by Hal Turner

GOLD: 678.00
SILVER: 14.53

I told all of you this was coming. It is being driven by something called “M3” data: the amount of Cash the government prints and puts into circulation. M3 Data helped everyone around the world truly gauge how much a “Dollar” was worth. The Federal Reserve disclosed M3 Data since about the early 1900’s. Seven months ago, they announced they would CEASE reporting that data on March 20. On that date, they did in fact, stop reporting the data.

About a week later, it was revealed that the Federal Reserve “flabbergasted” US Treasury workers by placing orders for TWO TRILLION DOLLARS in cash to be printed for circulation. Treasury workers were ORDERED not to reveal this fact under penalty of losing their jobs. They were even told that revealing how much was being printed could cause an economic collapse. But word leaked out to The Hal Turner Show from THREE separate sources inside the US Treasury and I told the world.

Here we are, just a week after that story, Gold has now hit it’s highest level since 1980. Investors are rapidly losing confidence in the US Dollar because there is no longer any way to gauge how much it is truly worth and they are dumping it in favor of something which holds its value: Gold.

As this cycle continues, more and more investors and countries will dump the Dollar. Gold and Silver will skyrocket and finally, the US Dollar will collapse into worthless paper. On that day, YOU will be wiped out.

All your bank accounts, stock and bond holdings, Pension plans, IRA’s, 401-K’s, and other Dollar-Based-Assets will become almost worthless. The economy will collapse and the US will enter an economic DEPRESSION which will make the crash of 1929 look like a happy day.

Just remember who is to blame: Elected members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. They spent this nation into Bankruptcy and ultimately, into oblivion.

As you sit at home with worthless money, no assets and a lifetime of savings wiped out, the government will offer you food coupons – IF YOU SURRENDER YOUR FIREARMS!. When that offer comes, be certain to remember who is to blame for wrecking your world then give them your guns; Barrel First!!

I suspect a lot of folks will rightly go after those politicians and I will be right here revealing their home addresses and other tracking infomation, stoking the fire to make sure they get what they so richly deserve! !

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