Update On Grand Juries Investigation White House Crime

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1. Good to hear from you. Yes, I have been offline for 10 days. As a matter of fact, I will pass this reply to you on to a few others to keep everyone up to date, since I have been out of circulation for a fair length of time. My computer crashed just minutes after I started to send email regarding the JFK Jr. story; and I had to get the hard drive repaired, etc…..quite a mess…..phones tapped, phones turned off for 36 hours on four separate occasions in last three weeks….the Department of Defense continuously port-scanning and trying to break into my computer 24/7….still have not sent out any emails on new stories for the last two weeks. The violations of personal rights are a lesson for all to observe–and for what is coming IF criminal administrations are not prosecuted.

2. The JFK Jr. story received at least 20 million hits and counting at my site, so people somehow found and read it around the world. Jeff Rense and David Icke played a major roll in promoting that story around the web since my computer had problems. Those two are great patriots and took on some personal risk like some of us. I was told the CIA in Langley, VA is VERY appreciative of their help in promoting the JFK Jr story. I am still shocked by Delbert’s interviews for that piece and the gravity of it all. It caused a second grand jury to investigate the evidence. Most don’t know the story was finished long before it was released to the public. I had to wait about two weeks to get the approval of some nine witness families who are in physical jeopardy for what they saw and heard regarding the murder plot involving the Bushes and Clintons. But the witnesses know probes are ongoing in multiple states; so “Delbert” gave the final approval as the key source for the story and we went with it. U.S. Intelligence told me Bushes 41, 43, Bill 42, and Sen. Clinton met together in the White House and discussed the story on the evening of the day it was released.

3. The Chicago grand JURY the mainstream sometimes writes about is really at LEAST six or seven grand juries. I know they exist in several states; and I am personally aware of a couple people who have already testified and others who have presented evidence and/or additional grand jury demands to Mr. Fitzgerald. All those grand juries are probing White House(s) past and present–regarding murder, 9/11 and related financial issues at the minimum. The most important story I have ever written is the recent Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 911 finance . The financial issues in that 9-11 related story have the juice to place congressmen and senators in prison. Don’t miss the evidence document links either, as the documents have already been presented and evaluated by one of the grand juries.

4. One caveat. Just as in the past, a few things could stop the wheels of justice from completely turning this time around: little things like bribery, murder, bombings and/or marshal law–all of which are quite possible, given this coterie of criminals. But even then, I have been told that U.S. intelligence is closely monitoring the probes and will go after Fitzgerald if he and the other prosecutors fail to do their job. I have heard that elements of the military and intelligence have refused to obey presidential orders over the past couple weeks. That is astonishing in and of itself.

5. This could be a very interesting fall; and I will be shocked if the President, members of his cabinet, agency officials and some members of Congress have not already inquired about seeking asylum in Australia or another similar English-speaking country to flee potential charges of treason, murder, obstruction of justice and other crimes. I have also been told there is evidence proving the Supreme Court is dirty and their law clerks and one Justice on the Court have already testified against other Justices regarding 2000 election fraud after an attempt to bribe the Justice testifying against other members. Quite incredible stuff. And can you imagine the implications: a five-year fraudulent presidency which sent troops to die and be maimed for life based on lies!

6. The crimes are so great that executions are a distinct possiblity, IF the officials involved are successfully brought to trial. The stakes are high and powerful officials will attempt anything to avoid justice–even destroying U.S. cities. In the wake of my JFK Jr. story, there are now grand juries in separate states probing information and evaluating evidence. I have sat with my mouth wide open while listening to other stories which are widespread among the intelligence community. I have been told that 60% of the intelligence community is ready to see the administration removed from office and fully prosecuted, 10% are too timid to take sides and the other 30% are loyal to the administration.

7. So, it’s a very difficult situation for the country. But think of the example which could be set for the rest of the world if three presidents and a senator were severely punished for their crimes against America. The cleansing would be dramatic; and it would open the way for prosecution against the media and Congress for ongoing obstruction of justice with accompanying prison terms.

There you have it: my current–albeit short–take on the grand juries no one wants to talk about, and with the fall just about upon us. But God is in control of what happens to America. This all goes back to events surrounding our forefathers at the outset of U.S. independence. And remember, French sons who helped America in the past are buried on U.S. soil from 1776, 1812 and very recently–in 2005. The crime has to stop. Period. Thanks to all for your support and to those who bought “Loose Change” 9/11 DVDs to help keep the site up online and pay band-width/website expenses.

For honest government–in our lifetime,

Tom Flocco



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