A Little Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down America’s Next 9/11 By Paul Craig Roberts 24/03/08 “ICH” — – The investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein has taken up the Litvinenko case. The media used the Litvinenko case as sensational propaganda against Russian President Putin and then tossed it aside. For […]

Please post widely. The NZ “health” bureaucracy Medsafe has revealed itself to be a tool of the pharmaceutical companies, and is now threatening the very existence of the entire NZ natural health industry. Consequently, it is absolutely imperative that New Zealanders push back, and demand their right to freedom of […]

HIGHEST PRIORITY: PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY Not a day goes by that doesn’t see the sad results of a government whose policies are destroying the health of this once healthy nation. Whether it promotes vaccines – many of which are known to be harmful – mercury amalgam dental fillings, genetically engineered […]

Might have sent this before, but what the heck: Where are the dinosaurs and/or decayed plant material??? – Jon “Oil Is Abiotic,” Eisen Source: https://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=1387&category=Science “Titan is just covered in carbon-bearing material — it’s a giant factory of organic chemicals.” – Ralph Lorenz, Ph.D., Cassini Radar Team, Johns Hopkins University […]

Corporate media now smears those questioning 9/11 as “terrorists” who should be sent to eastern European prison camps . . . OUR FOREFATHERS AND MOTHERS WOULD ROLL IN THEIR GRAVE . . . does the fourth estate’s fascist behavior mean the American democratic experiment dying? That depends on what we […]

Source: https://www.blacklistednews.com/view.asp?ID=684 Wanna know how to tell when they’ve taken airport security precautions too seriously? It’s not the bottle of contraband nail polish they “stole” from my wife last weekend. It’s not even when they busted Rush Limbaugh for not being able to get it up without chemical enhancement. It’s […]


Source: https://www.swans.com/library/art12/rdeck068.html Conspiracy Nuts And 9/11 by Deck Deckert (Swans – August 28, 2006) I have some friends who are conspiracy nuts. They believe, for example, that on 9/11 some clown named Osama bin Laden picked up his cell phone in a cave in Afghanistan and directed 19 Muslims, none […]