Link By Randall Mikkelsen WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. officials said they would unveil on Friday reasonable and inexpensive national requirements to implement an identification-card program critics call a costly invasion of privacy. The program, called Real ID, has been rejected by 17 states based on draft regulations. U.S. Homeland Security […]

Have a look here. If you use whatreallyhappened.com for your research, as I do, you’ll be pleased to know that it is being expanded to include a section its readers can contribute to. Wikipedia deleted stories about whatreallyhappened.com, so as an experiment, here is a brand new wiki just for […]

Link Lab Results and Radar Displays Fit with Declassified Accounts of Bio-Chemical Military Testing and Covert Spraying of Civilian Populations Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | January 8, 2008 Local news station KSLA in Shreveport, Louisiana investigated a strange substance found by a man from the Arkansas-Lousiana- Texas border, which the […]

Link LATEST: Sir Edmund Hillary, who became a national hero when he was the first man to climb Mt Everest, has died. Sir Edmund Hillary, who was born in Auckland on July 20, 1919, died aged 88 at Auckland City Hospital at 9am today, the Auckland District Health Board said. […]

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