Special services aware of UFO construction, try to develop similar technologies

More than 5 million sightings of UFOs have been reported to date. Thousands of pages of documents proving the existence of the phenomenon have been declassified. Still, most aspects relating to UFO incidents remain a mystery to the public.

Unidentified flying objects
Unidentified flying objects
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The situation is even more deplorable due to a stance on the issue taken by official scientists. They seem to refuse to notice things that are evident to everybody. However, one should not jump to conclusions and blame it all on officialdom. A painstaking analysis of the situation indicates that the roots of the problem run deeper than expected. UFOs are closely connecting with military, science and research policies of the world powers as plainly shown by some of the documents declassified by such U.S. government agencies as CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Military Intelligence, NASA and NORAD (North American Air Defense Command).

The facts indicate that the above federal agencies have plenty of detailed information relating to UFOs. They are not only aware of UFOs, they are trying to develop similar technologies. Official scientific circles seem to have been told to turn a blind eye to the subject in order to keep it out of the spotlight public relations-wise. The stance is designed to help create an ideal environment to conduct secret tests. It is a fact that a number of highly sensitive documents were declassified yet a larger part of them is still kept under lock and key in the top-secret government archives.

Below are the excerpts from one of the documents purportedly containing most valuable information on UFOs. The document was obtained by the well-known U.S. ufologist Leonard Springfield from a source who requested to stay in the shadow. The document was hand-carried by a middleman whom Springfield knew well. However, the middlemen wished to remain anonymous in order to avoid a legal action that might be brought against him by the U.S. government. The document is dated July 16, 1947. It is a preliminary report on the examination of the wreckage of a “flying disk”. A cover letter to the report is signed by U.S. Air Force General Nathan Twining, U.S. Air Force Commander-in-Chief.

As indicated in the President’s Directive dated July 9, 1947, a preliminary investigation of the recovered “flying disk” and the wreckage of a possibly second disk took place in the headquarters of the 8th U.S. Air Force Army in Fort Worth, Texas. Additional data provided by research personnel of the U.S. Air Force Jet-Propelled Engines Laboratory in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force Research Center headed by Dr. Theodore von Karman.

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