Mass Mind Control Through Network Television Are Your Thoughts Your Own? By Alex Ansary Outside The Box 12-29-5 Why do countless American people go along with the War on Iraq? Why do so many people call for a police state control grid? A major component to a full understanding of […]

That governments have permitted terrorist acts against their own people, and have even themselves been perpetrators in order to find strategic advantage is quite likely true, but this is the United States we’re talking about. That intelligence agencies, financiers, terrorists and narco-criminals have a long history together is well established, […] Is Tamiflu Safe? Read The Side Effects! From Patricia Doyle, PhD 12-23-5 Side-Effects – What to Watch Out For This is the list of side-effects that Tamiflu can cause. You may not get any of these side-effects, but you may get some. While you are taking Tamiflu, these […]

Source: LIGHTNING STRIKES by Brewster Kneen Ram’s Horn #234: November-December 2005 I have long been somewhat puzzled by the very aggressive role played by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in the promotion of biotechnology and genetically engineered crops around the world, particularly in Africa. The most obvious […]

Last updated Dec 20 2005 09:57 AM MST CBC News A group of Yukon high school students who attended a peace demonstration in Alaska last year have been labelled a threat by U.S. Homeland Security. The students and their teachers from Vanier Catholic Secondary School in Whitehorse were singled out […]