Everyone needs to see this documentary. This is important information you will not get from the corporate-controlled mainstream media – certainly not now, anyway. ENDGAME: BLUEPRINT FOR GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT It is available to buy at infowars.com and is available to watch in high definition at prisonplanet.com to subscribers and at […]


(Learn about the real source of the AIDS virus, which evidence shows was man-made, by watching: ‘The Strecker Memorandum’ at https://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6068096409136912010). 1:00PM Tuesday October 30, 2007 In NZ Herald WASHINGTON – The AIDS virus invaded the United States in about 1969 from Haiti, carried most likely by a single infected […]

MON., OCT 29, 2007 – 11:28 PM David Wahlberg From: Wisconsin State Journal Ten-inch walls made with crack-resistant concrete. Outlets sealed with silicone.Sensors for broken windows. Infrared surveillance beams. Redundant air handling systems. A back-up generator. UW-Madison’s $12.5 million Institute for Influenza Viral Research, nearing completion at University Research Park, […]