This matter is close to home, and hopefully close to YOU.

A good web site is www.nzht.co.nz

I have attended a very good meeting on Friday night 16th June re alternatives to the regime being set up by the Labour Govt to tuck alternative health matters under a pharmaceautical model with Australia and have it subject to a joint Aust NZ regulatory body ( The Agency ) which effectively would report within itself and control alternative health products on the grounds of Health and Safety and use the Pharma model/process to do that. Essentially The Agency would be like the TGA ( Therapeutic Goods Administration ) in Austr.

Two eminent people from Aust addressed the meeting and advised how the TGA was effectively a disaster in Aust for those people wanting access to alternative remedies. Shortage of products in the market and increased product costs for those that were still available. Also many small manufacturers could not afford the compliance costs under the pharma model with financial failure of many small manufacturers. The new Aust NZ model is to be self funding as already determined by Aus and NZ Govts, so The Agency and Compliance Costs will find their way to the consumer.

So there is a determined effort going on in NZ to stop the Agency from going ahead. A last controlling matter is that The Agency needs the NZ Govt to pass into Law a Bill giving the NZ Govt authority to The Agency. SO what has to happen to stop The Agency being placed in control is that the Labour Govt has to fail to get the numbers in Parliament to pass the Bill. SO there has to be a push by NZ citizens to MP’s to not vote for the Bill. Bill anticipated to come up in Parliament in the next 3 to 4 weeks, but timing is uncertain. Expect that all Labour MPs will vote for it. National is not expected to vote for it, so the emphasis from what I can understand is to the United Future and NZ First MPs although pressure into National MPs is also advisable.

The proposed NZ alternative is called the Wellness model, controlled and run by NZ. It will regulate Health and Safety matters, it will reconize Maori traditional products and it will focus on providing products for wellness at a more reasonable cost, than The Agency model, to consumers. It should be able to maintain a great range of products, small and innovative manufacturers should be able to continue, and of course there is a desire that this wellness model may be able to be adapted in the future as a sensible way for some other countries already struggling with existing control over alternative health products.
My personal belief is that for our wellness we need to have easy access to products in line with nature that have the same relationship as our own lives. Earth,air,fire,water, etc.
I don’t deny a requirement that allopathic medicines should be available. They are already in our marketplace and can continue that way. Our NZ medical model is failing financially and I believe is failing many people with its manufactured medicines. I believe we need to have an integrated wellness / medical model and that it is crazy to proceed to decrease alternative products and increase cost of those remaining.

SO if this matter attracts you then view the www.nzht.co.nz site and lend your weight and support.

Thanks, Ian Cambourn.

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