IBM bridges the Man and Dog relationship! Both get the same chips!

Top Verichip [Human RFID] Bottom Pet RFID Chip

They look the same don’t they?

The arrogance of the company is so great , that they market the same chip to different markets! So your dog , Fido gets the same chip that IBM [Digital Angel aka Verichip] promotes to the Veterinary market. Talk about bridging the gap between dog and owner!!

Hell , entertain us by making the human Verichip look slightly different! Make it flash a cool blue neon colour , make it beep, make it smaller !! DO SOMETHING!

Whoa…..Hang on ! Our mistake, there are differences!

The pet chip contains a 9-digit number while the human chip contains a 16-digit number. Further to this it COSTS more!!

YAY to IBM for showcasing itself for the greedy , multinational beast that is has always been.

IBM helped the Nazi regime catalogue the population and they will in the new millennium endeavour to chip everyone in the name of security! The quicker you make the mind shift that this company considers you a piece of inventory , the sooner you will make sense of world events.

Further to this a deal has been signed to equip VeriChip with GPS meaning you get to be tracked by satellites once inserted. Yes , it does sound like the Matrix movie only this is happening now!

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