Canadian ‘Terror Plot’ Begins To Unravel Terrorists set up in sting operation, more on unfounded London raid Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 6 2006 Just as predicted, the frightening plot to bomb high profile targets in Toronto and the arrest of 17 alleged terror suspects has all the hallmarks […]

Ken Rasmussen’s research team has been working on a process that turns out to have similarities to the super-efficient electrolysis process being developed by Professor Kanarev. Rasmussen’s work ceased after a member of the team was threatened at gunpoint. Riots break out in southwestern Merida: Chavez’ Revolution in immediate and serious danger … challenging times for Latin America: for Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru… University of Los Andes (ULA) professor Franz J. T. Lee writes: Riots and ‘guarimbas’ are running wild in southwestern Merida State, led by the delinquent […]