Source: informationclearinghouse.info Etan Thomas Electrifies Anti-War Washington By Dave Zirin 09/28/05 “ICH” — Every generation the wide world of corporate sports produces an athlete with the iron resolve and moral urgency to step off their pedestal and join the fight for social justice. A century ago, it was boxer Jack […]

By Ray McGovern 09/27/05 Source: informationclearinghouse.info Where do American religious leaders stand on torture? Their deafening silence evokes memories of the unconscionable behavior of German church leaders in the 1930s and early 1940s. Despite the hate whipped up by administration propagandists against those it brands “terrorists,” most Americans agree that […]

informationclearinghouse.info By William Bowles 09/21/05 “William Bowles” — — Fascinating. No really, the ‘evolution’ of state disinformation has probably never been better displayed than in the case of the two (more than likely) SAS soldiers who were ‘liberated’ after being arrested by the Iraqi police on 19 September by a […]

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