June 26, 2007 – 10:19AM The US Food and Drug Administration says there is no need for an urgent review of the safety of aspartame, despite a new study showing the sweetener may cause cancer. A US consumer group has called for the review after Italian researchers published a new […]


FROM SOMEBODY NAMED GINA. I THOUGHT IT WAS WORTH PASSING AROUND THE NET. YOU’LL SEE WHY> JON I thought some of you might be interested in this SUPER DRINK. super drink…Beet Kvass. Lacto-fermented foods are valuable to a healthy intestinal flora. Beets have a regenerating effect on the body. No […]

Former Transportation Secretary Disputes 9/11 Commission Report Timetable for Dick Cheney and Reveals Lynn Cheney Was Also in PEOC Bunker Before Attack Aaron Dykes / JonesReport | June 26, 2007 Former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta answered questions from members of 9/11 Truth Seattle.org about his testimony before the 9/11 Commission […]


Dear Safe Food Campaigners, Just heard: this coming Thursday 28 June at 8.30pm on TV3 the documentary ‘What’s really in our food?’ will be showing. It considers mostly additives, especially colourings, aspartame and MSG. An opportunity to see yours truly and a number of others of you who were involved […]

Note that at the end of this story, the NZ Food Safety Authority says that there is no scientific evidence of any significant harm from a large daily intake of aspartame. Any person with half a brain will know that this is rubbish. Of course it is dangerous as it […]

From nzherald online Useful site: birdfluhype.com, Dr Sheri Tenpenny’s site. 6:00AM Wednesday June 20, 2007 New Zealand is better prepared for an influenza pandemic, health officials say. Feedback from a nationwide, week-long drill last month to check systems for dealing with a pandemic, had been mostly favourable, national pandemic planning […]

Michael Moore shows he has a backbone at last. Discusses Explosions in Buildings, Demands ‘100 Angles’ of Pentagon Video, and Calls for a New Investigation– “They Haven’t Even Told Us Half the Truth.” Infowars Network | June 18, 2007 Academy Award winner Michael Moore answered questions on 9/11 truth during […]