Fluoridation: Referendum result in Hamilton

Date: 25 May 2006 1:59:18 AM

Hi Jon,

You have probably heard that the fluoridation referendum in Hamilton was unfortunately lost, probably because the authorities spent a huge amount of money on pro-fluoridation propaganda, while the Fluoride Action Network raised about $3600, a paltry sum in comparison.

According to the local newspapers, the Far North District Council, which encompasses a big part of New Zealand’s Northland region, is now conducting a survey of 300 Kaitaia and 300 Kaikohe residents. If more than 50 percent support fluoridation, fluoridation will go ahead! The FNDC has already been promised $269,000 of taxpayer money to install the plants and to run the scheme for two years; ratepayers will then have to foot the bill fot the ongoing cost to have themselves and their families poisoned. To his credit, Whangarei dentist Lawrie Brett has been the most outspoken opponent of the FNDC’s fluoridation plans!

The Ministry of Health (so-called) has also purchased 300,000 body bags in anticipation of the fictitious (or planned?) bird flu pandemic. Truly, the world is being turned into a madhouse.


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