Impeach Bush – Stop Attack On Iran By Paul Craig Roberts 1-21-7 https://www.rense.com When are the American people and their representatives in Congress and the military going to wake up and realize that the US has an insane war criminal in the White House who is destroying all chances for […]


https://www.rense.com/general75/nuu.htm Israeli Nuclear Strike On Iran Turned Back By USAF By William Thomas www.willthomas.net exclusive 1-19-7 A recent strike by nuclear-armed Israeli Air Force fighter-bombers bound for targets in Iran was turned back after being intercepted by U.S. fighters over Iraq, this reporter has learned. Two sources have independently confirmed […]

URL: https://www.workingforchange.com/article.cfm?ItemID=21881 The new war Geov Parrish – WorkingForChange.com 01.16.07 – Historians will differ as to when, exactly, we climbed into this particular Hell-bound handbasket. November 8, 2000, the first stolen election. September 11, 2001. March 20, 2003, the illegal invasion. November 2, 2004, the second stolen election. Or January […]