ADA guidlines: no fluoridated water for baby formula

Dear Lord Mayor,

The truth about Fluoride is beginning to seep out.   I think you need to take notice of this.


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Dear Editor,
Hastings Council and Councils all over Australia who have forced and are forcing Fluoridation should make it their duty to get up to speed on recent Fluoride guidelines issued by the American Dental Association.

The American Dental Association recently conceded that excessive fluoride is a risk to children after years of downplaying the risks of excessive fluoride intake. They have just released new guidelines that dramatically reduce the recommended fluoride exposure for infants and children.

The ADA issued an “interim” advisory on fluoride intake until more research can be done. While it’s commendable that the Association is alerting parents to the risks of fluorosis, it would be even better to issue a similar moratorium on account of the recent research tying fluoridated water to bone cancer in boys.

Some of the following measures are recommended by the American Dental Association to reduce the risk of fluorosis:
“If liquid or powdered concentrate infant formula is the primary source of nutrition, mix with water that is fluoride free, including water that is labelled purified, demineralized, deionized, distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water.” “Children should stay away from fluoride toothpaste before two years and use no fluoride mouth rinse or supplements unless prescribed by a dentist.”

In light of this why should those in lower socio economic groups and in fact all mothers be forced into the added expense of having to purchase unflouridated water or buying a reverse osmosis water filter costing around $400?

Yours sincerely, Don Mackay

Publicity Officer Hastings Safe Water Association
The ADA’s Guidelines

ADA’s Interim Guidelines

Fluoride and bone cancer in boys

USA Today,  Report raises flag on fluoride, 5/22/06
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Excess fluoride can hurt teeth, bones, IQ, 5/23/06

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