The Union of England and Scotland is over By Simon Heffer Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 14/11/2007 Pity, for a moment, the most interesting man in the world, Alistair Darling. Last Friday he had an impossible mission, and I apologise in advance for teasing him about it. The Chancellor of the […]

From The Times November 12, 2007 Link to the TIMES James Delingpole: Thunderer Why don’t polar bears eat penguins? Because their paws are too big to get the wrappers off, obviously. It’s not a joke you hear so often these days, though, because polar bears are now a serious business. […]

Link WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich may have been ridiculed for saying he had seen a UFO, but for some former military pilots and other observers, unidentified flying objects are no laughing matter. An international panel of two dozen former pilots and government officials called on […]

Link WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 — Federal agents investigating the Sept. 16 episode in which Blackwater security personnel shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians have found that at least 14 of the shootings were unjustified and violated deadly-force rules in effect for security contractors in Iraq, according to civilian and military […]

Link Thursday, November 15, 2007 By Janet Fyfe-Yeomans and Amanda Grant SYDNEY, Australia — He is an unlikely revolutionary, but this Christmas, Santa is a rebel with a claus. He is having the last laugh on political correctness — and it’s a great big fat belly laugh. Santas across Sydney, […]

Would China Lead Given that the US has HAARP? Published on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. Source: Wired Not content to push the edge in cloning, architecture and geological engineering, China’s also leaving the rest of the world behind when it comes to controlling the weather. A few years ago, Australian […]