Dear Lord Mayor, The truth about Fluoride is beginning to seep out.   I think you need to take notice of this. Regards, Leonce Kealy 6 Eskdale Street Holmview, Queensland AUSTRALIA 4207 Ph: 61-7-38073827 Fx: 61-7-38073815 Cell Phone: 0419643489 (Vodafone) Email: The Hastings Safe Water Association 43 Willow Crescent PORT […]

PLEASE POST WIDELY AND NOW: Action Alert Say No to GE Greens: GE Broccoli, GE Cauliflower, GE Cabbage The Crop and Food Institute (a Government’s research organisation) has applied to field test a number of brassica crops – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and forage kale – all genetically engineered to contain the toxin Bt. […]