New Protest March Date – Our Health Our Choice


Say No to Aussie Rules
Awareness March Up Queen Street AUCK

Saturday 24th March 9.30am &
Saturday 7th April 9.30 am
From QE Sq (bottom of Queen Street) to Myers Park (above Aotea Sq)

Let any regulation that needs to be made be done so through our democratically elected system with relevant experts in their fields that are answerable to us at election time and not by a bunch of Fascist Australian businessmen.

We Need Your Help  
MEDIA ATTENTION:  This issue has been overlooked and possibly even snubbed by the media which a good part of the reason the general public have no idea what is about to befall them.  This week the Anti Smacking Bill has been in the news every night yet the Therapeutic Goods and Medicines Bill has also been debated in Parliament this week causing some heat yet the media have chosen to ignore the issue. 
They Cannot Ignore Large Numbers of People 
Marching Up Queen Street Peacefully. 
·         Please show up to the awareness march with your entire family and friends and out of town guests.  Please email you intention to come by emailing .  We would like to walk up the main street, but if we only get a very small turnout we will be asked to walk up the pavement instead.  Numbers speak! 
·         Since children are the ones who will suffer the most from this Bill if passed they will lead the march.  So any parents with children please be up the front of the crowd with the kids. 
·         If you are in the medical or natural health profession please show up in your lab coats or whites or whatever you wear In your clinic.  We’d like to show the media and the government that there is a cross section of New Zealanders who support this movement. 
Presently, Annette King has stated in parliament that the only opposition to the Bill is coming from emails prompted by Sue Kedgley (of the Green Party) friends.  We need to show Annette King we exist in large numbers.  There are also several members of parliament who are ready to switch their vote and denounce the Bill so you can make the difference here. 
·         The attention we want to bring to the media is Our Health Our Choice.  It is imperative that the march be peaceful so the message rings out loud and clear.  If there is any violence it is that which gets reported in the news and the message is lost.   
I’ve had many people call me with passion and anger and rightly so, however, violence has never gotton anyone anywhere so let us learn from the Peace Movement the GE Movement.  We shall overcome. 
·         The media will often try to show that people marching have no clue what they are there for and they are really only a rent a crowd to discredit the movement.  Please get yourself informed with the main message and the reasons why you personally do not want this Bill to become law and pass that on to everyone you know is not in the Know.  This website has all the links and a video you can watch: 
OTHER TOWNS:  If you would like to organize something in other towns please call me or email me so I can put you in contact with everyone else calling in that area. 
VOLUNTEERS:  We need Shepherds to stare the crowd, we need people to lead the march on either side of the children, we need people to hand out leaflets to the public.  Please show up at the bottom of Queen Street by 9am for organization of stuff. 
We also need more people for our core group of organizers for this march and subsequent ones.  Please show up on Monday 7pm at 66 New North Rd, Eden Terrace at the Organic Body & Soul Clinic called House of Radiance.  Phone number 09 377 2850. 
SIGNS & BANNERS:  We have a Sign & Banner Making Meeting Friday 5pm-7pm at 66 New North Rd, Eden Terrace.  Please bring materials, boards, cardboard, paints, streamers, bells or whatever, recycled stuff etc.. 
If you can’t make that – Please make your own signs and any banners.  Here are some ideas that came out of Wednesday’s meeting that you can use. 
Kill Bill ANZTPA 
It Will Make Us iLL 
Kill Bill ANZTPA 
B 4 it kills you 
Our Health Our Choice 
Say No To Aussie Rule in NZ Health 
Save Our Health Freedom 
Kiwi Rules 4 Kiwi Health 
OZ Rules In NZ? Forget it! 
(put your favorite Vitamin on banner with words) RIP or No Longer Available 
Health Choice 4 Choice Health 
Advance Australia Unfair – NO WAY 
Dec 2003 – the month democracy died 
Dec 2003 – Democracy RIP 
CHANTS:  The chant we will be doing up Queen Street is Our Health Our Choice.  Once we get to Myers Park Annette Kings Bitter Pill, We Won’t Swallow It. 
You can download a PDF form of an A3 Flyer and Poster to distribute in your community.  Please email me at when and where you intend to do that so we can see what areas are not covered. 
PA SYSTEM & MEGA PHONES:  If you have or know anyone who has a PA SYSTEM and microphones and Mega Phones please call me on 09 377 2850 or text on 027 625 1864 as we don’t have a budget yet to be hiring equipment. 
PHONE TREE:  We have had several volunteers to hit the phones and call relevant groups and need a few more to generate the buzz in the next 8 days.  Please call 09 377 2850 and either Nicola or Joanne will give you a list of organizations to call.  
Email This To Everyone You Know:  Ask them to pass it on and post on your blogs, websites and message boards. 
Thank you. 
Our right to freedom of use, practice and consumption of natural therapies is decreed by King Henry 8th forever – this is a law that has never been repealed and still exists today –  We should not have to defend our lawful right but apparently we do… 
Annis Tircesimo Quarto and Tricesimo Quinto.  
Henry VIII Regis. Cap. VIII. An Act That Persons, Being No Common Surgeons, May Administer Outward Medicines 
…. In consideration whereof, and for the Ease, Comfort, Succour, Help, Relief, and Health of the King’s poor Subjects, Inhabitants of this Realm, now pained or diseased:
Be it ordained, established, and enacted by Authority of this present Parliament,  That at all Time from henceforth it shall be lawful to every Person being the King’s subject having Knowledge and Experience of the Nature of Herbs, Roots, and Waters, or of the Operation of the same, by Speculation or Practice, within any part of the Realm of England, or within any other the King’s Dominions, to practice, use, and minister in and to any outward Sore, Uncome Wound, Apostemations, outward Swelling or Disease, any Herb or Herbs, Ointments, Baths, Pultess, and Emplaisters, according to their Cunning, Experience, and Knowledge in any of the Diseases, Sores, and Maladies beforesaid, and all other like to the same, or Drinks for the Stone, Strangury, or Agues, without suit, vexation, trouble, penalty, or loss of their goods; the foresaid Statute in the foresaid Third Year of the King’s most gracious Reign, or any other Act, Ordinance, or Statutes to the contrary heretofore made in anywise, notwithstanding. 
Our Health Our Choice 
Say No to Aussie Rules 
Awareness March Up Queen Street AUCK 
Saturday 24th March 9.30am & 
Saturday 7th April 9.30 am 
From QE Sq (bottom of Queen Street) to Myers Park (above Aotea Sq)

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