Here’s my question for the President:

Mr. President, can you tell the American people why you sound so stupid. I myself don’t think you are much of leader or a decision maker, as you claim you are. How can one lead or make decisions if one doesn’t know what the hell they are doing. And that’s you, Mr. President.

Most of time you travel around the country reading speeches that are written by other people. You either read from script cards or from a teleprompter and your audiences are carefully screened so you are assured of continual bursts of applause, not matter what you say.

If you said that you were going to tap everyone’s phone in America; that you were going to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, the Income Tax, public schools, and drop a Hydrogen bomb on Canada—-they would burst into applause and you may even get a standing ovation.

The bullshit you feed the American people is beyond comprehension. Your phony Sunday charades of photo ops of carrying a Bible, shaking hands with the pastor after Sunday services and your claims to be born-again and speaking to God—-is about as hollow as one can get, coming from a former philandering, coke sniffing, wiseguy like yourself.

Many Americans feel that everything you touch turns to shit: the war in Iraq, the fight against terrorism, Katrina, Social Security, immigration reform, the budget, the crisis in our health care system, etc.

Getting back to the point Mr. President, can you tell the American people exactly why you are so stupid, an what your plans are to correct this dire situation. Surely, Mr. President you recognize that being a moronic, idiotic cretin is not a virtue.

And I’d like a follow up question, if I may.

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