Total Internet Privacy Promised by New Messaging Security Software

By Jonathan Eisen, Editor, UNCENSORED

A small NZ-based company Alterian recently released a groundbreaking new web-based communications system which they claim to be “the world’s most powerful” in the strength of it’s security.

“Many messaging services use words like “encryption”, “security” and “safety”, but they do not provide total privacy, total safety [i.e. protection from viruses, spy-ware, spam and worms] or total reliability and integrity [by ensuring your message has been successfully received and opened by the receiver].”

This claim is made by Alterian founder Kelvyn Alp.

Evidently, the strength of this new system lies in the sophistication of it’s encryption.

“Alterian uses a 3000 bit+ multi-key encryption system. These keys are unique to each and every user, the keys change with each and every message [moving key encryption] and the encryption methodology [mathematics] changes with every software upgrade.”

Another strategy employed by Aterian to ensure privacy is to allow certain messages to be automatically deleted from both the sender and recipients machines.

“When you send a message as “private”, that message will no longer be on your machine from the time you click the private button to send it, and will be gone without any trace left. It is not cached or backed up on any server, either. When your recipient receives it, reads it and clicks the OK button, the message is completely destroyed and is irretrievable once the auto-delete takes place. In the interim, between you and the recipient, no one can read it. To guard against any unwanted disclosure of private messages, Alterian software has been deliberately engineered whereby the saved, recorded, and other compromising functions of privacy, do not exist for messages sent as private. In other words, according to Alp, “when you send a message as private you can rest assured it is just that: PRIVATE!”

Alterian can be viewed at

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