NZ Health Trust: ANZTPA will be defeated.


NZ Health Trust – Newsletter no: 26 – Aug 2006 -ANZTPA Submission
Hello once again to our supporters
Well, the fight to preserve our health choices continues in NZ as in many other countries around the world.
Since our last newsletter the Medsafe project team have been pushing ahead as if ANZTPA was a reality while the Minister in charge has admitted once again that the deadline she had set in this matter will not be met. This time Minister King has had to concede that the legislation would not be brought before Parliament by the end of July as had earlier been stated. While Government spin continues to claim this is to enable “further consultation”, we all know that the reality is that she still simply cannot get the support she needs for this ill-fated proposal.
While the proposal is in its death throws politically, Medsafe have continued to put on a brave face traipsing around the Country with their travelling road show on the draft rules for this planned agency. The Government meanwhile, realising that they won’t get anywhere trying to convince NZ that this agency is a good idea, have now resorted to trying to intimidate us with how much Australia will be upset with us if we don’t do what they want. Australia appears to think we can be bullied in to doing whatever they demand and our own Government seems to agree.
The ANZTPA project team have called for submissions on the documents released and these are due by 15 August. As ever it is imperative that the wishes of New Zealanders be heard and go on record. To do that we encourage you all to make a submission opposing the draft rules and the framework and approach they represent.
To make it easy all you need do is click here or click the link below
and complete your details to lodge a submission in your name through the NZ Health Trust’s website. We have provided you with a template submission you can use as is or edit as you wish. It will only take you a few seconds but if all our subscribers do this the effect will be enormous and hard for the Government to ignore.
Don’t be fooled by the message that the Government are desperate to sell, that the agency will happen. Too many people now understand the seriousness of this issue for that to be true. ANZTPA will be defeated.
Kind Regards
Dave Sloan
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