A few weeks ago a video appeared on YouTube that showed (claimed) that salt water, subjected to a low level radio wave, would burn.

Now, eminent materials scientist Rustum Roy and his team have published a paper confirming that the method shown on the video does indeed work. Roy is holds a number of professorships (see his impressive qualifications at )

You can read the paper at
Its the first one on the list.

In essence it confirms that ‘ ‘sea water’ when exposed to a 13.56 MHz polarised beam can then be ignited’. The beam causes the water to resonate, and dissociate into its components of hydrogen and oxygen. The energy used to produce the beam is trivial compared with the energy released by the burning process. The flame burns at around 1800 degrees centigrade, quite enough to do useful work like running a sterling engine.

Sea water covers 70 percent of the world’s surface, in many places to a great depth – probably the most plentiful material on our planet. So, have we found the solution to our energy challenges? What will the ‘Powers that Were’ do to suppress this one?

You can help! What is needed are capable people all over the world working to develop this knowledge into practical working systems that utilise salt water power in ways that can be reproduced and used by us consumers. So, spread this information, and the links to Rustum Roys’ paper, to anyone you think will be able to make practical use of it.

A breakthrough! And perhaps potentially the demise of the oil industry! Xavier Hermes

Acknowledgement: I found this paper as a result of RMN agent Crystal Rivers’ article entitled ‘Water is not what you think’ which you can find at


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