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I wake up and check my favorite source for public opinion, Technorati and what do I see? Well below the iPod, Apple, and Barbara Bush phrases, Impeach Bush. Well there were a few terms other than those, but it came in in the top 10!

Impeach Bush

I know that these searches, like the blogs that they lead to are mostly just people out there that are dissatisfied. According to Gallup Polls, that is a vast majority of citizens. Everyone gets their hopes up every time he makes a bad choice, or does something stupid that reveals a vulnerability in the nation’s security, or shows favoritism when providing government funds, or …. on and on and on… Well he stumbles over his words and all of the bloggers get excited and think that maybe this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Maybe this time he has pushed it too far and will be replaced… Let me say, that I have resigned to just wait out the next few years. I don’t think it likely that Bush will be impeached, in fact he will probably be remembered as one of the great presidents. Most presidents that have a war attributed to them look good after 50 years or so.

That said, each of these little mishaps do add weight, and have significance. When the next power hungry politician gets into office, they will undoubtedly be indebted to their constituents, at least for their first term. This should lead to them following more closely along side of public opinion. This public opinion is more easily seen with technology showing the most recent thoughts at any time day or night.

While there is nothing we can do about our current leader, we can continue to make opinions known and think about it next time! Many of the people that disapprove now must of voted for him right? 57% disapproval, but he got some 55% of the popular vote, there is a good deal of room for overlap there yes?

Thing is, politics seemingly has very little to do with the politician. It is decided in the local bars, or factories (back when America made stuff), and offices. The heads of a social groups, i.e. church, family, club, corporation, etc… make up their minds on what is most beneficial to them, then they use their power of persuasion to convince those under them. This isn’t very difficult because the people they are convincing want to belong. They want to be part of the majority. No one wants to be a loser, so they want to back the winning horse. If it seems to the public that Sponge Bob is the popular opinion, they will attach some catchy phrases to him and agree! Then there are the voices of dissent. They will go with the anti-Sponge Bob just to make it known that they are against the popular opinion. This is automatic and below the consciousness of the individual. By the time they cast their vote there are millions of other words in their brain validating their point to themselves and to their social groups that agree with them. These words reverberate among the brains of the individuals and resonate through the social groups. Reinforcing whatever it is they have been told to think.

These groups have been opposing each other most often, much longer than the issues being considered have been in existence. Thus they fall on one side or the other of the issue based on what their group dictates.

So we come to see that the majority of voters don’t really have any idea what they are voting for, or against. They don’t know if they will be further oppressed or freed by the decision they make. They don’t realise that they can suffer based on the results of this decision. They know however that the world will be worse off if their side doesn’t win.

If you don’t know what your voting on, then just don’t vote! Leave it to those that have taken the time to consider the issue. Alas, that wont work either, because again they are are certain that they have considered it and that their way is right.

It is this flawed neediness that allows those willing to manipulate these factors the ability to do so. One of the most blatant examples that comes to mind is George Bush after winning the 2004 election by a very slim margin, claiming that he was given a mandate by the American people. This is partly true. I would of laughed, except for the tears that kept welling up when thinking of my children’s debt, the lives lost, the failing economy, and the blatant unchecked greed that was sure to come about because of an uninformed public’s choice. OK, but back to the mandate. It was a mandate but relying on the public’s inability to use a dictionary, Chaney announced it with an air of complete support. As if this signified that the public supported the ideals of the administration. I suppose that just over half of them did. Some of the groups of people that stood to lose the most; women, minorities, poor, etc… backed Bush the strongest! What the hell? It would seem not that the public agreed with the ideals of the administration but that they instead had no idea what they were.

Enough of this rant, most that are reading this probably already know these things, and the rest would never believe it anyway. Nothing we can do… Keep searching for, “Impeach Bush,” eventually the mainstream news will be forced to make note of it.



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