911 Blogger | March 23 2006 Comment: We are amazed and flabbergasted by how fair this piece is and it should help encourage other high profile figures in the public eye like Charlie Sheen to come forward. Tonight marks the first instance where those that question 9/11 were given a […]

The US press is supposed to be challenging the lies of this war By Robert Fisk 03/18/06 The Independent It is a bright winter morning and I am sipping my first coffee of the day in Los Angeles. My eye moves like a radar beam over the front page of […]

https://www.gregpalast.com./detail.cfm?artid=483&row=0 Bush Didn’t Bungle Iraq, You Fools THE MISSION WAS INDEED ACCCOMPLISHED The Guardian Monday, March 20, 2006 by Greg Palast Get off it. All the carping, belly-aching and complaining about George Bush’s incompetence in Iraq, from both the Left and now the Right, is just dead wrong. On the […]

12 NOON US CONSULATE, CUSTOMS ST ANTIWAR ACTION TO MARK 3RD ANNIVERSARY OF IRAQ INVASION – NO MORE TORTURE AND WAR – TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN NOW https://www.hhrr.info/index.php?lang=2 Cease hypocrisy on the issue of Human Rights The 62nd Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights will begin […]

Economic Suicide The Freemarket Gold & Money Report By: James Turk jamesturk@goldmoney.com 03-15-06 Copyright © 2006 by The Freemarket Gold & Money Report. All rights reserved. Anybody who has been lending money to the US federal government by buying T-Bills and its other debt instruments received a brutal one-two punch […]

Of 132 signatories to the Bio-Safety Protocol, only New Zealand are currently blocking agreement on clear labelling of GM shipments. That’s right, New Zealand. Kiwis ­ rescue your nation from international ignominy ­ get as many people as possible to email Helen Clark. Non Kiwis ­ don¹t let this uppity […]

16 March 2006 New Zealand is now the only country standing in the way of an international agreement on labelling of GE organisms traded across borders. “We have been the object of international condemnation for some time for being one of the countries to block agreement. Now, to our shame, […]