United States Issues Further Warning on ‘Impending Internal Crisis’

November 4, 2005

United States Issues Further Warning on ‘Impending Internal Crisis’, President and Top Leaders Leave Country As South American War Fears Grow

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Kremlin Diplomatic sources are reporting today that the United States has issued an additional warning to Russia, China, the EU, and other countries, calling for ‘strict non-interference’ in their internal affairs over what their cables describe as an ‘Impending Internal Crisis’.

This is the second such warning issued by the United States Military Leaders in the past few months, and as we had previously reported on in our August 25th report titled “United States Warns Foreign Governments of ‘Impending’ Internal Crises While Massive American Troop Movements Continue” and which preceded the catastrophic Superstorms of both Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and which today still finds their oil industry almost completely shattered and only running at half capacity as the winter months loom before them.

Russian Intelligence Analysts are further noting that many of the Top Leaders in the United States have made hasty plans to be out of the United States this month.

President Bush and his top National Security aides will be going to China. Their Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, who has recently departed from China, then continues his tour of US Military Bases in Asia and Europe. Secretary of State Rice leaves for a 12 day tour of the Middle East. And the United States former Presidents wife, Hillary Clinton, and who many believe will be the next President of the United States, has scheduled a hasty retreat to Israel.

These reports note that this occurrence of so many of the top leaders of the United States being absent from their country during the same time period is unprecedented, and suggests that the warnings being received from them are due to whatever ‘event’ these American Leaders may be expecting, but is not to our knowing.

Based upon numerous intelligence reports though, the expectations are that the long awaited United States invasion of South America may be set to begin, and to which many of their Nations are preparing for, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled “Venezuelans practice repelling U.S. invasion” and which says:

“Camouflaged soldiers jumped from boats into the surf and waded ashore in a mock assault Thursday, the latest in a series of Venezuelan military exercises preparing for a U.S. invasion that President Hugo Chavez warns could come. Hundreds of men, women and children met the troops on the beach, some shouting “Gringos go home!” and “Freedom!” The soldiers ignored them and hiked into this small fishing town, stone-faced as they spread out and took control. Other Venezuelan troops, playing the part of resistance forces, hid nearby in the mountains that run along the Caribbean coast, ready to attack the invaders. Chavez, who accuses the Bush administration of trying to overthrow him, says close cooperation between the military and civilian defense groups is key to resisting any U.S. attack.”

Russian Military Analysts are also reporting today that the United States Backed Puppet Regime in Peru has been ordered by their United States Military Leaders to ‘provoke a crisis’ with the Nation of Chile as a ‘pretext’ for the intervention of US Military Forces, and to which Peru has accomplished by the breaking of treaties with Chile over territorial rights, and as we can read as reported by the OhmyNews Service in their article titled “Tension Increases Between Peru and Chile” and which says:

“Yet another episode of border disputes between South American countries occurred this week as the Peruvian Congress will vote in favor of adjusting the sea border with Chile. This tense situation is a result of the 1879 “War of the Pacific” where Chile took possession of a large area of territory in the Atacama Desert from Peru and Bolivia. The Chilean army conquered the ports of Arica and Iquique from Peru and Antofagasta from Bolivia, thus leaving this country landlocked. Since then Bolivia has been constantly demanding that Chile review the peace treaty signed in 1929 and thus giving that country a way out to the ocean.

Now the Peruvian Congress has unilaterally decided to pass a law whereby the oceanic limits will be moved further south and therefore not adhering to the 1954 treaty signed by both countries. The Peruvian government has declared that a letter of protest sent by Chile is “unacceptable.” Chile claims that Peru is not abiding by international laws. Peruvian fishing vessels could now try to venture into what are considered Chilean waters escorted by navy ships of that country. Ivan Moreira, a Chilean congressman from the right wing “Alliance for Chile” coalition has stated that “If the Peruvian navy crosses our border, our navy will have to respond.”

Unlike other Nations around the world, many of the South American Nations have not bowed to United States pressure granting their soldiers and Military Leaders protection from War Crimes Trials, but to the Nation most protective of the Nazi’s fleeing Europe after World War II, Paraguay, and which has given the Americans protections against war crimes, many in this region now fear the United States will begin infiltrating their countries from the bases they are now building there, and as we can read as reported by the Periodico News Service in their article titled “[What] is the US up to in Paraguay?” and which says:

“In spite of the US and Paraguayan governments denials about the prolonged presence of US troops in this South American country –allegedly to carry out military manoeuvres there until December 2006– there is much debate about the possibility of Washington establishing a military base in Paraguay. Political analysts agree that conditions for establishing a base –apparently at Mariscal Estigarribia, 250 kilometers from the Bolivian frontier, which would strengthen the US presence on the region–, have been quietly created.

One of the first steps was the granting of diplomatic immunity to the US troops by the Uruguayan Parliament last May which would exonerate soldiers there from being subject to national and international law, should major blunders occur. This privilege – which Brazil and Argentina have not granted to US troops – was kept dark by authorities in Asuncion and only came to light a month later when made public by a Buenos Aires newspaper.

As recompense the US ambassador, Francis Keane, announced financial support for Paraguay to strengthen their fight against corruption and terrorism. Up to now we only know that Paraguay and the US have signed a military agreement for hundreds more marines to enter the country over the next eighteen months. Under this agreement –which can be extended– the first contingents of US troops, planes, arms and military equipment have been arriving there since last July.”

But to the most chilling of all of the reports today comes from Russias FSB [no translation] Bureau, which accurately predicted Britain’s and the United States Global War on Terrorism based upon the esoteric rituals performed by their combined secret cabalistic societies, and to which the mass sacrificial burnings of animals based upon their religious beliefs are always the precursors to their great wars.

The last example of these Western Nations mass animal sacrifices by burning to their ‘gods’ began in 2001 prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks upon the United States and which began this war, and as we can read as reported by the BBC News Service in their February 25, 2001 article titled “Burning begins on disease farms” and which says: “Hundreds of animal carcasses are due to be incinerated on Sunday at farms where foot-and-mouth disease has broken out. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods (Maff) ordered the mass slaughter at farms in Northumberland and Essex, in an attempt to wipe out the disease.”

In the months to follow the night skies of Britain were continually lit by the burning sacrificial fires of tens of thousands of cattle, sheep and goats, ending just prior to the events of September 11, 2001.

This FSB report states that this sacrificing of animals is now beginning again, and as we can read as reported by the CNN News Service in their article titled “Cattle face slaughter to halt disease outbreak” and which says:

“An additional 15,000 heads of cattle will have to be slaughtered to contain an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease that has led a host of nations to ban Brazilian beef imports, health authorities said Thursday. “Our calculations show that at least 17,000 heads of cattle will have to be sacrificed before we can say we are free of the disease,” said Tatiana Danetti, a spokeswoman for the animal health department of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, where the outbreak of the highly contagious disease was first detected in October.”

But not to Brazils fault has been this ‘outbreak’ of disease, but rather to the United States backed Nazi Protecting Nation of Paraguay has this been done, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service in their October 18th article titled “Brazil Blames Paraguay Cattle For Foot-And-Mouth Outbreak” and which says, “Health authorities on Tuesday blamed cattle smuggled in from Paraguay for the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease that has led a host of nations to ban Brazilian beef imports and forced the slaughter of nearly 5,000 head of cattle.”

A fuller understanding of these most bizarre events being described by this FSB report lie in one of the most openly hidden secret societies existing in the world today, and which unlike Russia where no political or military person is able to belong to such secret organizations as these, in the United States and European Union almost all of their leaders do, and as we can read as reported by the American dissident Info Wars News Service in their article titled “The Bizarre Occult Rituals of the Global Elite” and which says:

“Last July, documentary filmmaker Alex Jones infiltrated Bohemian Grove, becoming the first person to capture the bizarre occult activities of the all-male elite club membership on videotape. This footage recently aired in England, Ireland and Scotland on UK Channel Four as Part Three of a four-part special: The Secret Rulers of the World. Alex Jones was inside the 2,700 acre elite compound for over five hours, and states, “Thank God I caught the whole thing on videotape because no one would believe me if I hadn’t. I have trouble believing what I witnessed with my own two eyes. It was actually that bizarre.” For over 128 years, world leaders have traveled to Sonoma County California in the month of July. Almost immediately, bizarre rumors began to circulate in the local press that something dark and occult was going on. The rumors entailed dark stories of men in black and red robes and a giant 40-foot stone owl, to which something, or someone was being sacrificed.”

To the ancient sacrificial rights to the ’40-foot stone owl’ of the god Molech history has well recorded, and as we can read as documented by the Catholic Encyclopedia:

“The chief feature of Moloch’s worship among the Jews seems to have been the sacrifice of children, and the usual expression for describing that sacrifice was “to pass through the fire”, a rite carried out after the victims had been put to death. The special centre of such atrocities was just outside of Jerusalem, at a place called Tophet in the valley of Geennom. Of late, numerous attempts have been made to prove that in sacrificing their children to Moloch the Israelites simply thought that they were offering them in holocaust to Yahweh. In other words, the Melech to whom child-sacrifices were offered was Yahweh under another name.”

Like the people under the Fascist rule of Nazi Germany Empire, the Western people of today fail to understand that Fascism is more likened to a Dark Religion than to a political system. And also like their Nazi German counterparts, the American people of today in failing to either see, or understand, the darkness descending upon them will also see their children suffer the ‘sacrifice of fire’ that soon awaits them. For not upon the battlefields of earth are the greatest battles being waged today, but within in the hearts, minds and souls of every human being.

And in the United States today, this greatest of battles is all but lost. Not for lack of true and correct knowledge either, but rather because of the deafness and blindness of those once great people, who when once oppressed created the greatest of Nations with the greatest freedoms but today has fallen into madness and hypocrisy, craving only those things which satisfy their flesh, and at the expense of their souls.

From afar we can only wonder if they will awaken before all is lost.

© November 4, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.


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