Chemtrails: A New twist


A View From Oz

By Susan Goldman
Sydney, Australia

Dear Mr. Rense,

Just a few words from Australia.

1. Even though our Prime Minister is supporting Bush’s war more than Bush himself, we have yet to find any Australian who agrees with our Prime Minister. In fact, hatred towards Israel and the USA in Australia, has never been higher. When the body bags start coming back in Octobe/November, we may have a revolution here – unless the government distributes enough FREE beer. ūüôā

In addition: Australian farmers lost a billion dollar wheat deal with Iraq as a result of this insane support of the USA. In addition: While all Australian Jews I know are now against Israel, the Israeli government – with unlimited US money – cleverly organised a ‘mass demonstration’ here in Sydney, in ‘support’ of Israel! (Sooner or later, it will become known that this ‘demonstration’ was organised by the same Jewish family in Melbourne which organises most ‘demonstrations’ for all political parties in Australia).

2. Chemtrails around Australia and around the world continue non-stop. There is hardly any news reporting or documentary films anywhere, in which we do not see chemtrails. Last night, we saw a documentary from Tibet with chemtrails in the sky.

This brings me to an amazing conclusion which seemingly no one has discussed before: UFOs and chemtrails are the only two subjects in which nearly ALL countries seem to cooperate fully. ALL countries cooperate in the Chemtrail coverup. Why? Should we re-read David Icke?.

We have NO DOUBTS about the corruption of the ‘News’ Media here in Australia…and especially in the US. But what bothers me the most is the corruption of the scientific community. My neighbour is a professor in a major university here in Sydney and he told me that he was warned in advance to never engage in any conversation involving Chemtrails, WHY ?

Politically, I thought it was my responsibility as a Green, to inform my Green member of Parliament. So, in our next Green’s meeting, I brought the subject up as I thought that it was the most important environmental issue. To my surprise, while all members of our party wanted to discuss this issue, our MP stopped the conversation and did not allow this issue to be discussed. So much for ‘democracy’.

Ironically, while many farmers point to the fact that our three year drought in Australia seem to be at the same time as the last three years of non-stop chemtrail spraying over Australia, the leadership of the farmers association, DO NOT ALLOW ANY DISCUSSIONS ABOUT CHEMTRAILS….why ?

3. Talking about corrupt journalism, I have one more comment. We are watching Fox News here from the US. Every time we tune to Fox ‘News’, they are talking about attacking Iraq. 24 HOURS OF NON-STOP ATTACKING IRAQ !!! Fox News should be renamed: Mossad-News.

Fox News used to be a good source of information. They reported in detail about Mossad and Israeli spy operations against

the US but were then forced to take the entire series down from their website. Even since then, the general character of Fox News has changed completely.

Fox News, today, almost seems to be a 100% Mossad asset (It will be interesting to find out who are the new owners of Fox News. I’ll bet they have been bought by the Mossad with the almost unlimited money that the American taxpayers send Israel). Fox ‘News’ has elevated ‘journalism’ to levels never dreamed by Hitler and Goebbels. While CNN keeps dumping ‘al Qaeda videos’ on us daily, (made and distributed by the CIA?), Fox ‘reporters’ are trained like actors to promote war on Iraq at all practically every opportunity.

Cleverly, they always have a group of two or three ‘reporters’ in their studio ‘interviewing’ one person. If that person disagrees with them, they all attack him. The Pentagon supplies Fox with daily group of former ‘military experts’ who justify, OVER AND OVER AND OVER, every hour of the day, why we should attack Iraq. This seem to be the new strategy by the Pentagon and the Mossad, to train ‘reporters’ to do the dirty work for them.

Finally, Mr. Rense, you have to thank CNN and Fox News. They are directly responsible, IMHO, for the spectacular success of your website. is racing like wild fire among Internet users here in Sydney, and all my friends who are interested in learning about the REAL news are logging in to you multiple times a day.

Thank You and best wishes,

Susan Goldman Housewife Sydney, Australia

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