Well everyone, the game has begun. Heads have been put together, and here is what it looks like to us. Whether these are the facts is uncertain, because you can be sure that criminals won’t admit complicity.

I sent you the medsafe harassment of Marilyn this morning. David Holden has likewise been whacked. This is just the beginning. If you thought Codex only applied to overseas, you are wrong.

The medicines act 1981, has not be enforced before in the way it is being now. Presumably they thought it would become redundant since they were sure that the TTGA would go ahead.

Please go to Marilyn’s site here and go the medsafe page. Please download the letter and 3 page compliance letter which medsafe enclosed with the complaints letter and read them. Send this to everyone you know.

After you’ve read them, think about it some more.

Does this mean that libraries can no longer carry books which say that lavender oil helps heal burns?

Are YOU putting in a submission about the Public Health Act. The closing date for submissions is Friday, 7 March 2008.
? If not, why not? After all, what this law means is that the court can tell you what medicine you will be given, who will give it to you, and if you say no, shut the jail door on you indefinitely if need be.

public Health Bill – it is 6.3 MB (315 pages)

Other info on it at

I’d recommend you look at sections:

114, particularly (f) re courts able to make health risk order to accept treatment if that’s the only way to manage health risk short of indefinite detention (specified in 114 (2)). Also see (h) re restrictions on movement.

328 covers schools

374 covers all the powers to regulate without going through parliament – see (c) re vaccination and (k) re restricting attendance at schools.

If you have time, look at how this bill affects you. And consider how, if you want information on alternative treatments and how they might help you therapeutically, how are you going to get that now? Look at what cannot be done. This was Marilyn’s letter as a recap.

Hi everyone
This is the first time I have done a mass mailout like this. Please take the time to download and read the letter. I received this a few days ago and it is scary. It seems the Ministry of Health are returning us to the Dark Ages. After their latest Health Bill was rejected late last year, they are now enforcing some older legislation – the Medicines Act 1981 – in order to accomplish what they could not with the Health Bill linking us to Australia.

We are no longer permitted – under threat of heavy penalties – to promote, advertise or speak about the Therapeutic properties of Certified Essential Oils, Herbal Remedies, Dietary Supplements, basically anything which has not gone through a Ministry of Health process to receive a licence to call it a Medicine. There is no written word allowed, ie. Pamphlets, booklets, anything which in any way may SAY OR IMPLY a therapeutic use for a natural remedy. No spoken word except in private consultation, no advertisement of any type, ie in a shop, at a fair, in a window, ANYWHERE.

THIS WILL AFFECT ALL OF US AND practically everyone we know. I am not even allowed to say the Lavender heals burns. This is a therapeutic use. My website was picked up because Medsafe are scanning the internet looking for people promoting natural products and remedies. However, this is just their first attack as their scope broadens everything will be picked up.

PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO ALL. If enough people jump up and down perhaps we can make this an election issue.

I have another attachment, which is their Guidelines as to what constitutes a Therapeutic use which I have not attached. For anyone who interested in that please email me and I will send it to you. I am currently vetting my site and re-writing it in relation to the Essential Oils as you see I have one month to comply with the Medicines Act.

Thanks for reading this and I hope as you think about it over the coming days You will come realise the scope of what the Government are in the process of doing. Perhaps the Dark Ages are making a rerun.

Love and hugs
Celestial Essentials

It’s time to stick your neck out and move.

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