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Medicine is organising itself into an undercover dictatorship.

This is a message from the newly formed nzhf = NZ Health Freedom yahoo group. It is soooo clear that govt. in godzone is NOT by the people, NOT for the people, NOT of the people. I & others have always known that the present Labour “govt” WILL NOT give up on Annette King’s obsessional drive to get that blasted bill – THERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS AND MEDICINES BILL – through parliament.

There is no doubt that large groups of stalwart citizens can have a positive impact as a lobby group. Big Pharma does its lobbying world-wide; it has mega-billions of bucks & similar “size” influence. It’s also [via CODEX ALIMENTARIUS] effectively, another arm of the misguidedly respected UN. Regardless of what people think re natural therapies, all who wish to should – as of right – have freedom of access to those therapies. As a “lapsed” NZRN, I can personally attest to the value of alternative therapeutic modalities to effectively treat in many instances where allopathic medicine has no effective treatments available. – Ed.

“Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship…denying equal privileges. All such laws are un-American and despotic…” Benjamin Rush, Physician, Signer of Declaration of Independence.

That time is now arriving in New Zealand. Medicine is organising itself into an undercover dictatorship.

The Natural Health Industry has recently been warned by Medsafe that no dietary supplement provider may supply information that would lead the reader to conclude that the product may treat, prevent, cure or alleviate any disease.

By clamping down on the dissemination of information from supplement manufacturers, MedSafe are denying you access to the information you need to maintain your health with natural products.

MedSafe have stated “It is illegal for dietary supplements to make claims relating to any disease appearing in Schedule I of the Medicines Act (which contains all known diseases)” You may be interested to note that Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema have been added to the list of diseases only treatable by a medical professional and toxic drugs.

Schedule 1 essentially ensures that only pharmaceutical (toxic) medicines are allowed to treat disease. This is a similar situation to when only men could vote. The human race consists of two genders, both equally capable of voting, but a law made by men of the time for men excluded women. When women stood up and refused to accept this arbitrary and prejudicial law, it soon collapsed.

Schedule I of the Medicines Act is a law influenced by pharmaceutical lobby groups to exclude natural products from treating, preventing, curing or alleviating disease, when they are capable of doing so. It is an arbitrary law that cannot be justified. [Isabel: shades of the 1981 Medicines Act – which, before it was amended, sought to make me as a NZRN, a criminal if I advised anyone outside my work environment/time, to take an aspro for headache.]

In similar fashion both men and women need to stand up and say no to the arbitrary law of the Medicines Act to hasten its collapse.

New Zealand was the first to say no to only men voting, the time has come for us to be the first country to say no to only toxic medicines being able to treat illness and that natural products can and should be included.

Annette King recently said during the passage of the Electoral Finance Bill the “that common sense would prevent unreasonable parts of the Bill from being enforced.” That has been the case with the Dietary Supplements regulations of 1985 until the failure of the governement to pass it’s “Anti-Vitamin” Bill.

Since the government’s failure to enact ANZTPA, it has now decided to abandon common sense and strictly enforce this unreasonable aspect of the Dietary Supplements regulations. Many in the industry view this is in retaliation for opposing the TGA – a kinda of tit-for-tat approach by government. It’s a wild time when government retaliates and punishes us for having a different view from their own!

This move comes at a time when our health system is close to collapse. The number of people dying from legally prescribed toxic drugs is running at three times the road toll, and cigarettes are freely sold in dairys and petrol stations with very large clear labels on them saying “Smoking Kills”.

We suggest there are more pressing issues that tax payers money could be spent on than engaging in an out right war against natural therapies.

Those of us taking responsibility for our own health will soon be denied the information we need to make informed choices, thereby herding us into the pharmaceutical yard and failing allopathic system as our only option for health care.

We Kiwis raise sheep, we do not behave like them. It’s time for us to let the government know we will not tolerate this war on natural therapies.

We will not support any government that encroaches on our health freedom.

We do not have confidence in MedSafe. The name `Medsafe’ is misleading. It implies safe medicine, but this agency actively suppresses medicines that are truly safe, and actively endorses medicines that are toxic. MedSafe is indifferent to the death toll caused by properly prescribed toxic medicines, and has still not even obtained the data from 2003 onwards. What is it afraid the data will uncover? More deaths by doctors and drugs? Compare that with Land Transport’s road safety awareness campaigns and yearly statistic gathering. Their death toll is only one third of `Medsafe’s’!!!

We demand that Medsafe immediately abandons its misleading title and is re-named to reflect its true function, which is to regulate toxic medicines. We suggest ToxMed. They must relinquish their control over all medicines and focus only on the synthetic toxic ones. A new agency should be formed to regulate natural medicines and supplements. The only reason the public should have access restricted to a medicinal substance is if that substance is toxic, not because it encroaches on the huge profits generated by big pharma.

We suggest that pharma trained regulators are not qualified to regulate natural products and natural medicines and should stick to their knitting. There’s no point giving them additional duties outside their area of expertise when they are doing such a poor job in their core activities ie: regulating pharmaceuticals.

We do not accept MedSafe’s gestapo like tactics to eliminate freedom of health information, health choices and equal access to medical or natural treatments.

It is a criminal offense to withold the necessities of life support. MedSafe’s move to outlaw access information to possibly life saving natural products is therefore a criminal offense.

Just as it seems necessary to sack dysfunctional health boards around the country and replace them with efficient ones, it’s time to sack MedSafe puppets with ties to the pharmaceutical industry and replace them with common sense.

We demand a stand alone natural products agency and a natural products ministry to ensure once and for all that the regulator does not behave as the competitor to the industry it is supposed to regulate. This is what is needed to ensure a thriving health economy and equal access to health options.

This forum will be used to make announcements of what is happening in the industry and to request your action and help when and where needed. Please invite everyone you know to join.

Stay tuned for our first action step here. Visit all the links we have to websites of the Health Freedom movement here in NZ and around the world.

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