For those with broadband. There are other short videos at the webpage – one on handwashing that could be worth looking at. [Handwashing as a simple health-maintenance practice is a “hobby horse” of mine.] Isabel


Jeff Smith author of Genetic Roulette on Genetic Engineering
(Dr. Ronald Klatz interviewer)
7 min 50 sec – Jan 21, 2008 -Unlisted

Over the last 20 years Jeff Smith has worked with over 30 scientists to collect all of the known health risks of genetically modified foods. Studies have produced thousands of sick, sterile and dead laboratory animals; thousands of people linking toxic and allergic type reactions to these foods and damage to virtually every system in the laboratory animals studied. Despite this alarming evidence 70% of the foods in our supermarkets have genetically modified organisms in them.

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Sun Feb 3 , 2008
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