PLEASE POST WIDELY AND NOW: Action Alert Say No to GE Greens: GE Broccoli, GE Cauliflower, GE Cabbage The Crop and Food Institute (a Government’s research organisation) has applied to field test a number of brassica crops – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and forage kale – all genetically engineered to contain the toxin Bt. […]

“And the idea that our Government is willing to spend up to a billion dollars on a game, on the multimillion-dollar private enterprise that is professional rugby, when one in four Kiwi kids lives in poverty, when women with breast cancer are denied Herceptin, when the twin threats of peak […] DEMAND DISMANTLING OF JEWISH STATE; CALLING IT “AN ABOMINATION TO GOD” NOT A SINGLE LOCAL OR NATIONAL MEDIA OUTLET, TV STATION, RADIO STATION, NEWSPAPER OR MAGAZINE REPORTED ANY ASPECT OF THIS HUGE PROTEST! This is irrefutable proof that Zionists have 100%, absolute control over the entire media. They have […]

Dr. George Carlo has described the marketing strategies aimed at children as “grotesque,” and says it’s a perfect example of the industry’s institutional arrogance. He should know because he used to work for the cell phone industry, but now is its most outspoken critic. In a widely distributed interview for […]

REALLY AMAZING!!! YOU CAN DISTINCTLY HEAR AND SEE THE DEMOLITION CHARGES SUCCESSIVELY GOING OFF AS THE BUILDING COLLAPSES This footage was shown by the BBC in a programme ‘9/11: The Twin Towers’, broadcast in the UK on 7 September 2006. The sound of the demolition charges used to bring […]


By Peter Fredson November 4th 2006 I have searched all the major newspapers in vain for the greatest Iraqi disaster this year. There seems to be a massive cover-up of hundreds of American dead, not to mention many Iraqis. This October Surprise may prove to be the undoing of Secretary […] America: From Freedom to Fascism is a 2006 documentary film by Aaron Russo. It screened May 22 near the 2006 Cannes Film Festival (see below), and opened in theaters in the United States on July 28 in select cities.[1] The main premise of the film is that the Federal […]

Long grain rice exported from the USA has become contaminated by experimental GE rice called LL601 that has never been properly safety-tested or approved. Around the world food authorities have banned imports of the contaminated rice but New Zealand authorities are refusing to test or recall US long grain rice. […]