Boss; and as the full cast of The Washington Comedy Theatre is now aware; Russia had Syria fly all its airforce assets from Shayrat and elsewhere to Latakia; A Russian Military Stronghold. And as Putin advised; if America attempts a further hit on The Syrian Airforce; it will deeply regret it. It will be a direct Act of War against Russia.

For those who believe in the miasma of American Full Spectrum Dominance; it’s probably time they tested it. American military prowess is becoming as nauseous as the fashion statement of the month. None of the legitimate powers do it. Which could explain why America wants to feign a face off with North Korea.

The Pentagon is currently conducting an  urgent Nuclear Posture Review of its Arsenal. It’s to determine the difference; in real terms; between actual Capabilities and something resembling the baked bean scene in Blazing Saddles. It’s not to determine what damage America can cause. But rather if America can defend itself if someone stops laughing at America and goes nasty.

And you wouldn’t believe it; some of the boys sidestepped some of the stock coming out of Afghanistan. Fort Stewart is trying to beat Bill Clinton’s Little Rock, to take out the golden poppy award, for the coke retailing capital of America.

Returning to the great war between North Korea and America; conflicting releases were coming from; The White House (Sean Spicer), The USN (Michael Short), The Pentagon (Mattis), and while alleged spokespersons from; US Pacific Command, Pacific Fleet, The 7th. Fleet, and The 3rd. Fleet; were flicking responses back and forth among themselves. The USN actually; officially; to its credit; remained silent, while the idiot brigades ran riot.

As an aside: The Vinson, Reagan, and Nimitz Carrier Groups with the 100 plus surface vessels and submarines it takes to protect all those useless travelling airfields; represent some 30% of the functioning USN. It has more tied up, than poncing about.

So The USN is going to camp 30% of its sea and air powers; say $5 trillion, to allegedly terrify a third generation dictator and his entourage; of interest and concern to no one. To divert from Syria, and perform serenades for The Peanut Galleries.

What purports to be America’s Foreign Policy, is a psychotic episode. Fix America and forget the world policeman delusion.

The South Korean President formerly asked  The White House; what it is doing. America is making noises at China, to take more responsibility over North Korea.

When America caused The False Flag War Crime in Khan Sheikhoun, it made noises that Russia should take responsibility for not guaranteeing that Chemical Weapons were removed from Syria.

As exposed in The False Flag Gouta Chemical Weapons War Crime; America is the one delivering Chemical Weapons to its IS in Syria. It started with Kerry’s State Department. And as I have written; Sarin degrades within weeks. So the G series B batch used in Khan Sheikhoun had to have been delivered by America within a month prior to that event.

For the true history of The Anthrax False Flag Era blamed on Iraq; and where Anthrax was posted around America; try Building 470 at Fort Detrick. So who actually had The WMDs, that Powell lied about to The UN. And remember the names of the liar, heads of Western Governments, who read the scripts, (GWB, Blair, Rasmussen, Harper, Howard) and the people murdered for exposing truth (Kelly, Cook, et al).

Apart from the million plus civilians and a few military, slaughtered or starved to death in Iraq;@ there was; Invasion, Occupation, Looting, Regime Change, The Theatre of A Moral High Ground, Genocide (Oil for Food), and the walk away.

America has just landed itself a need for a face saver concerning North Korea. There are many ways that can be managed. Or it can just ignore what has occurred and waffle threats; like China should take responsibility. All for America’s self inflicted stupidities.

What happened was; the great ‘Communications’ geniuses in the American government are both clueless and liars.

Apart from the order to Crash Sail; it takes two years to program naval warships. The Vinson Group was to conduct exercises with The Australian and New Zealand Navies off the north west coast of Australia.

Media and Communications actors, grabbed that The Vinson Group was the closest, therefore it was the group to head straight to The Korean Peninsula. Then no; it would be The Reagan Group. Then no; it would be The Nimitz Group. That mutated by the same geniuses, to the three groups to Crash Sail to The Korean Peninsular. Therefore WWIII is on.

During the disastrous Kerry’s tenure as Secretary of State; two particularly notable geniuses emerged. Jennifer Psaki was White House Communications Director, and Marie Harf was Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications to The US Secretary of State.

To suggest that these two had no idea whatsoever and made up narratives as they ran; would be an understatement. And these were the jokers informing MSM of the affairs in Ukraine and Crimea; concerning the absurd Victoria Nuland’s activities.

So you were fully informed by MSM, based on The American Government’s rigorous, truthful, and considered media releases from these two and their cohorts.

Matt Lee; an old hand reporter had drawn attention to them. I watched their performances during recorded media conferences. These are the types who cause damage to America through lies and deceptions.

You don’t prove anything through Junk Science. You don’t resolve social issues through Junk Law. You don’t fix a broken economy through Junk Economics. You don’t manipulate reality through Junk Communications.


There is very little Open Source about this. The three factions of CIA are; Central CIA, The GHWB Faction, and the Old Guard. The latter are the retired (which you can never really do, and internationally allied to others who worked for other countries).

The election last november between Trump and Clinton; was a fairly irregular affair. Clinton polled very badly. It was all based on perception. There was rigging by multi-voting, box stuffing and pre-poll fraud (Trump mentioned the Clinton 20 million pre-polls) by The Clinton Camp, which legitimately polled no more than about half what was claimed, overall.

Some of the Clinton rigging was exposed when The Greens wanted a recount. They polled in the range of 1% and did not run in all states. But Jill Stein wanted a recount. Then they changed their mind.

Boxes were found with broken seals and stuffed with Clinton votes (counted) that exceeded the number of voters in those respective electorates. They have to remain. Clinton did not win the popular vote.

Clinton festooned buses loaded with multi-voting Clinton screamers; were arriving at booths; voting predicatably; then rolling on to the next booth. It would have put The Australian Labor Party philosophy of; ‘Vote Early; Vote Often’; to shame. You know America; that’s the nation that; invades, occupies, and loots, soft target nation states; as it Democratises them. And its Democratic Party rigs elections.

The bottom line of the entire Clinton Affair, was her being a she. An idiocy that drones to this day. Ma Clinton performed a de facto presidency while Pa Clinton was the alleged president. And we know how great that era was (The Kursk Act of War, The False Flag Kosovo War with America and NATO using Chemical Weapons blamed on Serbia).

I saw her performing in the ‘real’ American Embassy in Grosvenor Square, London. Bubba was probably initiating new White House interns at the time.

Certain states did not send true vote numbers. The fraud ran to the top. On the night; prior to Trump passing the midline of Electoral College votes; The Clinton Camp was already celebrating.

Subsequently; the deeply delusional sat there waiting for The Electoral College Meeting decision. Then Trump would not be inaugurated. Then Obama or Congress would act. Then the impeachment serenade. Then public servants began misbehaving. The terminally intellectualised morons of The Peanut Galleries. And inbetween all this frogshit; The Russians are coming.

The election was hacked on the night. During the count that was delivered live through the net and followed on TV, the feed froze. The whole system was hacked by The GHWB CIA Faction from Langley. The DNC was an impotent front.

There was no central clearing centre. MSM was receiving fed numbers in what was believed to be a central clearing centre. The honest states fed true numbers to their electors. The battle over Michigan indicated that, apart from the clinically challenged corralled in California and Washington; Clinton did not win a single state.

It was sufficient that Trump won, and as a corollary, Clinton destroyed The Democratic Party. To chase it to the truthful end; would have destroyed; at that time; the illusion of a Two-Party System in America. Even certain Electors were blackmailed by GHWB CIA into voting for Clinton and against the popular votes of their states. The Democratic Party no longer exists.

A different set of numbers was to be fed down the line from GHWB CIA at Langley, Virginia. It was the stand-by should the numbers not go in Clinton’s favour. Both Bill Clinton and Obama are CIA ops. Clinton was involved in the GHWB Iran-Contra Affair from the time he was Arkansas AG. Obama has been run by GHWB since his teens. As hundreds of others. Two of Obama’s ‘fathers’; Marshall and Soetoro; were ops, as was Obama’s mother.

Roger Clinton had said; Bill’s nose is like a vacuum cleaner. Obama is the same. Hillary was a puppet for the continuation of The GHWB CIA Faction, that has been operating from before they murdered JFK. 9/11 was there’s. They own the disaster in and from The Middle East.

If CIA is tagged to a False Flag or an operation; it does not mean that all CIA is responsible. If America is currently tagged; it means Trump is not watching, or has not been informed.

The hack was known and expected. Old Guard were in Langley at the time, and at certain other places. Old ops know how to get around, how to get in, and what to do. There’s a very strict moral code. One of the very few times they came in from the cold and worked with Central CIA. A couple of inhouse, private, family shootings, to gain attention, and the hack was immediately stopped. Trump legitimately won the election.

The most significant and missed fact is GHWB lost control of America. But his faction is far from gone. He was a lifetime asset, with great influence bought by massive financial frauds and lootings. He was CIA Director 1976-77 (when Vietnam was lost), US VP 1981-89 (the Reagan devastations of Central America for one), and President 1989-93. He manipulated Clinton into the seat, so he could work more fully on other activities. The Clintons and Obama were script reading actors.

The event is little known and has not passed without repercussions, from all sides. Many people have died. A micro civil war took place. If they could murder the president and get away with it; stage 9/11 and get away with it; forment insane wars, and get away with it. Pillage and plunder and get away with it. Manipulate MSM and get away with it. What’s an election hack. Almost all The MSM was behind Clinton; and look at the garbage that has emerged since.

Another significant aspect is; for the first time for many decades; the people of America did not behave as instructed by MSM and ‘names’. Not all the MSM lies (Fake News, Conspiracy Theories) were lost down the herd tunnel of short term memory. The institution of being fully informed by TV ‘News’, inbetween the sport and The Climate Change (sorry; I meant Weather).

The GHWB Faction had controlled The White House directly from 1981. James Angleton (terminated 11/5/1987), Edward Lansdale (terminated 23/2/1987), and GHWB, organised the shooters and stage managed The JFK Murder. Supposedly this is to be made public this October (2017). If GHWB is still alive; it will be deferred. If The Peanut Galleries are not exhibiting workable absorption, the truth may be sanitised. Or it may not be delivered at all. Occassionally; older players are terminated. Those; approaching demise renditions; can have nasty political effects.

After all; the herds cannot handle the truth. And are not even entitled to it.

The triangulation was from the roof of The Dal-Tex Building, police headquarters, opposite The Book Depository, and The Grassy Knoll. The School Book Depository Building was stage set and Oswald was not there on the day. I have previously given the names of the shooters and cleaners. There were 11 rounds fired. The body was not on the plane. The head was mutilated to hide the true wounds, and the photographs were altered.

Roselli delivered the final shot from The Knoll. The Zapruder Film was a hoax. As was The Jim Garrison Affair. Tippit was shot by his partner. Ruby fired a blank at the informed, cooperative Oswald. Both were killed later. Oliver Stone only muddied the waters still further. The Corsicans were not involved.

Albert Thomas (the winker to LBJ on The Airforce One flight from Dallas; the meaningless swearing in ceremony) was exposed in The Bobby Baker Investigation by Robert Kennedy. Thomas was a bagman for the military industrial complex. He was known to have delivered $100,000 to LBJ from General Dynamics for a fighter contract. Vietnam was on the boil.

Many people knew in advance. Many benefited. The shooters and all directly involved were pardoned by Ford when shuffled into The Oval Office. He was also on The Warren Commission. He and Rockefeller stole The White House from Nixon and Agnew. They were not elected.

GHWB has publicly, twice alluded to his complicity in The JFK Murder. John Jnr. also mentioned it before he was murdered.

German born George Scherff (GHWB) was adopted by Prescott Bush. He had his ‘made in America’ history concocted. As did Obama. Prescott’s true history is astonishing. Two non-Americans reached The White House by manipulated elections. There was much more than Jeb rigging Florida, and Gore and Kerry stepping aside for GWB.

Gore was given the ‘Scare the Children’ portfolio of the massive bank fraud of The Emissions Trading Scheme, concerning The Climate Change Lie. If you want to know about real damage, start with Operations Fishbowl and Starfish; but the true facts. And carbon is essential plant food, so we get oxygen.

The anthropogenic deception concocted by Junk Science from East Anglia University, tagged through a number of transformations into The UN IPCC, and Gore (a very interesting history in the cotton industry), floating his nonsense, inconvenient lie, are handed the token Nobel.

Kissinger collected the meaningless bauble for allegedly finding the end to The Vietnam War; which he helped cause. Le Duc Tho refused to play. And Obama collected it for ‘Community Work’ around the Chicago bathhouse scene.

Not to be outdone for its shame; The Rogues Scholarship is handed out; not for any academic excellence; but to those destined for manipulation to greatness; Bill Clinton; Bob Hawke; Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, et al.

Kerry was given the Secretary of State job after Sidney Blumenthal started screwing up badly in The Middle East; when he was running State, while Hillary was pretending. She isn’t only physically very unwell. Kerry’s portfolio was clear. Forment civil wars in Eastern Europe and The Middle East, at any cost.

I don’t like writing this close to the line. It tenses the inexperienced. But then it doesn’t matter. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I also wrote of Obama’s thwarted False Flag off Florida. Which went over the heads of those feigning comprehension. Again, it was The Old Guard who performed. I’m not selling anything. I’m delivering an awareness.

Meanwhile Malcom Nance ex-CIA; but not in with the Good Guys of The Old Guard; made noises that IS should bomb Trump’s buildings in Istanbul.


No one wants North Korea. It has no destructive weaponry of a major capacity. It fires bluffs at Japan that fall in The Sea of Japan, that don’t carry warheads. It’s nuclear capacity is doubted. If it wanted a confrontation; South Korea is just across from The 38th. Parallel North.

It throws rocks at Japan and has side bets as to how high it can get the septics to jump.

China can expunge North Korea within 48 hours; if inclined. But why spoil a nuisance for America that it created itself. Ladbrokes should be running a book on it.

North Korea can neither prosecute an air war nor a ground forces assault. Its military are parade ground trained. The numbers are not relevant, as they will move in groups; and will be hit accordingly. It’s intel is as useless as Trump’s, and it has no supply line logistics.

As a general rule; one front line fighter requires six to logistically support him. A body is a body. But an injured, requires six to support them. West Point, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs, write their own histories and practices. If MacArthur had obeyed orders; North Korea would not exist today.

China jumped to the Yalu Amnok border to block a flow, should America miss at striking the launch site. After seeing the aiming ability of America’s Junk Cruise Missiles in Syria (23 of 60, more or less hit Shayrat), I would suggest that if America thinks it needs The MSM sucklings to start high fiving; it should rapidly dispatch fighters from South Korea or Japan and take out; by air missiles; not the bomber nonsense; its Launch Site and perhaps its airfield surrounds, and logistics bases.

Pretending to have sent a relatively large force to ponce off Korea, does not show American strengrh, but weakness. North Korea is not a big deal. If Trump has been further ill advised that he can face off against Russia and China; there’s going to be another problem for America, as previously with Korea and Vietnam. The spinmeisters are going to be adjusting history for herd consumption, yet again.

MSM has been diverted from Syria to North Korea. It was the preferred option to flatulence in Afghanistan. Someone might wake to The Black Economy from the poppy fields. And Ukraine has turned to the very predictable, proverbial.

Opening a new pretend war zone, has complications America cannot support. So North Korea seemed the choice. But its geography has no room for the American broadsword approach. The throw rocks and run modus will have problems, if America misses a throw.

The GWB entourage and accountrements were advised that America could not run Iraq and Afghanistan simultaneously. They predicted America would become an economic basket case. And they were right. Russia and China stepped back; as they had initially done to facilitate the damage caused by Korea and Vietnam (UNSC abstaining veto or absence).

Russia stepped out of Afghanistan with an agreement that America protects Russian pipeline infrastructure in exchange for Russia not firebombing The American Black Economy poppy fields. Eighteen thousands tonnes of heroin a year, is a lot of money for that sector of America, and a lot of whoopie for that destructive and torn social fabric, of massive economic damage.

Then; to compound the stupudity; the geniuses decided to posture a threat against Russia through Eastern Europe to Russia’s borders, with the independent republics formed from the break up of the former USSR. Russia manages the issues as they arise.

Trump has started using The ‘T’ Word concerning le Pen’s Paris. It’s not only rude and inopportune, but inappropriate and ill informed. We know he is being delivered   Junk Intel and in industrial quantities; does he want us to start questioning the skill sets of comprehension of the entire Washington Comedy Troupe.

North Korea showing its dummies, indicated it does not have a capacity to fire from mobile platforms. The shots at Japan are from a static launch site. The carriers are Russian copies. At this point; I am reliably advised that no one is supplying North Korea. If correctly hit, North Korea cannot respond. It has very little weapons grade, and a lot of difficulty producing it. It should have struck a deal with Obama; like Iran; for reactor grade that could be further enriched. The Trump Troupe have just woken to it.

America has a problem parking a satellite over Korea because of sensitive Chinese and Russian facilities that have caused major problems in the past. The KAL-007 (Dolinsk- Sokol Sakalin) and Hainan Island (Yulin) Incidents. But it knows the positioning of The North Korean sites. Or it can politely ask China or Russia. And South Korea and Japan have been ground monitoring.

Surely America has advanced its tracking beyond The Kettering High School Affair concerning Sputnik II. Led by the hand; objecting all the way; Baikonur, Vostochny, and Plesetsk.

Werner was too busy preparing for his Antarctic crusade to search for fake Moon rocks. Nixon lollied them out to everyone who didn’t believe him anyway. But the folks back home saw it all ‘Live’ on their TV’s; filmed at the Area 51 top secret film studios (Kubrik). The herds just soaked in all that greatness. Who would have believed that people would open the sealed boxes and correctly analyse the rocks.

None of the believers understood it was as The Wright Brothers with jet engines. All those computers at Mission Control in Houston Texas could probably do simple arithmetic. If you didn’t mind waiting a few minutes for an answer.

While we were using IBM punch cards down at the old Physics School at Sydney Uni. to across the hallway to the massive stacks that filled that room. [Open20 Open30]. And then; in Pure and Applied Maths; why were we using Russian texts. Ah: the misspent youth of being a perpetual student.

During Obama’s second term; The Russian Space Agency ‘Accidentally’ moved one of its satellites across the orbit of eight American ‘Weather’ satellites. America was fond of running multiple satellites in the same orbits. They were dutifully advised, but there was no time for The US Space Command to avoid an ‘Accident’.

Apparently the ‘Accidental’ timing brought the crossing satellite in line to collide with one of The American ‘Weather’ satellites. Well, as things happen; they collided and pieces of the two, from bullet to brick size, fanned out and ran through the orbit at a few thousand kilometers an hour.

Sadly the other seven ‘Weather’ satellites turned into the proverbial. A lot of noise was heard. But accidents do happen. And without The RSA; America is not able to ponce The International Space Station. You see; America is not able to fly to low earth orbit. Things just seem to keep going bang on takeoff. Which reintroduces The Moon Waltz and a projected Martian Picnic.

And then of course there is the unspoken inconvenience of The van Allen Belts. Humans can’t actually pass Low Earth Orbit. The NASA and related budgets are diverted for military research.

Western Europe has been disarmed. America had certain capabilities in; Germany, Italy, and Norway. Turkey has bad geography and is a non-player. Only The Peanut Galleries believe that France or Britain would fire at Russia. If America had footing; its carrier groups would not exist.

America is now threatening sanctions against North Korea. What does that serenade confirm.

China is patrolling The South China Sea with Nuclear Bombers. Russia continues its Nuclear Bomber patrols of America. It appears that MSM was just fed the news about Alaska. The herds will need medication for psychotic episodes if they are told the full story. And none of this is new ‘news’. It just seems appropriate in yet another beat up to WWIII.

Don’t tell The Peanut Galleries; but Russia’s TUs are all over the billion dollar B1s and B2s.

Great work Tex and Rex. Sure … US intel is the world’s best. Would The CIA lie to you. If South Korea or Japan launch fighters, they need to ask Chinese permission, do the job and return immediately. China will be in the air at the same time. And probably have bombers at over 70,000 feet circling South Korea and Japan.

Russia remains on footing. Partly to quell the internal Zhirinovsky and hawk uprising; caused by the Shayrat strike. The biggest error of The American Act of War in Syria, was it distancing from Russia. America needs Putin Russia for many reasons.

Disregard the ill informed flatulence from Australian PM Abbott (the shirtfront boy), and Schwarzenegger (get his hands on Putin). The former could be asked why he commissioned Fugro to search off South West Australia for MH-370. Between the two most stratigec American communications facilities in the world. And the latter could be asked about his ‘diet’ and fun times with immigrants.

North Korea neither wants South Korea nor Japan. On 27th. July 2017; we can celebrate 54 years since America in its great political wisdom, military prowess, and emerging notions of hegemony; created North Korea. Looking at America’s performance in the interim; nothing has changed.

To repeat the comments in The Duma; as Rex was flying to Moscow to meet The Boss and say sorry; America has not won any war it has prosecuted since WWII. Think about it before you jump.

The Asia-Pacific Theatre of WWII was determined by an exhausted Japan. America testing its new atomic toys did not have a bearing, apart from the genocide value. Study the body count. America knew.

Then not only did Syria turn to the proverbial; but the attempted face saver in Afghanistan had things coming out of the bottle, best left contained. Then the face saver for the failed face saver of North Korea, has poor old Mike on his bike, doing a quick tour of the colonies to convince the sucklings, that it’s all just an illusion, and America has not gone Third World since the middle of last year. The last month did not really happen, and Hillary was not really standing for the top job.

Lucky the Operation Paperclip fellows took the A-Bomb from Germany to America. The European Theatre was won by Russia, with the amazing capacity of its people to survive. A repeated historic fact from 882.

Military and Politicians are only as good as the intel they receive. America received bad intel for Syria; because America works for its major intel agencies; not the reverse.

There are 17 main intelligence agencies in America. They have many subdivisions. Most don’t talk to each other. There are three main divisions of CIA, and they are at war with each other.

The main agencies are; DNI, CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI, State, Treasury, DIA, Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, Marine Intelligence, Coast Guard Intelligence, Energy, National Reconnaissance Office, DEA, and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

There are  over 1,270 Government Organisations, and over 1,930 Private Companies working for the federal government on issues of domestic and international intelligence, in over 10,000 locations, with over 850,000 people known to hold security clearances.

There are over 150 secret programs run by The Pentagon, not known to The White House. Rumsfeld’s lost budget numbers are part of that. Rumsfeld was the youngest, then the oldest Secretary of Defence. And he never worked it out.

If Trump, Tillerson, Mattis, Sessions, and Pompeo, think they are going to be fully informed; they can go back to sleep. Even Comey and Rogers fly on what they are fed. And bringng in the old hands, will not advance the situation. They owe an allegiance to a higher ethic than transient political manifestations.

Obama changed The National Defence Authorisation Act; with Congressional approval; for The President to wage secret wars.

Reagan began The Directorate of National Intelligence in 1981 by Executive Order 12333, to oversee The NSA and The CIA. To overthrow the former, but not control the latter. There has been an ongoing war between NSA and CIA. The former is a military intel organisation with military directors and answering to The Pentagon. The CIA claiming it is the only body that has a responsibility for international intelligence.

During The Obama Era; Brennan was CIA Director, Comey was FBI Director, and Clapper was DNI. Obama expanded The NDAA to include American citizens as ‘Warfare Combatants’. He just forgot to tell everyone. Which allowed NSA to monitor as it wants, and CIA to label anyone or any entity as an ‘International Security Threat’, without evidence.

It was closet Trilateralist founding member (with David Rockefeller; Australia immediately signed up); Jimmy Carter; who instigated The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. The FISA Court that evolved has a history to make any Totalitarian Dictatorship proud.

Since CIA through Snowden, made certain matters known; NSA has its PR running to make it appear civilised and essential. It is neither. Gowdy gave a diatribe to Comey and Rogers in support of FISA. Now that confirms the question about Gowdy.

Chaffez has decided not to run for a sixth term in 2018. The Congressional Oversight Committee can return to its business of ‘Oversight’. There were complaints that Congressional subpoenas were too harsh. They should be printed on soft paper, to facilitate their practical use; as against the theories.

Clapper became a propaganda machine without an interest in legitimate intel. He repeatedly lied to Congress on matters of Domestic Surveillance. He was former COO of Detica and worked for SRA, Booz Allen Hamilton, GeoEye, and BAE. He couldn’t work out that the story be created about Trump’s Russian electoral connections was fake; even though he invented it for Obama, and was in control of an intel budget of $75 billion.

Comey (CIA op.) was Senior VP of Lockheed Martin. Which claims losses of trillions of dollars. The comedy scripts never end. He was general counsel for (CIA) Bridgewater Associates and a board member of HSBC (CIA owned bank) and HSBC Holdings (a CIA depository for looted gold reserves). He protected and protects The Bush-Clinton-Obama Consortium. He was special counsel to The Senate Whitewater Committee. He was prosecutor in The Khobar Towers Bombing.

He was lead investigator in The Clinton Pardon of Mark Rich, the investigation of The Credit Swisse First Boston foreign exchange frauds, The Domestic Surveillance by The NSA, The HSBC Holdings Money Laundering   and Terrorisn Financing Affair, The US Attorney Dismissal Affair, The Hillary Clinton Emails Affair (as FBI Director), The Apple Back Door Hacking Affair, and much more. He also protected The Lockheed Martin money laundering for The GHWB CIA Faction.

A lot of big name activity looks good on a CV. But what were the outcomes.

Lockheed Martin was delivered the contract for the greatest military financial disaster in history; The FA-35. I have written previously about it; and all the current ‘leading edge’ American military junk; that has virtually destroyed America; militarily and financially. The logic of; Planned Obsolescence and Fit for Use.

In The Hillary Clinton Affair; Loretta Lynch was petitioned by Bill Clinton (The Airport Meeting; concerning The Clinton Foundation and Hillary when de facto Secretary of State). Although the reverse has been presented as an obfuscation; Lynch took orders from Comey. The confetti immunities in The Hillary Clinton Affair were on Comey’s instructions.

And of course; it seems de rigueur that everyone lies in Congressional Hearings. Or they can ridiculously take The 5th., or they can’t recall, or it was someone else’s responsibility, or that’s the way we’ve always done it, or we’re doing our best to answer that subpoena, or we can’t find what you need, or it’s a National Security issue that can only be discussed in private session.

As Reagan had said; The most frightening words are; “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

And the great Grace Hopper offered; “It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”

Brennan was Director of CIA, Deputy Director of NSA and advisor to DHS, Station Chief in Saudi Arabia, Director of The National Counter-Terrorism Centre (created for him by Obama when The Senate would not confirm him, due to his holding NSA blackmail files on all The Senate), worked for Analysis Corporation (Intel Network), Chairman of The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (ex intel ops), lead intel officer for Global Strategies Group, Global Intel, and GTEC. Eventually; during his time as CIA Director; drone strikes increased, US Senators were hacked, and The CIA moved more aggressively into the torture business.

Syria reached into total chaos during The Obama Era. One of the reasons a Regime Change was chased was because Syria would not allow an American pipeline from Iraq to The Mediterranean.

One of the main IS factions is mercenary combatants, funded by Obama, and who are not Muslim. There are also the main CIA factions in Syria fighting each other. The Old Guard, has trained, funded and supplied Kurd rebels (Peshmerga). The GHWB CIA Faction, has trained, funded, and supplied Syrian rebels. The Central CIA Faction, has trained, funded, and supplied its own forces. All three are in Syria fighting Pentagon forces. Previously the three CIA factions were fighting each other outside Aleppo.

America is fighting a war of attrition against itself, as Russia, China, Syria, and the informed of the world, watch in amazement. The Terrorist Narrative invented by America is extraordinary. It compounds the real IS situation; as I write.

The unending disaster that America created in Iraq from 1990 has flowed across the border to Syria. The MSM rolling narrative concerning Assad, sucked in by the thinking and allied clueless, is absurd. The hostilities were begun by GHWB in Iraq in 1990. The 1991 Iraq War was the ‘legalising’ of what was already afoot. America was conducting operations in Vietnam from 1950.

As the idiocy of Syria was leaking into MSM; Obama had Clapper invent intel to distract the focus on Syria. This included; The Trump Russian Contact and Election Hacking Affair, and The DHS Hacking Voter Databases Affair.

The GHWB CIA is anti-American, and is concerned that Trump is anti-CIA. It ran a fake campaign against Trump. There was no Russian hacking. As I wrote; false intel files were produced and fed into the system. Efforts commenced to derail his election, failed. The story that The Trump Files were either delivered by SIS or SIS concurred with CIA; is a lie. The entire invention is owned by GHWB CIA.

Trump is fully aware he may be assassinated. He has been purging The Secret Service. An attempt has already been made. He was not injured. He does not use The White House, even as his office. He stage runs through it.

Efforts had been put forward by; Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, Bohemian Grove, and The CFR. All being Globalists and continuous war inventors. One of the main reasons GHWB CIA murdered JFK was; he was preparing to dismantle CIA. He was not listening when the factional divisions were explained to him. He could have worked them, at that time.

GHWB CIA apparatus now function CFR. Which in turn still owns State and part of The Pentagon. Leo Wanta and George Soros are functionaries. The latter operates State’s front armies. And both have been involved in monumental currency and market frauds. Including The GBP Attack and The Five Tigers Attack. At the time of the latter in early 1997; I was advisor on defensive actions to a particular Thai consortium.

JFK also intended to close The Fed (privately owned and not a government department). He had already issued $4.5 billion cash in Federal Notes through The Treasury (withdrawn from circulation by LBJ). He did not piece The Fed to The CIA. He wanted out of the evolving Vietnam War. But again did not make the CIA connection.

The Fed being privately owned was again confirmed when Alan Grayson was questioning Elizabeth Coleman (Fed Inspector General), in Congressional Hearings.

America lost The Cuban Missile Crisis. I have written about this. The reality is; America was forced to withdraw its missiles from Turkey, in exchange for Russia withdrawing from Cuba. America withdrew. But Russia remained in Cuba and established bases at Santa Clara and Lourdes. Remaining to this day.

Guantanamo Bay (Camp Delta, Camp X-Ray) are American stupidities turned to ‘Foreign’ military bases for nefarious activities. America had agreed to pack off out of Cuba in 1998. After a century of occupation following The USS Maine False Flag. The Batista Affair of 1953-59 is a separate issue.

Prior to his death; Robert McNamara admitted that America did not know that Russia had missiles in Cuba; until Russia showed them.

JFK was also blamed by CIA for the Berlin disaster and American embarrassment, through demonstrated impotence. The Bay of Pigs was just one event. But The Oder-Neisse was a standing agreement to prevent The Bear having lunch in Paris and dinner in London.

The assassination attempt on Reagan was from GHWB CIA. It would have moved GHWB to The Presidency.

The Vulcans is a ‘secret’ top level GHWB CIA body. Its membership has included; Heinz Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR), Brent Scowcroft (Iran-Contra), James Baker, Lloyd Bentsen, Richard Armatage (Golden Triangle), Richard Perle (The Prince of Darkness), Colin Powell, Frank Carlucci (Carlyle), and all the senior cabinet members of The; GHWB, Clinton, GWB, and Obama Administrations. The two political parties, were becoming one.

In addition to everything else; NSA is at war with CIA. It began when CIA discovered that all Cisco routers and servers have an NSA backdoor. The NSA was spying on The CIA. Cisco is owned by DARPA, which controlled 100% of internet traffic up to 1998.

The process was then expanded to Intel Processors, I-Phones, Microsoft Software, Google, social media platforms, In-Q-Tel, Saic, and Highlands Forum. America will choke on its data gathering. Some 10,000 people work under the black NSA HQ, at Fort Meade, who are not visible.

I have previously written that Assange and Snowden are not as perceived by the herds. They are permitted and fed conduits. Or you would never have known their names. Isn’t Hollywood great. Assange’s Juliette Balcony appearance at his Ecuadorian house arrest enclave is memorable. Billy Wilder couldn’t have written a better comedy scene. At least he had someone to talk to; SIS Andrea Davidson (already uncovered). What a hero.

Ops and assets; however deep or known; can be taken out anywhere in the world. A number of well recorded MSM events by NKVD-KGB-SVR-GRU occurred in London alone. Berezovsky did not commit suicide.

And for that matter; neither did David Kelly nor Robin Cook. Albeit unrelated to Russian intel. A spate of Banker and Broker ‘suicides’ however; did have a distinct CIA aroma.

The services have such great imaginations. Litvinenko with Polonium-210, Markov with Ricin, Yushchenko with TCDD Dioxin (Agent Orange). Some victims even survive. And there is an interesting story behind each.

All American intel agencies have deep cover assets in all American government departments. Snowden did not have access to the files he released. CIA gave him the stolen NSA documents. The movie is not accurate. CIA was not able to gain the NSA control it wanted. However; CIA infiltrated and backdored; DARPA, In-Q-Tel, and Saic.

And for that matter: Margin Call did not correctly depict The Lehmans Affair; The Big Short did not correctly depict The Mezzanine GFC Affair; and Spotlight did not correctly depict the ‘Religious’ of The Catholic Church, during their high renaissance of paedophilia.

The true histories of St.John Bosco and St.Dominic Savio; are very interesting.

It was variously agreed that the Catholic  molesters would be ‘counselled’. So out trot the Psychologists. You know who they are; they were asking you if you wanted to upsize at McDonald’s the year before.

As it wasn’t an issue of damage to children; it had to be an adjustment for the offenders. So all that was required was explaining to the offenders that there was actually no ‘gratification’. They understood that. The Church moved them on. And it was molestation as usual. And the Industry of Junk Psychology just kept on growing. An all round success story.

Carl Levin in his time, was incorrectly depicted as an Israeli stooge. To his credit he exposed Fuld’s $480 million payment to himself before he pulled the plug on Lehmans. And he exposed Blankfein’s ‘shitty deals’ to Goldmans clients. In passing: Goldmans is a Federal Reserve ‘owner’. There are some 240. Obama and Turnbull are Goldmanites.

NSA had discovered the three internal CIA factions. There was a CIA concern that NSA would expose aspects of The CIA Black Economy.

At a recent Congressional Hearing; Gowdy droning on as the mawkish sycophant he is; had FBI Director Comey (CIA) sitting with NSA Director Rogers. The CIA did not front. Even Trump’s Pompeo is caught in the factionalism.

There are major intel wars raging also in areas of; currency, precious metals, bonds, and stocks.They involve; money laundering, inside trading, market manipulations, looting, fraud, narcotics, and weapons sales. Murders, suicides and criminalising, are part of the personal aspect, as are False Flags, Civil Wars, and destabilising nation states.

A lot happened on 9/11, and a lot of people were involved. It was more than a Policy Coup for further herd submissiveness. ‘False Flags are propaganda, creating narratives for perception management’.

Two mini-nukes were constructed each in Towers 1 and 2 elevator shafts. Building 7 had been fitted for controlled demolition. Teams of shooters worked through certain floors of Towers 1 and 2 and Building 7. Preplanted  explosives and incendiary devices were remotely detonated.

The day was planned as a Military Drill concerning a plane striking a highrise building in New York City, and a plane aimed at The White House, to be shot down at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. GWB, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, were only aware of the drill, prior to the event. GWB was aware of certain ongoing financial aspects. But did not link them.

There was no plane at Shanksville. A rocket was fired into The Pentagon. CIA Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden) died before the fictious Seal Team 6 capture and ‘burial’ off The USS Vinson (the current Korean Peninsular Affair). The present postured Seal Team 6, is not The bin Laden Team. They were all terminated. The footage of the alleged capture, was an old training video.

The Towers were initially constructed with sprayed asbestos cladding to the 64th. floor. The 7 buildings were to be demolished. The New York and New Jersey Port Authority was pleased when Larry Silverstein; with great financial backing; walked in the door to sign a lease.

His new building was free of charge, courtesy of an absurd insurance payout. The demolition and site clearance, was also free of charge.

The North Tower was tenanted in December 1970. The South Tower in January 1972. The other five buildings followed. Asbestos was banned in New York City in the early 1970s.

Wesley Kanne Clark Snr. delivered his; ‘Seven countries in Five Years’ mantra that has now passed. But the legacy remains. As early as the late 1970s I remember attending meetings at Melbourne University, where we were advised by American ‘representatives’, that America’s agenda of world hegemony, would succeed.

The Seven Countries Thesis involved; Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, and Lebanon. Trump’s Muslim ban concerned; Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, and Yemen.

The Obama NDAA and Executive Orders, consolidated Presidential Powers, allowing the bombing of sovereign nations without Congressional approval.

As an aside: The Islamic State Territories, closely resemble that of The Greater Israel; as depicted on the letter heading of The Bank of Israel, and the 10 Agarot Coin.

There were many financial activities surrounding 9/11. Project Hammer; in particular; began 10 years prior. The records of; Marsh and McLennon, Euro Brokers, and Cantor Fitzgerald, were destroyed on the day with $240 billion worth of American Bearer 10 Year Treasury Bonds, allegedly unable to be cleared and settled.

Project Hammer was created by Reagan’s CIA Director Willian Casey. VP GHWB was appointed manager. It was staffed by CIA apparatus.

‘Communism’; which had been funded throughout by the usual suspect international banking cartels; had lost control of their creation. As later with ‘Terrorism’.

Cantor Firzgerald, Marsh and MacLennon, Euro Brokers, and Garban Intercapital had the files that would expose Project Hammer and much more. Explosive devices were planted on the floors under Cantor Fitzgerald, The FBI and Garban Intercapital. Incendiary fires ran through a number of floors. There was an explosion in The North Tower basement. A vault there had held $1 billion in gold. It was moved before 9/11. There was a theft; but not as generally believed.

The Federal Reserve assumed Emergency Powers. The $240 billion in securities were electronically cleared, and the funds disappeared.

Nine federal investigations concerning money laundering, fraud, inside trading, and market rigging, over the previous decade, had begun in 1997-98.

Osama bin Laden (CIA) had conveniently issued a Fatwa. Nineteen alleged terrorist pilots and hijackers were ‘identified’. One even had his passport found on the ground.

Building 7 freefall collapsed some hours later. It had been vacated earlier due to the sighting of dead bodies and fires in the building.

Information that may have exposed The Black Eagle Trust, was destroyed. The $240 billion was to have been cleared and settled on 12/9/2001.

9/11 was a day of scheduled War Games concerning The White House, and highrise buildings in New York City. Another reason why Cheney behaved as he did in the bunker, and the fighters flew from Andrews and not McChord or Fairchild, and at half speed. Norad was also ‘silent’.

The Office of Naval Intelligence was conducting investigations in The Pentagon section struck by the rocket on 9/11. It was The Navy Command Centre, offices of The Chief of Naval Operations, Intelligence. 125 personnel were killed. Including 39 from ONI investigating Pentagon accounts.

On 10/9/2001, Rumsfeld couldn’t account for $2.3 trillion. The Pentagon has been purposely complexed with incompatible and inaccessible accounting systems.

Dov Zakheim (CIA Vulcan) at the time, was Chief Financial Officer for The Department of Defence. In 1993 he worked for SPS International; a subsidiary of System Planning Corporation; a defence contractor. A further subsidiary; Tridata Corporation directed the investigation of The 1993 WTC ‘Terrorist’ Attack.

9/11 was well known in advance. Massive Put Options; totally out of context to normal daily trading patterns were placed against United Airlines, continuously in the three days prior to 9/11. They were primarily placed through Alex Brown, and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, through The Chicago Exchange, running at 100 times the average volume.


To function an intelligence service; particularly internationally; takes massive amounts of resources and financial assets. Much more than can be understood by general populations, or even by their political representatives.

The latter more inclined to try and find some versions of reality, through idiotic reports, toying with financial appropriations, or appointing some clueless, to allegedly run the operation.

Intel services need massive, secured, unknown, and untouchable resources. They can’t be continually rebuilt following spasms of populist, ideological, political incantations.

In America: The OSS went through a series of political fiddlings, including the SSU and CIG, before it settled as The CIA (NSC, OPC, OSO, OCB); when Truman was finally blackmailed into compliance on 27/6/1947.

It was the massive hidden resources that allowed CIA to continue functioning, despite Truman’s attempts to block it after OSS. The same would have been true for JFK. Murdering him was a gratuitous act of savagery. They did, because they could. Similarly; Trump needs to rationalise. He isn’t closing anything. And attempting to play one service against another; just causes internal wars. As are currently raging.

American political and govermental classes, trying to understand; let alone control CIA; have generated Inspectors General, Oversight Committees, Liaison Officers, Hearings, and libraries of paper including; The Park and Lovett Reports, The George Kennan Telegram, The Dulles Briefing, The 1947 National Security Act, The 1948 Dulles Report, The 1949 CIA Act, The 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act, The Melby Report, The 1953  Internal Report, The 1996 Congressional Report, The 53/54 Kellis Report, and The Doolittle, Killian, Bruce, Taylor, and Kirkpatrick Reports, and on and on.

Humint has always been paramount. Cyber intel is what you have from NSA. In real terms it’s a grossly expensive, voluminous, choking, stupidity. But NSA is not involved in Social Media as believed. It’s true portfolio is The Economic Wars.

Intel is not Ian Fleming; but closer to John le Carre, Our Man in Havana and, the non-dramatised, Glienecki Bridge Incident. The world of Minox and hundreds of unknown; non celebrities; who were variously killed, while doing what they believed was right. The Cold War Era that shaped The World.

The Second Sino-Japanese War ran from 18/9/1931 (officially from 7/7/1937) to 9/9/1945. There were many battles. Japan savaged everywhere it walked. After the defeat of Japan (WWII), The Chinese Civil War continued.

From the WWII settlements; China regained all its territories lost after The 1895 Treaty of Shimonoseki. Some of which are still causing MSM induced mental aberrations for the ill informed.

After WWII; Germany paid $45 billion in reparations. And continues to pay. Japan paid $3 billion. Hirohito who forged the savagery; was portrayed as a blameless dupe. Germany ravaged and looted Europe, and was brought to disgourge much of what was ‘found’. Nothing was found in Japan. Yet Japan looted a thousand years of treasure, history, and personal belongings.

The post war trials of Germany were well recorded. Those of Japan were mostly hidden; or never occurred. Nobosuki Kishi; found guilty of war crimes, became Prime Minister of Japan (25/2/1957 – 19/7/1960). But then; The Rat Lines and Operation Paperclip; were used to move Nazis to; The Vatican, The US, and South America.

During the 1937- 1945 period; little known General Tomoyuki Yamashita and Prince Tsuneyoshi Takeda were commissioned by Hirohito to loot everywhere The Japanese forces passed. Japan plundered; China, Burma, Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia; from museums, religious building, to homes, to jewellery ripped off individuals as they were herded past.

Some was sent dutifully back to Hirohito. But mostly the gold and platinum was smeltered and stacked in over 100 underground caverns in The Philippines. The trove was The Golden Lily.

The OSS-CIA had found a number of those underground vaults. It further looted; post-war German caches, and looted, Spain, China, France, Russia, Japan, Iraq, Libya and, Ukraine.

The GHWB CIA Vulcans looted all the republics that became independent after the breakup of The USSR.

The Golden Lily; as it was added to and fought over by the three main CIA factions became; The Black Eagle Trust, The Black Budget, The M-Fund, The Yotsuya Fund and, many other names; as it was dispensed through hundreds of banks throughout the world. Currency wars, market wars, banking wars, cyber wars, drug wars and, terrorism, were offshoots.

The CIA operates over 3,000 entities. It infiltrated The US Treasury and The Economic Stabilisation Fund. It is involved in the world central bank scam, to strip assets and plunder wherever it can. It has been involved in virtually every activity; blackmail, sex, drugs, weapons.

The CFR is now owned by The CIA. The histories of Leo Wanta and George Soros need to be studied to be believed.

Edward Lansdale, Robert Anderson, and  Douglas MacArthur, found some 12 of The Philippines caches and looted Japan. Marcos had found some caches in 1965. A narrative concerning gold mining in The Philippines was floated. Golden Lily operated externally from Singapore and Manila.

The OSS then The CIA Black Economy being used to fund virtually every CIA activity since WWII. Including aspects of The Vietnam War and the current Mid-East destabilising. It has also been used to fund civil wars, rig elections, and buy politicians and government officials.

Marcos was a CIA asset and had access to Golden Lily. Osama bin Laden (code Tim Osman), Che Guevara (code Ernie Lynch), and Tim McVeigh, were CIA assets.

Marcos alone; traded some $1 trillion through Australian and New Zealand banks. One of his former managers is a personal friend, and lives in Sydney. The intel communities of Australia and New Zealand were also involved.

In July 1944, at Bretton Woods, it was agreed that some (that was made known) of Black Eagle, would be used to manage a World Economy. The management was headed by Henry Stimson and John McCloy. The latter becoming President of The World Bank in 1947- 1949, following the first president Eugene Meyer in 1946. Meyer of Washington Post fame and infamy.

Stimson and McCloy were followed by Robert Lovett and Robert Anderson. The latter then managing The Commercial Bank of Anguilla in British West Indies, and exposed in massive frauds.

1945-1947, movements of gold and platinum were placed in bank depositories around the world. The reserves of Fort Knox were looted dry. The banking city below Kloten in Switzerland; was a favourite to this day. The Gnomes of Zurich could be trusted.

Elections in; Italy, Greece; Japan, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, and The Caribbean, were manipulated. Coups and Civil Wars were and are being funded. Several Australian Prime Ministers were bought or blackmailed.

Stimson and McCloy ‘retired’ from the American government, but continued working for Black Eagle.

Anyone breaching trust was gaoled or killed. Hundreds of intel operatives and assets were murdered. Three deaths involved the outspoken; Smedley Butler, James Forrestal and George Patton.

In August 1991, The KGB Coup removed the American asset Gorbachev; exhiled in America and currently drivelling about Putin. In June 1991, a further American asset; Yeltsin; visited Gerald Corrigan; Chairman of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It was to The New York Fed that the looted assets of; The Soviet Union, Iraq, Libya, The Ukraine, and many other nations, were sent. Japan was a separate issue.

The OSS in Europe through Allen Dulles (accomplice to The JFK Murder) was accessing Black Eagle funds. Casey had worked on The Board of Economic Warfare. John Foster Dulles (accomplice to The JFK Murder) being CIA Director 1953-1961, was a partner in Sullivan and Cromwell; fronting for The Rockefellers.

The Texas Savings and Loans banks were looted by GHWB CIA. A complex affair with the usual suspects involved. GHWB as President, bailed them out for some $132 billion. The American tax payers paid those who robbed the banks.

The GHWB CIA Vulcans were disbanded by Central CIA. They were reformed by GWB under The Council on Foreign Relations managed by Condoleezza Rice in 2000. She merged various disparate groups in 2006, delivering the disaster termed IS.

She had been Soviet and East European Affairs NSC Advisor, under GHWB, during the break up of The Soviet Union and The German Reunification of 1990.

Vulcan operatives included; Richard Armitage; Robert Blackwell, Stephen Hadley, Richard Perle, Dov Zakheim, Robert Zoelik, Paul Wolfowitz. Dick Cheney, George Schultz, and Colin Powell.

Armitage was exposed as managing The Golden Triangle heroin operations. In an internal dispute; GWB uncovered his wife Valerie Plame Wilson as a CIA cover operative. Perle and Wolfowitz were exposed as Israeli double agents. But who cares; Israel is an ally.

The Project for a New American Century, was established in 1997. The agenda was to work for American Global Leadership (Hegemony) at any cost. The first chairman was William Kristol. The son of CFR Irving Kristol. The backing of the Neo-Con factions, promoting the ideologies of Max Shachtman and Leo Strauss. Much as CFR Zbigniew Brzezinski promoted the ideologies of Halford Mackinder into the massively failed Ukrainian Affair of 2014.

The co-founder with William Kristol, was CFR Robert Kagan. The husband of State Department, Victoria Nuland (Nudelman). The architect of the destabising, Civil War, and Soros front army slaughters in Ukraine from 2014.

The democratically elected government of the independent state of The Ukraine of Yanukovych and Turchynov (24/2/2014); was removed under American intervention and occupation (7/6/2014) and replaced by the American puppets of Poroshenko and Yatsenuk. The latter having passed on the order (unreleased SVR-GRU hack) to shoot down MH-17, having since resigned. Poroshenko is currently embroiled in corruptions.

The hacked and released phone conversations between; Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt (7/2/2014), and; Catherine Ashton and Urmas Paet (5/3/2014); confirm the reality of America in The Ukraine.

Kagan was also co-founder with John Podhoretz of The Weekly Standard on 17/9/1995. Funded by Rupert Murdoch until August 2009. It was edited by William Kristol and Fred Barnes. Its agenda being to promote war in The Middle East.

Kristol was also trustee of The Manhattan Institute; founded by CIA Casey and staffed by CIA apparatus.

In September, 1991; GHWB and Alan Greenspan (members of The Pilgrim Society), floated the $240 billion in fake US 10 year Treasury Bonds (Project Hammer). The objective was to manipulate The Soviet Union out of its oil and gas reserves, and to pass the
control to the usual suspect Western Investors.

Under Black Eagle Trust funding; the KGB coup; brought Putin to power; but he then purged The Oligarchs and cleared the decks.

As with the political activities of The Catholic Church; the re-emerged power base of The Russian Orthodox Church, is very substantial and not generally understood.

BP paid $500 million for 10% of Sidanko in 1997. The latter then being sold to Tyumen (established in 1995) in 1999. In October 1998 Halliburton Energy Services (CIA operation) partnered with Tyumen to develop the West Siberian Fields.

In 2002 Halliburton partnered with Sibneft. In 2003 Tyumen partnered with BP to form TNK-BP. A privately owned oil company. It then merged with Alfa Access, Renova Group, and Slavneft.

The consortium was managed by Vladimir Lechtman a partner in Moscow lawyers; Jones Day. TNK-BP employs over 100,000 in Samotlor alone.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky managed Yukos after buying it for $168 million; through his privately owned Bank Menatep (bought in 1995). Originally formed in 1917, at the changeover from The Tsarist to Western sponsored Totalitarian Era; it was bankrupted in 1998. It was involved in the looting of Soviet Treasury funds in 1991, which were passed on to the usual suspects.

The Russian Government seized Yukos, and passed it to Rosneft for liquidation. Its assets were sold for $28 billion.

When Khodorkovsky departed; documents were presented confirming Jacob Rothschild owned 26% of Yukos and was entitled to a board seat. Rothschild appointed Edgar Ortiz. Rothschild’s $50 million or so initial investment, returned some $5 billion or so.

A similar situation presented itself with The Shootdown of MH-370. The patents then belonged to Club Rothschild. They had already been breached. And that would have been known when the Freescale executives attended the conference in China. As I wrote at the time; MH-370 was shot down at the coordinates it disappeared off commercial tracking. All other is conspiracy frogshit.

Your travel card has a miniature chip. Your travel is owned by Cubic; from American military industrial complex fame. Your state government who sold you out for short term balance sheet gains to cover their ‘expert’ government stupidities; guarantees the investment and return.

It might appear rather inefficient when you press the card to the reader. But that’s because the reader is designed to feed you that impression. That card and most of what you hold in your wallet, can be read from 10 meters.

Ortiz was Halliburton Vice President under Cheney as President and CEO. Halliburton is also partnered with Socal. In November 1997, Cheney appointed Ortiz as President of Halliburton Energy Services.

Remnants of Youkos was merged with Sibneft on 3/10/2003.

In 1980 an entity called The Enterprise was established. It worked with Halliburton, Citibank (Rockefellers), and CIA fronts; Nugan Hand, and BCCI.

Alvin Krongard was CEO of Alexander Brown and Sons in 1997. It was merged and became BT Alex Brown, with Krongard as Vice Chairman of BT. The client base he brought to BT concerned massive drug cartel money laundering. Krongard was a CIA operative, working with CIA Director George Tenet.

Deutsche, Alex Brown, The US Treasury, The Federal Reserve, Citibank, and Chase; had been involved with manipulating The Gold Market. Barrack Gold being specialised in laudering looted gold. The Brady Durham Bond Affair was not as purported.

On 16/3/2001; Krongard was appointed Executive Director of The CIA; Chief Operations Officer and third in line. He arranged for Erik Prince’s private army; Blackwater; to receive government contracts. Blackwater was bought by Monsanto; and rebadged as Academi. It operates in the poppy fields of Afghanistan; since the withdrawal of Australian and New Zealand forces. Krongard joined the board of Academi.

The Deutsche Bank computer system was externally seized and all files uploaded to an external location, just prior to the alleged plane strike of 9/11.

Alex Brown and Deutsche were heavily inside trading securities markets. Carl Levin; named 20 banks involved in large scale money laundering.

GHWB CIA was also involved in other issues of fake US Treasury Bonds run through Riggs Bank, Velment Bank, and Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital. Which managed the laudering of the lootings from the former USSR. In turn managed by Vulcan Heinz Kissinger.

Halliburton in a consortium of some 400 other entities, control a significant aspect of America’s entaglement in; warfare, defence, and security. Hillary was used to draw hundreds of millions of dollars from some 120 major ‘donors’.

The Patriot Act, The NDAA, and the operations of The DEA and The DHS, and very much more, are not as purported.

The Golden Lily was the dagger that killed America.m

Why Are Mega Banks Buying Up The Water?

Thanks to Saru G at for the heads up.

Water is rapidly becoming the new oil:

Assange Arrest A Priority Says US

David Smith in Washington
Julian Assange’s lawyer said he had not been told anything about charges against his client.

The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now a “priority” for the US, attorney general Jeff Sessions has said.

Hours later it was reported by CNN that authorities have prepared charges against Assange, who is currently holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Donald Trump lavished praise on the anti-secrecy website during the presidential election campaign – “I love WikiLeaks,” he once told a rally – but his administration has struck a different tone.

Asked whether it was a priority for the justice department to arrest Assange “once and for all”, Sessions told a press conference in El Paso, Texas on Thursday: “We are going to step up our effort and already are stepping up our efforts on all leaks. This is a matter that’s gone beyond anything I’m aware of. We have professionals that have been in the security business of the United States for many years that are shocked by the number of leaks and some of them are quite serious.”

He added: “So yes, it is a priority. We’ve already begun to step up our efforts and whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail.”

Citing unnamed officials, CNN reported that prosecutors have struggled with whether the Australian is protected from prosecution from the first amendment, but now believe they have found a path forward. A spokesman for the justice department declined to comment.

Barry Pollack, Assange’s lawyer, denied any knowledge of imminent prosecution. “We’ve had no communication with the Department of Justice and they have not indicated to me that they have brought any charges against Mr Assange,” he told CNN. “They’ve been unwilling to have any discussion at all, despite our repeated requests, that they let us know what Mr Assange’s status is in any pending investigations. There’s no reason why Wikileaks should be treated differently from any other publisher.”

US authorities has been investigating Assange and WikiLeaks since at least 2010 when it released, in cooperation with publications including the Guardian, more than a quarter of a million classified cables from US embassies leaked by US army whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

Republican politicians expressed fury at the time, accusing Assange of treason, and Trump himself told an interviewer: “I think it’s disgraceful, I think there should be like death penalty or something.”

All that changed during the election when WikiLeaks published emails acquired via Russian-backed hackers from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Trump and his associates seized on the revelations, citing them with relish during speeches, prompting accusations of cynical opportunism.

Now in power, their attitude seems to have reverted to Republican orthodoxy. In a speech last week in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said: “It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.”

He added: “Julian Assange has no first amendment freedoms. He’s sitting in an embassy in London. He’s not a US citizen.”

But US authorities cannot touch Assange while he remains in the Ecuadorian embassy in Britain, seeking to avoid an arrest warrant on rape allegations in Sweden. Socialist candidate Lenin Moreno, who won the recent election in Ecuador, has promised not to extradite Assange


1958: Mike Wallace Interview With Donald Keyhoe On UFOs And Censorship

For historical interest and reference. Fascinating interview:

Keyhoe was famously cut off during an interview on television in the early 50’s (referenced in this later interview). The UFO research organisation NICAP, which Keyhoe led, had CIA operatives hidden within the ranks, as the Freedom of Information Act has since revealed. The CIA took a keen interest in UFO groups both as a means of psychological manipulation of public perceptions, and as a handy cover for flights of  clandestine air technology, such as the U2 spyplane and various experimental exotic aircraft. In other words, disinformation.

Keyhoe presents himself as a calm, well spoken man with a thoughtful, logical approach to what was at the time, a very new and perplexing phenomenon.