Free Energy

OK, let’s get real here.  Burning hydrocarbons (and anything else)
removes free oxygen not only from us to breathe, but from the ozone.
Hence, the ozone “hole”(planetary hypoxia). Many viru- implicated
illnesses get on with their job anaerobically (without oxygen). Cancer,
for example. Free energy (no fuel, just drawing energy from the aether
or “the zero point”) technology has existed since the early years of
the last century (not only Tesla but many others, besides, such as EV
Gray, Henry Moray and even T. Townsend Brown who held at least one
patent for electrogavities – anti-gravity – in the 1950s. He worked for the US Navy). It is (insanely) criminally irresponsible to continue
supporting a hydrocarbon-based industry/culture, especially when the
technology exists to replace it with a totally non-polluting
technology. Conventionally-(en)trained physicists will tell you that
you can’t get something from nothing, and that is true. However, what
they fail to realise is that “space” ain’t “nothing”. It’s not “empty”.
It’s a veritable  “sea of energy”, and in fact some brave (but still
stuck) members of the physics fraternity are now calling it “virtual
matter”. Folks, we’ve been conned. Time to google up “free energy”
and/or any of the people mentioned above, and then buy yourself a copy
(Available from me or

(This didn’t start out as an ad for my book, and it still isn’t. It started out as a recommendation to read Bearden’s book(s).


Atomic power? No. what we need is Tesla Free Energy. The
Russians have had it for weapons use since 1959. The
West is making too much $$$$ to relinquish petroleum.

The New Tesla Electromagnetics
and the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy

By T.E. Bearden
© 1984

Table of Contents


Comments on the New Tesla Electromagnetics:
I: Discrepancies in the Present EM Theory

by T. E. Bearden

Comments on the New Tesla Electromagnetics:
II: The Secret of Electrical Free Energy

by T. E. Bearden

to a New Age Technology
by Dr. Rolf Schaffranke

– The Development of Post-Relativistic Concepts in
Physics and Advanced Technology Abroad

by Dr. Rolf Schaffrancke


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