Link Life extension researchers create 500 bio-mice with extraordinary capabilities but stress that to apply the science to humans would be “completely wrong” Steve Watson & Paul Watson Infowars.net Friday, Nov 2, 2007 New scientific research into life enhancing genetic modification is paving the way for a near future where […]

Thu Dec 6, 2007 6:34pm GMT https://uk.reuters.com/articlePrint?articleId=UKL0688753120071206 Link By Tamora Vidaillet and Valerie Parent PARIS (Reuters) – France formally suspended on Thursday the commercial use of genetically modified (GMO) seeds in the country until early February and ordered a biotech safety study. The future of GMOs has long been the […]

This is well worth seeing. It reveals that the US Army has been ‘testing’ dangerous biological agents on US soldiers and neglecting to warn their own military of the dangers of DU. Beyond Treason (FULL LENGTH) (1 of 2) 50 min Link Beyond Treason (FULL LENGTH) (2 of 2) 38 […]


Link By STEPHEN GRAHAM, Associated Press Writer Sun Dec 16, 6:22 AM ET ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – International health experts have been dispatched to Pakistan to help investigate the cause of South Asia’s first outbreak of bird flu in people and determine if the virus could have been transmitted through human […]

By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, December 17, 2007; A01 Link It has been 50 years since scientists first created DNA in a test tube, stitching ordinary chemical ingredients together to make life’s most extraordinary molecule. Until recently, however, even the most sophisticated laboratories could make only small […]

Link 16 Dec 2007 07:10 It is a country where the president has asked people to stop shaking hands, where MPs have called for an end to public gatherings, market vendors wear gloves and Roman Catholic priests no longer give the communion wafers and wine by hand. Uganda is gripped […]