Laura Sonneveldt wrote:

Thanks for a great magazine, shedding light on the truth as an alternative to the continuous lies from the conventional media.

There are still a lot of people out there brainwashed, judging people like you or me as paranoid and idealists. I would like to ask your readers: is there still anybody out there in knowledge of the truth that is optimistic and empowered enough to promote love and compassion, believing that with the power of us people we CAN change, we DO have more power than we are led to believe, and we WILL change this world for the best of all life? Do some of you know that we CAN dispower corrupt governments without resorting to violence,lowering ourselves to “their” level? Think about it, fellow readers, there is no need to live in fear even though we know the facts. WE CAN DO WHAT LIES IN OUR OWN PERSONAL POWER TO CHANGE THIS WORLD FOR THE BETTER. THEREFORE TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A BIG SHIFT. People who have been doing this for years: if you are feeling hopeless by now, please do not. There is a new generation awakening, we are still fresh and we are here to help. Let us not be limited by old fashioned beliefs like: nothing will ever change.

THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. NOW IS THE TIME TO REVEAL THE TRUTH, (not only magazine editors, but every individual) TO PRACTICE LOVE, COMPASSION IN OUR LIVES. Dark powers can not stand the light of love, this is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction that we will use to change this world for all life.

Act now, everybody and let’s give hope to those who are tired of fighting. In truth and love, Laura

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