More is Better? More on the MeNZB Controversy

Date: Wed, January 25, 2006 11:49 am

I just wanted to make a comment on one of your articles in the previous edition of uncensored (the find the boeing cover). I find that I am forced to disagree with your article about the U.S. military deliberately spreading ions through the atmosphere to make radio transmissions clearer at certain frequencies.

Firstly, there is no conclusive evidence of this (no smoking gun). Secondly, the other militaries of the world will get the same advantages as the U.S. military. Thirdly, and most importantly, this would be the absolute last thing which the U.S. military would want to do, because it threatens possibly their most treasured advantage over other militaries – supremacy in the skies due to stealth technology. The way in which this threat works is by a system called ‘passive radar’, a technology under development in the U.S., communist China, and Russia. With this system, aircraft are not detected by deliberately releasing electromagnetic waves, like an ordinary radar, and observing the reflected waves. This system works by measuring, with the
aid of high tech computers, the disturbances caused by the aircraft in the low levels of e.m. radiation which are constantly present in the atmosphere due to continuous radio, T.V., and phone signals. A G.P.S. satelite would then help to more clearly determine the position of the aircraft with that disturbance info. The one
vulnerability of a stealth aircraft (such as an F117A or B-2) is when it’s flat underside is correctly positioned to send back radar reflections which will meet up with the radar detectors, such as when the plane is directly above the radar. With passive radar, there will almost always be disturbances detected by the underside,
no matter where it is, since the passive e.m. waves affected by it will be virtually omnipresent, and being reflected in all manner of angles and directions. However, the one problem with this system is that because the disturbances are so small, the detectors must be extremely sophisticated and high-tech. However, anything which can increase the sharpness and clarity of these disturbances will help enourmously in
speeding up the development of this stelth-killing technology. Spreading ions through the atmosphere, making radio transmission easier, will do JUST THAT. This is why I don’t think any U.S. military personnel in their right minds would deliberately advocate this practice.


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