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The following article relates to US media. However, to a certian degree our local news corporations and government (MeNZB) use the same tactics. [Admin] Ghosts in the Media Machine “State-run media” is a phrase normally reserved for regimes such as North Korea that manipulate and censor all public information. Media […]

Mon Oct 17, 2005 at 07:13:17 AM PDT by LondonYank The Aspens are turning – turning their sights on Iran.  Fake letters.  Fake terrorists.  Fake exile groups.  Fake news.  Real bombs.  Real war.  It’s been accelerating all year.  Our analysis of Plamegate and serial failures in Iraq aren’t slowing them […]


Special Report: The Bird Flu and You Source: Our subscribers have been sending us a steady river of requests for our opinion on the bird flu situation. Although we are not medical experts, among our sources are those who are. And here is what we have been able to […]