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Kiwi writer says UN is infecting us
By John Landrigan
BIRD flu imported for scientific experiments will leak and kill thousands in planned genocide, a Kiwi author claims.
Biosecurity NZ wants to import the bird flu virus for diagnosis and staff-training.
The virus would be stored in a World Health Organisation-approved physical containment 3+ laboratory at Wallaceville in the Hutt Valley.
But Greg Hallett, who wrote Hitler Was A British Agent and an unpublished book on the virus, which he claims has been stolen, says the deadly plague will escape and kill more than 33,000 New Zealanders.
“Workers could pass the virus on to someone outside the lab. Such inadequate precautions suggests a biosecurity leak of the bird flu is planned. The virus will take hold unnoticed, evolve and kill,” he says.
Although Hallett believes WHO works with the United Nations in a sinister plot to reduce the world’s population, his concerns over the lab’s suitability are backed by leading scientists.
Physical containment 4+ is the highest and generally known as BSL-4A (biosecurity level).
The world’s leading authority, and fellow Kiwi, Robert Webster refuses to work on the bird flu in anything less than a BSL-4 lab.


In New Scientist’s October 2004 edition, biosecurity expert D A Henderson of the University of Pittsburgh and Ingegerd Kallings of the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control in Stockholm said they were worried.
Also concerned was John MacKenzie of the University of Queensland in Australia, who investigated SARS escaping high-level containment labs in east Asia after lab workers became infected.
The frozen virus is scheduled to arrive from Australia in up to five plastic vials containing one millilitre each.
Biosecurity NZ Investigation and Diagnostic Centre director Hugh Davies says they meet WHO standards.
“The laboratory is one of the most sophisticated in the world. It has a wide range of containment mechanisms that meet international best practice.”

This was the article sent to at the weekly Truth newspaper for publication on 19 December 2005 with further back up info on 20 Dec.

19 DECEMBER 2005
On Saturday (17 Dec. 2005, A1) the Sunday Star Times wrote that the Bird Flu is to “be imported into New Zealand early next year” (Jan/Feb 2006) for scientific experiments.
This information was obtained from a ministerial paper by the Weekend Herald under the Official Information Act. It revealed that Biosecurity NZ wants to import the Bird Flu virus for diagnosis and staff training. The virus would be stored in a ‘Physical containment 3+’ laboratory at Wallaceville in the Hutt Valley . . . If it broke in NZ the estimated death toll is 33,000. The article goes on to say that physical containment 4 is the highest level.
Not so! Physical containment 4+ is the highest and generally known as BSL-4A (BSL = Biosecurity Level). The world’s leading authority, Robert Webster, refuses to work on the Bird Flu in anything less than a BSL-4 lab.
Ingegerd Kallings from the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (Stockholm) who helped to set all the WHO laboratory containment standards said, “All the virologists I have spoken to have concerns.” A virus [Spanish Flu] that killed 40 million people is not being handled in top level of containment.”
A BSL-3A lab is merely a BSL-3 level lab enhanced by wearing battery-powered air purifiers and face shields, with a shower on exit. Half of all experts call for BSL-4 labs to work on the Bird Flu and suggest that a beefed-up BSL-3 lab is running foul of good practice. “Workers could still pass the virus onto someone outside the lab.”
New Zealand’s BSL-3 labs do not have the battery-powered air purifiers for their workers, although a shower is included. Such inadequate precautions as a ‘BSL-3 lab with shower’ would suggest that a bio-security leak of the Bird Flu is planned for NZ. The virus takes hold unnoticed, evolves, and then begins its killing. Those who have the base virus do not even know they are carriers and the casual links are near impossible to establish.
New Zealand has long been an experimental population for all forms of technology and ‘Physical containment 3+’ is a third rate facility, bordering on fourth. A leak would be near impossible to avoid under such inadequate precautions and would make NZ the first Western test case for the virulency of the deadly and evolving Bird Flu.
Looking back through my notes, as early as July 2005 I predicted the Bird Flu would arrive in NZ on 10 October and catch hold on 14 October 2005. These dates, (pub. 15.09.05) were deadly accurate, but applied to Romania and Turkey. One suspects that those responsible for the introduction of the Bird Flu into NZ responded to printed word activism.
18 months ago I wrote a book on the Bird Flu, but decided not to publish. Given the state of the NZ media, I considered I’d be accused of fear-mongering. Now the information seems as relevant as John Case’s The First Horsemen (1997).
I thought I might be close to the source’s meeting rooms when the disk containing all the Bird Flu information was stolen out of my 4WD on 11 May 2005 and then returned the same day. The same files were also removed from my computer. These disk files also mentioned my car being bugged and on 16 July 2005, my car was broken into (Police File Ref. No. 050722/5468). ‘Sound & video’ was removed from the front and rear ceiling lights, along with the receiver behind the passenger seat adjustor and the transmitter under the passenger door lock. No money was taken and the CD player remained in tact, but the ceiling lights were hanging down and the tools for the job were confidently left on the floor.
This third theft proved the information on the stolen disk was worth acting on and suppressing . . . perhaps for some greater plan.
On the disk containing the Spanish Flu/Bird Flu files and in Hitler Was A British Agent, I mentioned that an influential government had discussed the optimum number of people on the planet in May 2005. They came up with the figure of 1 billion and began a program of reducing the population by 25% by the year 2020. Their main driver was, and is, ‘fear of lack of oil’. Oil influences all aspects of history and has been the principle basis of imperialism since the turn of the century.
New Zealand is sitting on some very large oil fields. These were capped in the late 1940s. In mid-October 2005 field tests began to make them productive. Most oil fields are taken over by compromising the country’s leader, or by installing an Islamic population. NZ has both of these factors in process. The biggest security risk any country can have is a leader who is hiding their sexual practices. The ‘honey trap’ is still the biggest driver in politics today.
In Hitler Was A British Agent I accused the Israeli’s of working with the Chinese Government on the test population in Manchuria to develop the Bird Flu, a designed mass-killer. This created some embarrassment and the introduction of the H5N1 Bird Flu into NZ was postponed with a change of method considered.
The Israelis got back to me via a proxy and said “But any migratory bird can fly in”. Maybe so, but birds don’t migrate from the infected countries. The Israelis then stood guard and did there best to ensure that no infected people from Manchuria entered the country formerly known as “God Zone”.
With traditional avenues for the Bird Flu plugged, it is now being imported via the government into non-secure labs for, what is undoubtedly, a controlled leak. New Zealand’s BSL-3 lab at Wallaceville is several levels below what it should be.
Where Manchuria is the test population in China, the test population in NZ lives in Dunedin where its citizens have been simultaneously dying of snake venom (August 2003). Dunedin is far enough away from Wallaceville for there to be no ‘causal link’.
Due to the dominance of embedded historians, most of the history of New Zealand remains unknown. Perhaps the most important history New Zealander’s should currently be aware of is ‘the planned nuclear strike on American property between 1978 and 1989 from Russian nuclear-armed submarines in the deep waters of the Cook Strait’. This led to the ‘Trawler Wars’ and made NZ the centre of the Cold War with all the world’s top spies based in Wellington. They shared drinks and chat at the Shamrock Hotel on Rintoul Street from 7.30pm on Friday nights. Still, this is background information that Kiwis remain belligerently ignorant of and there is a pressing need to remove New Zealander’s status as ‘Keen Interest Without Intelligence’ (K.I.W.I.).
The sanitation of the Northern Chinese population is atrocious and much of the population are virtual “Chicken Sleepers”. This is why Manchuria is being used to ‘test and gestate’ the next fatal virus – H5N1 – designed as the next Black Plague. It is being continually modified to perfect its ability to spread and kill – to be fatally contagious. In 2000/2001 the Bird Flu spread from Ducks to Chickens. In July 2005 it spread from chickens to pigs with a reported 281 people dying from pig meat.
The Bird Flu’s ability to kill is developed in birds and then fed to pigs where its contagiousness is developed. The pig meat is then fed to humans in an experiment of grande coup genocide.
Perhaps we should keep in mind that there was no cure for the Spanish Flu, and their still isn’t one. At the time ‘gin and tonic’ was the best remedy as the tonic contained quinine, but quinine has since been removed from tonic.
The common human influenza H3N2 has already been found inside pigs in Southern China. When pigs are fed infected bird meat, the common H3N2 influenza and the H5N1 viruses have an environment to swap genes, eventually combining into a Bird Flu viral strain more contagious to humans.
Viruses that do not initially kill the host spread more effectively than those that kill immediately. Since the Bird Flu has been lurking around Manchuria’s test population for the last 10 years, this makes the H5N1 Bird Flu a most dangerous virus.
The Bird Flu is a virus that finds a host, delays its kill, spreads between bird species, spreads from bird meat (pathogen/kill) to pig meat (contagiousness/spread) and then adapts into a human-to-human killer. With this is mind the Bird Flu story is unlikely to go away.
If we are prepared to wait 3-4 days (when the Australians are busy) Australia will complete the Bird Flu tests on our behalf. Testing the H5N1 Bird Flu in a ‘BSL-3 lab plus shower, but without battery-powered air purifiers’ is genocide. Can we risk 33,000 dead? Do we need 33,000 dead? Since the Bird Flu is designed to attack the healthy and those of productive ages (20-50) wouldn’t this create a new wave of socialism?
The Spanish Flu was bought into Samoa and New Zealand by Prime Minister William Ferguson Massey and Deputy Prime Minister Ward. They both refused to be quarantined. As a result 22% of the Samoan population died along with at least 8000 New Zealanders, plus Maori, who were barely counted at the time.
We should keep in mind that the US Naval Code word for Wellington is “JERK” and for New Zealand it is “FLUX”. Perhaps this is one time when KIWI’s should actively ridicule authority and accuse Biosecurity NZ of planned genocide. From all sides, history is repeatedly constructed from the following line . . . “TOLD YOU SO” without it being acted upon.
Greg Hallett is the author of Hitler Was a British Agent. His book has been described by a conservative historian as “the first adequate book on Hitler” and by others as “a seminal work”. He continues to be ridiculed by the New Zealand media and praised by dedicated historians overseas. He specialises in work unseen (prevention) and the majority of his books are sold outside of New Zealand.
1. Robert Webster, Ph.D., world-renowned virologist, member of Infectious Diseases department and holder of the Rose Marie Thomas Chair at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
2. Richard Webby, Ph.D., also of the department of Infectious Diseases at St. Jude.
3. National Institutes of Health, The Wellcome Trust, the Ellison Foundation, the Li Ka Shing Foundation and the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong.
4. Other authors of the report are K. S. Li (Shantou University Medical College; Guangdon, P.R. China); Y. Guan, J. Wang, K. M. Xu, L. Duan, H. Chen, J.S. M. Peiris (Shantou University and The University of Hong Kong, Queen Mary Hospital; Hong Kong SAR P.R. China); G. J.D. Smith, L.L. M. Poon, K.Y. Yuen (The University of Hong Kong, Queen Mary Hospital; Hong Kong SAR, P.R. China); A. P. Rahaedjo, A.T. S. Estoepangeste (Universitas Airlangga; Surabaya, Indonesia); P. Puthavathana, P. Auewarakul (Sriraj Hospital; Bangkok, Thailand); C. Buranathai and A. Chaisingh (National Institute of Animal Health; Bangkok, Thailand); H.T. Long and N.T. H. Hanh (National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology; Hanoi, Vietnam); and W. Lim (Department of Health, Hong Kong SAR, P.R. China).
5. 1918 Flu Experiments Spark Concerns About Biosafety, Jocelyn Kaiser, Science 22 October 2004.
6. Experts Fear Escape of 1918 Flu from Lab, Debora MacKenzie, New Scientist 21 October 2004.


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