TGA Free NZ Protest March


Kiwis 4 TGA Free Health Care (or something better)

Dear fellow freedom lovers

It seems my email that I bashed out late one night and sent to a
friend has circulated the country, indeed the globe and the past few
days I’ve been inundated with calls, text messages and emails
indicated we all want to pound the pavement yet again to stand out
for our freedom or choice and indeed democracy.

So we are indeed going to pound the pavement on a weekly basis until
the illegal international treaty entered into by labour has been
annulled. Let us remember this treaty was signed on our behalf
without labour:

following due process according to the laws that govern our nation
informing the people that we were about enter a treaty with foreign
countries that could never be reversed
informing us that decisions for our medical devises, supplements and
natural remedies would essentially be made by the TGA of Australia
that is not answerable to us, we the people
letting us know that we are entering into an agreement blindly,
without being presented with the rules that will befall us now and in
the future, yet we will be expected to follow those rules or face a
$5,000,000.00 fine and inprisonment if we break them. That’s a
bigger fine than any rapist or murderer will ever face!

Some would say they have committed high treason against us and if
they are allowed to get away with it because we are all too busy with
our lives to inform our selves or move our very powerful weight
around WHAT NEXT!

A bridge between Bondi Beach and the Hohora Pub with nothing but a
very hefty toll at each end? If you would like to get up to speed
about what has happened or read the proposed bill visit this website:

First Meeting To Organize the Marches
Wednesday 14th 7pm
Wellpark, 6 Francis Street, Grey Lynn, AUCK
All Supporters Welcome

If you are unable to attend the first meeting please also email me
your intention to help in anyway and where you want to channel your
passion and interest.
If you are from another town and would like to organize or be
involved with getting something happening in your own town please
email me at and I can get you all in
touch with each other.

I am yet to confirm our start dates with the city council and police
but we are working starting Friday 23rd of March and going till be
get what we want. At present Labour pushed the committee hearing off
from end of April to end of June. The Australian Govt, however, is
pushing for end of April as they have an election coming up and it
suits them better if the whole thing was under the carpet by then.
Hopefully not a sign of things to come as we will push them hard and
fast back over the Tasman.

First Proposed March
Friday 23rd March 5.30pm
Queen Elizabeth Square to Myers Park
All Welcome

The first meeting will be to ascertain the various tasks that need to
be performed and appoint a co-ordinator for each area to work with
groups of volunteers and decide of a slogan for the movement. Again
if you are unable to attend your input is welcome at
nicolagrace@lightinsersion and I will pass them out at the meeting.

I have spoken with a number of people already on the job and so far
here are some areas we need volunteers in the form of bodies,
expertise, finances, passion and helpers:

· Public Communications – this group of people would be
responsible for communicating to the public, various interest groups
the nature and dates of the march through email, phone calls,
dissemination of posters and flyers.

· Industry Communications – responsible for liasing with the
core group of organizers and the various industries effected, current
groups etc

· Political Communications – responsible for letting each
party know the nature, number and dates of march and liase with those
currently in contact with parties as well as invite key speakers in
this arena to represent their stand on the matter. If you have any
personal contacts here perhaps this is the group for you or at least
let the co-ordinators of this group know who you know.

· Celebrity Scouting – responsible for scouting out
celebrities who support a TGA Free nation, inviting them to speak,
speak out and so on. Again if you have any personal contacts here
perhaps this is the group for you or at least let the co-ordinators
of this group know who you know.

· Staging – responsible for staging the march and the rally
stage (if needed) pa equipment and so on. Lighting will become an
issue because Day Light Saving ends soon.

· Banners & signs – responsible for coming up with slogans,
getting signs and banners made as well as communicating to the Public
Communicators the list of slogans to get out to the public is they
wish to make their own signs.

· Marketers & Designers – to work with banners people on
slogans, design as well as with Public Communicators with the flyers
and posters.

· Internet Wizards – we need a dedicated website designed
that has all the details of the marches and the issues written in lay
persons terms that links to the websites already up and running in
the industry. It would also be good to have a counter for each town
so individuals can register their intention to come to each march
allowing us to alert the media of the size of each weeks march. We
also need to set up a blog and communication group so we are all only
getting one email. I know many of you received the same email over
as you belong to lots of networks.

· Fundraising & Sponsorship – as always money would be
helpful. Stuff costs money and if any one happens to have a spare ½
a million dollars or a law degree and lots of time to take labour to
court on signing the treaty in the first place!!?? Call the Health

The health trust have also set up a system with Telecom where you can
donate $20 or more through your phone bill: For detailed information
– To make a $20.00 donation to IM Health
Charitable Trust simply ring 0900 89898 and a $20.00 charge will be
made to a telecom phone account.

The protest movement itself will need a system to taking donations
and dispersing them so accountants, bookkeepers and fundraisers
amongst you would be helpful to either head up, be part of the group
or advice the co-ordinator here.

There is probably a lot more I haven’t thought about so if you can
think of other areas please email me at

If you are unable to attend the first meeting please also email me
your intention to help in anyway and where you want to channel your
passion and interest.

Please send this out to all your friends and groups and we’ll have a
unified system of email in just a moment so forgive us all if you
receive this a million times…

The bill will never reach parliament, the treaty will be annulled and
the people will be free to choose and our government will answer to
their actions.

Ok, I have to work now. I look forward to your input. Here’s a
great reminder from the NZ Health Trust about why you’d want to give
your Friday nights to this movement and why you don’t need a baby
sitter – bring the kids along

To understand the big picture, watch the documentary:

“We Become Silent”
narrated by Judi Dench
it’s on the NZ Health Trust website.
“Our lives begin to end when we become silent
about things that matter” Martin Luther King
Nicola Grace

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