Note: This story has just been filed from Arctic Beacon, a reputable site in the US. While the story is as yet unconfirmed, there is ample evidence of Bush/Cheney 9/11 complicity and the US march to martial law to convince this editor that the facts in the story could well be real. Updates as they come in.

Houston PD Running Nuclear Disaster Drills As Build-Up of Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies Seen In Nearby Texas City

Army Intel Capt. Eric May warns Bush cabal days away from a nuclear strike. Texas City resident “opens up a hornet’s nest” as he warns local law enforcement about the possibility of nuclear strike.

By Greg Szymanski
Sources inside the Houston Police Department (HPD) have confirmed officers in recent weeks have been taking part in nuclear disaster drills, adding more fuel to the fire that the city is being targeted by the “enemies within” the Bush administration for a nuclear attack.

“In the last week I have multi-checked with sources of mine in the Houston Police Department and confirmed that HPD has been running nuclear disaster drills,” said former Army Intel Capt. Eric May, who is trying to alert Americans of a possible nuclear strike in the upcoming days, possibly to take place in the Texas City or Houston metro area.

“Accordingly, I’ve been calling my personal contacts, among them HPD CID Sergeant John Karshner and HPD Internal Affairs Lt. Felix Garcia, to let them know that the set-up is on.”

Capt. May, who once backed the government’s position while serving his country, became disillusioned after 911, saying facts surfaced making it “crystal clear” the enemy wasn’t Al Qaeda but an “enemy within,” or the Bush-New World Order Cabal.

Since realizing 911 was an inside government job, Capt. May has used every ounce of his military training, energy and intelligence to try and stop the Bush administration and what he calls its “phony war on terror.” His info-war on terror can be better understood by a Google search of Ghost Troop Bibliography, taken from the name of his cyber-unit called Ghost Troop.

Capt. May said the Al Qaeda scare has been contrived and manufactured by the Bush Cabal in an effort to cover-up the real criminals and culprits in the White House. Saying every so-called terrorist attack escalates in size and body count, he is warning Americans that the next one will involve a nuclear blast on American soil.

“There is a very good chance the next attack could occur within the next 9 days and the target being the British Petroleum plant at Texas City, Texas,” said Capt. May, adding that he believes he has broken the Bush Cabal-Illuminati “embedded code, ” a secret code using numbers and symbols.

Capt. May also feels the “breaking of the Illuminist number code, using variations 1, 3 and 9 to name a few, may have halted a previously planned nuclear attack bacon on July 28 at a petroleum plant in Texas City.

“They like to communicate with this Illuminist number code and the media is actually passing the information on to the many levels of members, alerting them of the potential dates and times of planned acts of terror,” said Capt. May. “They are also using the repetitive name game, another way of feeling superior. Just think about it: Oklahoma City, Okla., New York, N.Y. and now maybe Texas City, Texas.”

And Capt. May’s dire prediction raised some eye-brows in Texas City as resident Jon Watkins recently alerted law Texas City law enforcement officials about May’s inside information.

“I think I have stirred up a hornet’s nest here in town after going to the police department with the information,” said Watkins today from his Texas City home, as other reports have come in from local citizens that there are ongoing “SWAT” exercises going on in the area, involving numerous police and government agencies, including the HPD, the Pasadena Police Department and Homeland Security.

“After Leaving the Texas City police station, I noticed one thing really strange, as I counted at least 11 different type of official police and government vehicles parked in the police lot. I have never seen this before and it has me a little worried. What are they planning?”

Watkins said he is passing the information about the possible nuclear threat to hundreds of locals, saying it is “better to be safe then sorry.” He added that some people have listened, including several police officers, but others have brushed him off as nothing more than a “conspiracy nut.”

“I have taken the taped interview of Capt. May’s warnings broadcast on Greg Szymanski’s Investigative Journal and have passed it on to the proper authorities,” added Watkins.

When Capt. May was told of Watkins actions in Texas City, he added:

“Pray for Mr. Watkins to preserver, and for Sergeant John Karshner and Lt. Felix Garcia (of the HPD) to do the right thing and challenge the official co-conspirators of this pending mass murder.”

Besides the suspicious mounting of police activity in the Houston metro-Texas City areas, credible reports have surfaced from Bank of America branch managers in Houston and the Los Angeles area that Homeland Security agents have been holding instructional meetings in the last two weeks, advising employees how to deal with customers in the case of a “pending national disaster.”

Employees have been instructed to remain silent about the orders coming down from Homeland Security, saying it is for national security reasons. Employees in both the LA and Houston areas have come forward saying they have been instructed to remain silent and not to distribute valuables from safety deposit boxes, including gold, silver and firearms in the case of a national emergency.

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