An anonymous reader writes “At an ICANN meeting in Lisbon, the US Department of Homeland Security made it clear that it has requested the master key for the DNS root zone. The key will play an important role in the new DNSSec security extension, because it will make spoofing […]

Our Health Our Choice Say NO to Aussie Rules! Keep informed: IMPORTANT INFORMATION 1. As Wellington, Whangarei and Christchurch are now getting together their groups to join the movement it looks like by 21st of April we will have a national march. We desperately need a national co-ordinator to […]

Who thought it was about freedom and democracy… March 30, 2007 The Global Scramble for Black Gold Oil and the Empire By ALAN MAASS The oil men of the Bush administration are trying to set up one of the biggest swindles in history–the great Iraq oil robbery. The cabinet of […]

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