Here it is in all its ugliness. There is still time to stop it. Read on.

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Dear Jonathan
NZ Health Trust Newsletter No: 29

Late last night the Government tabled legislation to try and make the dreaded ANZTPA proposal a reality and making it clear that the scheme would include all natural products and medical devices. Unlike some other groups, the NZ Health Trust has always considered that if and when the legislation made an appearance it would cover all such products and now this has been shown to be correct.

The tabling of the 494 page Therapeutic Products and Medicines Bill last night came without prior warning to us or other parties in Parliament. We can only take from that that the Government knows full well how strong the public opposition to this plan is and are hoping to get it through at a time when everyone is already busy and before too many people really notice what is happening. Perhaps they think that by acting “under cover of night”, as it were, groups like the NZ Health Trust won’t have time to rally support from the many hundreds of thousand New Zealanders who are determined to fight for their health freedoms.

Lets remember what this fight is about:
* its about ensuring NZ has a system of health laws that focus on the best interest of consumers, not the protection of off shore corporate interests
* its about protecting New Zealand sovereignty and small New Zealand businesses
* its about ensuring that the natural health products that New Zealanders use and rely on are not withdrawn through unnecessary bureaucracy
* Its about protecting your right to make your own health choices into the future

This IS NOT about the industry not wanting regulation, we have always supported a sensible NZ based system of regulation specific to natural products.
This IS NOT about enhancing consumer safety – there is no evidence that this system in Australia has made the public any safer, in fact quite the reverse.

We now have confirmation that the critical support for the Government, at least initially, will come from NZ First despite Winston Peters recent public statement taking credit for having stopped this legislation applying to natural products. We call on you to take a few moments to express your opinion by phoning one or more of the NZ First MP’s and explaining to them how strongly you feel about this issue and asking them not to support ANZTPA under any terms that include natural products. The contact numbers are listed below.

This battle must come down to true democracy – the will of the people. We cannot stand back and do nothing while the Government looks to impose schemes on us so clearly detrimental to NZ that Select Committee has twice rejected it. That the Bill has been tabled at all is a result of a dedicated Government campaign of carefully orchestrated spin and back room dealing with a few hand picked so called ‘industry players’ who are prepared to work with the Government being held up as evidence of industry support that simply does not exist.

Please – play your part now by phoning;

Rt Hon Winston Peters
Electoral Office (Auckland) Ph: 09 309 3134 Fax: 09 309 3178
Electoral Office (Tauranga) Ph: 07 571 1481 Fax: 07 578 6207
Parliament Ph: 04 471 9490 Fax: 04 471 2042

Hon Brian Donnelly
Electoral Office (Whangarei) Ph: 09 438 3895 Fax: 09 438 4082
Parliament Ph: 04 470 6688 Fax: 04 4729918

Pita Paraone
Electoral Office (Auckland) Ph: 09 309 3134 Fax: 09 309 3178
Parliament Ph: 04 470 6960 Fax: 04 472 9918

Doug Woolerton
Electoral Office (Hamilton) Ph: 07 839 0480 Fax: 07 839 0483
Parliament Ph: 04 470 6695 Fax: 04 499 0569

Barbara Stewart
Electoral Office (Hamilton) Ph: 07 839 0480 Fax: 07 839 0483
Parliament Ph: 04 4706962 Fax: 04 472 9918

Peter Brown
Electoral Office (Tauranga) Ph: 07 571 1481 Fax: 07 578 6207
Parliament Ph: 04 4706697 Fax: 04 499 9108

Ron Mark
Electoral Office (Christchurch) Ph: 03 365 9283 Fax: 03 365 9284
Parliament Ph: 04 470 6693 Fax: 04 471 2414

Further updates will follow as information comes to hand – we are in this together.

Kind Regards
Dave Sloan

NZ Health Trust
A: PO Box 34-057 Christchurch, New Zealand
P: +64 3 3519807
F: +64 3 3517993

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