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My father worked in a coal mine when he was 12 (breaker boy). He told me that the miners would take a caged canary into the mines for safety and hang it on a peg near where they were working. Canaries have a lower tolerance of gas pollutants such as carbon monoxide. If the canary died the miners rushed out. Today we don’t have the common sense


of the miners. Frogs are the eco-canaries in our world. They too are easily affected by changes in the environment, be they chemical, toxins, or electromagnetic energy. Today frogs are being found grotesquely deformed – worldwide. Usually, like here in NH, such things are handled ‘secretly’ (like sterile cows)…I imagine because property values etc, are more important than identifying the causes of such disasters? Dr Karen Lips while doing work in the Panamanian Rain Forest, came upon hundreds of dead frogs. Upon examination she found them leathery and hardened like stone. Dr. Early Green, a pathologist upon examining the frogs; found no bacterial, viral, or fungus disease. Whatever it was, he said, was ‘breathed’ in through the skin – (frogs breathe and drink through their skin) – they had suffocated! Dr. Lips upon further investigation of this phenomenon found that a “death wave” (her description) seemed to be sweeping over the mountains and affecting all of Central America etc. The fact is, there’s been a worldwide decimation of frogs these past 15 years. Whole species are gone. When the frogs are no longer heard – the whole eco-system is dying. It appears to me that we would


do better in removing ourselves from the latest viewing of American Idol- Desperate Housewives – the Sopranos (none of which I’ve ever seen) and LOOK UP. No matter if its thousands (yes) of birds dropping from the skies, the bee population disappearing (also butterflies), deformed frogs, or deformed animals – the planet is dying!! Some SECRETS (to protect people’ property values or tourism) should NOT be kept from the public! When the canaries dropped dead in the coal mines – they didn’t hide the cage!


It appears to me, that if you’re saturating the sky (worldwide) with chem-trails, (note- contrails DO NOT expand and cover the sky – shutting off the sun, duh) and filling the air/oceans with electromagnetic waves – well gosh, nature is going to have a problem!! This doesn’t even


address the issue of, for God’s sakes, allowing the likes of a Monsanto to genetically alter crops- or issue sterilized seeds! Tell me someone, while this Frankenstein mutilation of the environment has (is) taking place where Congress has been on the THREE days they work? NO- you are not made aware of just WHAT mutation has occurred, (on packaging) so that when buying what appears to be a tomato, you have NO idea of whether it’s been crossed with a gorilla- just as they are NOW mixing HUMAN and PIG genes!!! Why isn’t there an AMBER ALERT on milk cartons to warn of Bovine Growth hormones and massive amounts of antibiotics being injected into cows?


Three headed frog – deformed frogs reported all over the nation.

People pay no attention to the world being saturated in electromagnetic radiation (invisible has it out of sight out of mind) from the tens of thousands of towers. Just 10 years ago, cordless telephones ( I don’t possess one –why!), cordless telephones were something used only by big business and an elite few. Now every kid (unconscionable) in middle school packs a cell phone in their backpack. Though obviously convenient in an ‘emergency’ technology that improves convenience often has a destructive side. Towers and antennas are sprouting up everywhere, powering some one billion mobile phones worldwide. Wherever cellular phones can work, that area is being irradiated 24 hours a day! We have ‘altered’ our electromagnetic environment without regard to possible consequences. Today the amount of electromagnetic radiation our planet swims in far surpasses the output of the sun and it’s making people and the environment sick! The health consequences vary from mild to serious such as; insomnia, headaches, dizziness, nausea, memory problems, flu-like illness, fatigue, pain in the chest, pressure behind the eyes, swollen throat, fever, muscle spasms, joint pain, nosebleeds, digestive problems, ringing in ears etc. 100 scientists at Harvard and Boston University Schools of Public Health have called cellular towers a radiation hazard. What befalls us also befalls nature! Nature is trying to WARN US!


Towers for cellular phones, digital television, and weather/military technology kill several hundred million birds each year. There have been incidents of thousands (recently 10,000 birds of all species dropped from the skies in Australia) of birds at once flying full force into the ground when hitting one of these (invisible) force fields. One speculation (usually, it’s treated with a shrug, we just don’t know!) for this catastrophe is a special sensitivity of birds to electromagnetic waves/radiation. Migratory birds navigate the stars when the skies are clear, but when the sky is dark or ‘overcast’; they rely on their ability to sense the earth’s magnetic field. It is thought that these electromagnetic waves (sonar used in our oceans thus beached whales, porpoises, sea turtles) disorient and confuse their navigation ability!




Farmers have observed problems with their animals. Cows are experiencing birth deformities and still births, spontaneous abortions, behavior problems, and sudden declines in their general health.



I have (numerous photos) been observing this spraying for approximately nine years. In CT (before I moved to NH), I called the FAA when the skies above our cabin were continually smeared (this wasn’t a flight path) with above chem-trails – going back and forth! They informed me that there were no flights over my area and insinuated that I was ‘imagining’ this mess. I informed them that I’d send them a picture of my imagined government clouds~ Since moving to NH I have numerous pictures of the same thing (here and in Vermont). You get up in the morning to a turquoise sky – and by 11:00am the blue is totally gone, replaced with dishwater murkiness. This is happening all over the country. It’s been discovered (by scientists-engineers etc) that these aerosol chem.-trails are a mixture of ‘barium salt/aluminum’ mixture. You cannot make negative ions in a barium salt atmosphere that is radiated with electro-magnetic waves. ALL living life forms/soil require negative ions to survive. Positive (such as this spraying results in) ionization contributes to the cracking (amongst all the other negative things) of fringe personalities and mentally ill minds. Most federal and state level authorities are not informed of these military projects. Report from Editor Wallowa County Chieftan:


Due to sonar and powerful electronic military (NAVY) experiments etc, in our oceans hundreds of whales, sea turtle, porpoises are beaching themselves. They are found bleeding from brain and ear orifices!


It’s my opinion that in order to sow confusion, FEAR , and conspiracy – that Scalar/laser (obvious) technology, is being used to create these intricate CROP CIRCLES (worldwide) and NOT UFOs! It’s just another great distracter and places such phenomenon in the X Files category. These occurrences are always at night with some people reporting an orange beam.


I was thinking today how much I miss Nature’s clouds and how rarely we see them now!



Sir Walter Scott

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