The Shaky Ground of an Uncertain Future

I hope Les is right – that some of the surprises are going to be good. It has long beggard my mind that so many people have believed the crap spewed out to them by the MSM about e.g., 911. It has not been a hard task for anyone with a few more than 2 neurones between their ears to suss out the truth: it’s been “out there” on the web for yonks!

I agree with him re McCain as to his (s)election to the pResidency. I also agree that McCain likely as not won’t last long. As for the people – well, with a US-Canada agreement to use each other’s armed forces for control of civilian “unrest” ….. ! Isabel
Les Visible
Smoking Mirrors

28 March 2008

To look at the mainstream news you wouldn’t think much was happening in places where a whole lot is happening. The Mahdi Army of 60,000 strong has done what armies in occupied lands have always done. They have waited for their moment.

There is a pretty firm illusion that makes its way through the minds of the architects of war. In this case it filters through the brains of chicken-hawks who serve at the pleasure of banks and munitions manufacturers, down through the minds of military men who may know better but who have a job to do, down into the minds of those who report the news (This is a relative down because there isn’t much further down than these minds.), down into the minds of the public. This is the illusion that the war is about something it is not and that those being trained to assume authority over a pronounced chaos are willing idealists who support the illusion that began in the minds of those whose sole intention was chaos and personal profit.

The Iraqi troops being trained to take over the security concerns of their country do not support the minds or intentions of those who started this war. They support their families. Their relatives and friends are in the opposition and it won’t take much to make them part of it and there is no chance that their training and firepower will prevail over the much greater power of the resistance. This war cannot be won; it can only be dragged out with the obvious attrition that attends it.

The war in Afghanistan is lost. The prior support of Pakistan which provided much in the way of tactical necessities in both the Afghanistan and Iraq incursions is going and soon gone. Various countries with economic concerns of their own… and which outweigh the usual tilt toward those responsible for these stupid Napoleonic adventures are cutting deals with Iran. It seems that every day now you hear about a new arrangement for gas from Iran. And no matter what kind of picture anyone wants to paint, Russia is the factor no one talks about.

The situation in Tibet has captured all of the large print in the media. It’s a small issue. It’s not a small issue to the Tibetans- and I do not mean to diminish their situation- but it’s a small issue writ large because it is embarrassing the Chinese on the verge of the Olympic Games and this is intentional. Whether it is the Tibetans themselves who have initiated this or whether it is just another one of those strange manipulations we see so much of these days is immaterial. This is the moment for it. China has no business in Tibet and I don’t care what their argument is. England had no business in India. England had no business in Ireland. America has no business in Afghanistan or Iraq. A lot of country’s that muck about with the lives and resources of other lands, just because they can, have no business doing so.

But that’s what it is… business. Marx had something to say about the real causes of war having an economic basis and he was absolutely correct in that respect.

So this is the moment in Iraq for previously quieted elements to light up the landscape. This hasn’t gotten near where it is going yet and there isn’t anything the invaders can do about it except for some kind of Phoenix Program.

It’s an election year and there are some strange doings grabbing the headlines and other strange doings not seeing the light of day. You have to be intelligent and you have to be objective if you want to see what’s going on. You have to look behind what is being presented and reason out what is implied. As ever, ‘follow the money’ and cui bono.

A major effort is underway to smear both Obama and Clinton to the point where McCain can be shoehorned into office. Everybody has dirty laundry but when has that not been the case in the America political game? Certain elements that have had their way with the world for eight years have no intention of letting their money flow run dry. Certain elements have had an agenda in the works for a long time and that agenda is not complete. They didn’t make all those changes to the law and orchestrate all those terror attacks just to let the other team take possession of the ball. It can be argued that both teams play for the same owner but that’s not entirely the case as nothing is ever that cut and dried. Evil is not completely united around the world. Evil strives against evil and it’s hard sometimes to tell what evil really is. There are different kinds of evil and some are preferable to others.

Putting McCain into the White House has nothing to do with McCain becoming president. It has everything to do with who his Vice President is. That is the key. McCain is not likely to last long in office and that is the intended result.

But the best laid plans of even the most powerful interests sometimes go astray. We, the uninformed and unwashed can only know so much. But those who run the foreign policies of their countries and those who seek to replace them by whatever means are well informed and understand timing very well.

The most interesting thing about the state of the world and all of the competing forces operating at this most critical juncture in human history is not any of the things you are hearing about. It’s what you are not hearing about and what is going on behind the scene that is interesting. Don’t for a moment assume that some mysterious cabal of so-called elites is actually going to take over the world. They’ve taken over as much as they have ever been able to and then things change.

Certain truths are coming to light that are going to change everything. The 9/11 cover-up is on the verge of major exposure. Every day more and more well-placed individuals in countries around the world are stating that it was an inside job. Youtube and the alternative press are gaining a larger audience every day. Lies that have been written in stone for decades are being exposed before the common mind. You can’t control the population if you can’t convince them of what you want them to believe. When they stop believing- and it is happening in droves- then your power wanes.

The thing about lies is that sooner or later they get exposed. The media which has printed these lies and presented the horrors of the day according to the angle desired by those who operate it have become their own worst enemy. They are daily providing the evidence that they lie. Truth tellers on the internet are turning over every rock they tried to bury the truth beneath. All the arguments that have supported the oppressors are being turned on their head by the evidence that is leaking through the seams. People are waking up and things are happening that those who make things happen did not expect.

In the future you are going to look back on 2008 and the period surrounding it and you are going to shake your head and say, “Who could have imagined such things?” Hopefully you have managed to put together some part of what I have intended to present with all of these disparate paragraphs and can take an easier breath. No matter how it looks or what happens in the coming months you have reason to be optimistic. It’s hard to hang in there when the clouds have blocked the sun for eight long and torturous years.

I think we are all in for some surprises and some of them are going to be good. Our job is to try to be a little more aware, a little more human and a little more understanding as we move through our little lives wherever they are taking place. Bon Chance.


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