skull_starchild2.jpgNothing evokes such a strange mixture of fear and curiosity, or forces us to confront our own mortality, more than human skulls. When skulls are discovered that are physically very different from how we expect human skulls to look – often unique in their shape, structure and bone composition – we find ourselves in the curious position of trying to understand how and why these extraordinary artefacts exist.

Of course it’s possible that there are rational explanations for these anomalous discoveries. Some researchers for example have proposed that the skulls may be illustrations of ancient cultural traditions, while others suggest that some can be attributed to specific medical conditions.

However, a growing number of researchers support the theory that man’s evolution could be the result of genetic engineering by extraterrestrial cultures (alien intervention theory), and believe that at least some of the skulls could offer DNA evidence of such alien contact.

These alternative theories, along with related research into the origins of these skulls, are slowly beginning to challenge the mainstream scientific paradigm regarding human evolution, and are drawing attention to our lack of knowledge about what occurred in humanity’s distant past.

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