This is part of an email, the first part is everything we already know, but I found this part interesting so I just copied this part, especially as the citizens of the US are being primed once again for another 9/11,.


Great points, but you forgot the biggest one, the “800-pound gorilla in the room,” who the largest “state sponsor” of terrorism truly is.

Saddam Hussein would have never permitted Al Qaeda in Iraq. We waged a weak, soonly forgotten war against Afghanistan, purportedly for getting Bin Laden. (Remember how, “Wanted, dead or alive” suddenly became, “I don’t really care about him”? Combined with the fact that Bush stated in 1999 (two years BEFORE 9/11) that he would invade Iraq if he ever had athe chance, I believe that could be construed as “malice aforethought,” no?

Bush then invaded Iraq, knowing full well that Al Qaeda would fill the void that Bush created. He knew this because he was warned many, many times that this would happen. He not only gifted Al Qaeda with an entire country in which they could train, but he also supplied them with practice targets in the form of US soldiers.

He continues to say he will only listen to the “generals on the ground,” but the generals are all US patriots who want what is best for the USA, and as soon as one of them goes against the Bushladen plan, he is summarily dismissed and replaced with another who is willing to suck up to Bushladen.

Congress is going on summer recess soon. When the cats are away, the rat sure does like to play. (Remember the Bolton UN “recess” he pushed through when they were gone?)

I truly believe American can expect two attacks, maybe this summer. You see, Bush needs Americans to suffer another “terra attack” so he can blame Iran this time, in the hopes that we will have the same anger and indignation and want to “get the guys who attacked us,” thus nodding our heads in agreement to another fake war, this time against Iran.

The President of Iran may be nuts, but he’s not stupid. I’m sure, after witnessing what the USA did to his neighbor, Iraq, many Iranian cells have been scattered throughout the USA for some time now, ready to strike when ordered. However, I don’t believe they will strike unless we attack Iran first. Therefore, we need a “reason” to attack Iran: Hence, the first “terror attack” here.

Bush is losing his grip on power in the USA. The only thing he can do to achieve his ultimate goal of promoting himself from “The Decider” to “The Dictator” is to create chaos in the USA, declare martial law and let his Blackwater troops carry out the orders they’ve already been given and fill the secret prisons that have already been built. Don’t forget that there are actual fallout shelters surrounding the White House. They are probably being freshly stocked and readied, as I write this, for Bushladen and his “base,” the top 1-percenters in the nation (and maybe even Bin Laden himself). Once the antedote to the radiation permeating America has been given, the rich boys can then come out, start a new America and reinvite Mexicans to the USA.

The end result is the dictatorship of America, where the only occupants consist of the richest of the rich and their Mexican slaves.

Nobody will ever have realized that the biggest state sponsor of terrorism was George W. Bush, and he did it right in front of America while America had its eyes wide shut.

The above is either fiction arising from an active imagination or it’s a viable possibility. If you don’t think it can happen, then please explain to me what steps Bushladen has taken to insure it won’t because we are where we are today, after constant, multiple warnings against it, and there is only one person who has placed us in this position: George W. Bush, the largest “state sponsor” of terrorism.

I truly hope it’s fiction.

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